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Saturday, December 22, 2007

About My Personality Characteristics

What makes me special?

You have perhaps watched the ad of IBM many a times where their slogan is ‘What makes you special?’ in today’s world, where competition is the last word for every growing market, everybody tries to be unique. Although every human body is distinct from one another ( not talking about clones ), people try to be modern, more fashion oriented and technology savvy. Everybody’s dress code, culture, way of expression, behaviour, sense of humour and personality characteristics tend to make them unique. But if you look at them, they are folloing the ‘same trend’. Even I follow the latest technological trends to make me updated. But I am not a very fashionable person. I am not a good follower of latest fashion hypes. Simple living and high thinking is my motto. I like to say others ‘All eyes on you’. But I dislike anybody saying me the same thing. Because, it decrease my inner efficiency level and my performance goes downward.

A champion should have a good consistency i.e. a balanced ratio between winning and loosing games of life. But I have found that I have no consistency. So I am not a champion.

When everybody take part in the fashion of looking cute and trendy, I try to look simple and ugly. When everybody tries to be ‘special’ in some ways I try to remain simple and general. So, I live in a world where everybody is ‘special’ in some way except me. In my eyes, that makes me ‘special’.

If you think, you are special in some unnatural ways, write to me at

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Loving Kids Without Partiality

Many teachers give preferences to some students and give less attention to others. I have seen this from my school life. Also if the first boy does any misdeed in the class, he is punished less compared to other boys of the class. Some teachers favour girl students than boys. I simply can not term them as teachers. A teacher should have impartial attitude towards all boys or girls of the class. He or she should be lovable by everybody and s/he should love everybody equally.

Some teachers give chocolates to students who have performed well in the class apart from giving them prizes in the annual school awards. That creates a mental division among the students. The whole class is virtually divided into two groups :- Strong and Weak performers. Weak performers feel inferiority complex and their performance graph goes down continuously. I think you a teacher loves his students s/he should give chocolates to everybody or nobody. S/he should hope for the average performance of the class to be good. S/he should not encourage individual performances. I, myself give my students chocolates but not for their ‘high performances’ but because I love them equally.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Voldemort vs. Goddess Durga!

No, the heading was not accurate. Actually the fight is between J. K. Rowling’s Indian Agents and some people of Kolkata. Before discussing what the fight is all about, let me tell you who is Goddess Durga. Durga is one of the ancient Goddess of Hindus. She has ten hands and she successful defeated a very clever, evil and brutal Demon, named Mahishasura. She is Goddess of power, honesty and truth. Hindus organize a ceremony to worship her during the month of September or October or, November. If you are a foreigner and planning to visit Kolkata, a eastern city of India, then visit the city at this time of the year to be part of the celebration. Now, in each small locality of the city, a temporary artificial building is built inside which the total four day ceremony occurs. These artificial buildings called ‘Pandals’ are built artistically in the shape of Iadia’s and rest of the world’s greatest sculptures. You can find out Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal, great European Castles, Eiffel Tower, Pyramid as the outer form of these ‘Pandals’. And they look almost real!
[ If you want to more about Durga Puja, then go to . This site a very useful info. site about Durga Puja. ]
Now, this year(2007), keeping in mind about the fans of Harry Potter residing at Kolkata, some ceremony of Durga organizers of Salt Lake ( a locality in Kolkata ), tried to make their Pandal in the form of ‘Hogwarts Castle’. Somehow, J K Rowling’s Indian agents got the news and the accused the decorator of copyright violation and charged from the organizers Rs. 20,00,000 ( Indian currency). Now let me give you another data. All these pandals that are made are broken into pieces after the ceremony is over. The organizers wanted to make such pandal not to gain cheap publicity or income money from the whole project but only to please the local children who are simply Pottermaniacs, who wanted to celebrate their Puja ( meaning ceremony) holiday inside the funny Hogwarts Castle. I have heard that J. K. Rowling is not only an eminent writer but also a very good and open person by heart. She should not hire heartless people like these ‘Agent robots’ who don’t understand significance of making Pandals, ambience of cemeony of Duga and desires of children to these exclusive four days with their fatasy heroes. For the innocent children of Salt Lake and rest of Kolkata, J. K. Rowling’s Indian agents, who have raised the copyright case to court, have obtained the image of ‘Voldemort’. Will the Pandal be broken down to pieces or the combined magical power of Harry Potter and Goddess Durga will save the festive days? Only time can tell the answer. [Source:- Times of India, ]
Latest Addition:- Finally Delhi High Court gave the verdict that since the organizers of Durga Puja are a non profit organization, their building Pandal can not be broken till 26 October, 2007. So, the children of Salt Lake will celebrate the Puja with their fantasy friend Harry Potter. That was win of magic over reality. [ Source:- Ananda Bazar Patrika, ]


Argentina Should Not Get Media Support

Being a special Argentina’s Football fan, I have seen that during the last Copa America Cup, Argentina team and its key player Messi got media’s attention worldwide. But what happened to footballers in the final with Brazil? Argentina lost the match and that was demoralizing. Now, Argentina has started their World Cup campaign. I think, let the focus move from Argentina. Extra pressure affects their performance. Argentina can be champions if the players can keep a cool head and Messi gets less media attention during the whole World Cup tournament of year 2010. In such condition they will be able deliver their natural game and when Argentina plays natural creative game, they can beat any team of the world.
As far as Brazil’s case is concerned, coach Dunga’s bad comments about Ronaldo ( his number 9 jersey ) does not seem to be very good for the team spirit. Dunga should think about Ronaldo’s overall contribution for the Brazilian football and then he should treat him accordingly. England’s Rooney is getting exclusive media coverage for his play in England’s Euro 2008 qualifying matches. English football media is always over enthusiastic on a ‘new star’ born in the football universe. Wayne Rooney does not have the achievement like late footballer George Best or, Garry Lineker or, even Michael Owen. So he must be given time for further improvement and then media should pay their attention to him. All of the champion footballers of recent times like, Zidane, Kaka, Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi, Thiery Henry, Ronaldo, Figo have earned their respect from media. Rooney and british media should understand that.


Indian Politics : Significance of Bandhs

‘Bandh’ (meaning strike) is not an English word. Indian politicians and common men use this Hindi word. Bandh is called off by general political parties and some social organizations to protest or support against something. There are reasons for why should we support the bandh and why should we not.

Why Shouldn’t we support the Bandh:-
1.First of all, our life is becoming faster. Every day is full of actions and work for us, our families and our companies. When a strike is held throughout the regions of a city, the people stay at their homes. They can not go out of their houses due to fear of political harassments. I can remember, when West Bengal’s Chief Minister’s wife’s car was stopped by bandh supporters who was going somewhere that day. Many ill people can not be taken to hospitals due to unwanted bandhs / strikes and unavailability of doctors.

2.Transportation becomes a main issue during the strikes. There are less number of buses, trains, autos , taxis and personal cars during bandhs. So, the dynamic city life becomes a standstill. Many people who do ‘field jobs’ can not travel much due to occurrence of bandhs. Examinees and examiners can not reach to the examination hall due their individual fear factor and lack of transportation.

3.There are huge loss of monetary dealings during the bandh days. Many companies works stop completely and they loose lakhs of Rupees in one days. Some major managerial meetings get postponed due to bandh.

Why Shouldn’t we support the Bandh:-
1.If bandhs are carried on a peaceful way by some honest leaders then bandhs can be successful without damaging the city life. In that case only bandhs supporters won’t go to work and rest all people will go to work. So, the ordinary lives of people won’t be affected due to bandh. If bandhs are called off with a great national or social reason, then people will automatically support it. There will be no need to force them by bandh supporters.

2.In Indian politics bandhs or strikes have a great importance. Bandh is a way to assess the presence of a political party in any country. Ask Indian political leaders like, L K Advani, Arun Jetley, Prakash Karat, Somnath Chatterjee, Sonia Gandhi, Pranab Mukherjee, Mamata Banerjee, Jyoti Basu, Biman Basu, etc. and they will all give their opinions in favour of the bandhs. Actually bandhs are nothing but a political tool to organize party members for an important issue to claim the right of something. Not affecting the public life and not increasing the miseries of people, bandhs can be effectively conducted.

Friday, September 28, 2007



The world is not enough to describe our ideas. People imagine because they like to imagine, because imagination comes automatically to their mind. People imagine because they like to integrate past, present and future. Imagination has certain psychological effect on their mind. Or, perhaps psychology of people is the reason for imagination. More you imagine, more ideas you get. And yes, these ideas can change your life. In certain Sony company’s advertisement, the word ‘imagine’ gets focused more than the advertisement itself. Certain human emotions like fun / joy, love, lust / desire, adultery, sorrow, anxiety, pressure etc are source of imagination.

Many people believe in the philosophy : Dream Big . Become Big. Now dreaming is nothing but imagination. However their philosophy is partially correct. If you dream or Imagine big and you don’t Plan big, then you can not Become big. Planning is an important part for becoming big, but without imagination, planning can not take place. Those who believe in ‘DOING’ things, they can not ‘DO’ right things unless and until they Imagine and Plan right things. My theory is -- Imagine Big. Plan Big. Work Big. Become Big. It's as simple as this.

Imagination has great relation with Creativity. Consider the case of a computer game designer; without imagination will s/he be able to create any game with large variety and spectacular special effects for you? The graphical effects on each game is created by human logical decision making but first the programmer has to imagine how the scene in the game would look like. Then s/he will able to try his/her programme codes and logical senses. All nice websites that we see today, all successful web-portals like Yahoo, MSN and all biggest search engines like Google, Askjeeves, Altavista are result of some creative minds’ imaginative power.

In management, imagination is an important part. During several seminars the participating managers are asked to give their feedback on certain topics. Those feedbacks are nothing but guesses for imaginary situations. After taking everybody’s feedback, the coordinator sums up all the viewpoint and set future strategy(s) for the company.

In case of musicians imagination is very important. For creating nice tunes, many musicians imagine some passionate situations from which they form hit music. Heart touching poems or, lyrics for lovely music are formed by imagination also. Any music lover can better understand how music is controlled by imagination.

Sometimes we fear from the unknown and dead people, demons, vampires, ghosts and other scary things come in our dreams because of the imagination. They are not real. Sometimes we see them in our bad dreams. Now, dream is the combination of reality and our own imagination. What we see in our dreams seem to us as real although they are virtual. Although dream has a great value in human life because, great ideas come from sound sleep of people.

Imagination results in some activities or jobs in people or system. We imagine, we plan, we do work, but we never try to identify the jobs hidden under the result of each imagination. The reason for forming this site is to identify these jobs such that the logical reasoning associated with each imagination or subject or topic can be revealed to others. Imagination is the mother of all scientific and other inventions. Even some theories of astrophysics are totally based on scientific imaginations or assumptions. Futurologists also apply their imaginative power in their works. I am a person who likes to imagine and search new topics. So, I imagined to form a website containing various topics and was the ultimate result.

Written by Biswajit Ganguly.


Story : Consultant Agency

Part 1

Sam is a modern guy who was looking for job. He had his helpful friend Harry. One day Harry brought the news. He said,”Hey, I got the address of a new consultant agency. It has already placed 100 people in top executive positions. Let’s go there.”
The very next day, they went to the address. A smart guy told them,”Yes, we provide good jobs to people and as our consultancy charges, we take the candidate’s first month salary from them. Also, if you want to make your CV a nice one we take separate charges for that. After you sign our terms and conditions bond, you may be placed in Sky Cellular, which is the biggest telecom brand of the country and they are going to hire 599 more executive in next 6 months.”
Sam was surprised hearing that. He was not in a position to spend any money. He said, “Is there any alternative way to get a job and not to pay you any money?”
The consultant thought for a moment and replied, ”Yes, in that case, you have to bring 10 jobseekers to us. In that case we won’t take any money from you.”
Sam agreed with him. Next day he met with Randy, who was a Networking-Business person and he stayed at Sam’s locality. Sam requested him to bring 10 people who would be willing to get job.
“Why should I do that for you if I don’t have any interest? You should pay me something for that, say $10,” Randy said.
Sam thought for a moment and told him to tell the candidates such a amount as total fees that would be greater than the amount charged by the consultant agency and Randy’s $10 interest will be secretly included in that amount. Randy agreed and confirmed to give him 10 jobseekers. Next day, Randy want to his brother John’s house who was also his close business partner. He described to his brother about Sam’s plan. His brother agreed and told that he will bring 10 candidates who wanted job and also informed that they would be able to pay the money. But like a professional he insisted that he wanted to have $10 commission per candidate. Randy advised him that he should mention to his candidates a higher consultancy charge in which his and Randy’s commission of $10 each would be added.
Part 2
Sam was walking down the road two days after he met Randy. Suddenly it seemed to him a familiar face passed by him. He recognized the person. It was Billy, his old college friend. He shouted, “Billy!”
The person looked back and for a moment he became surprised and hesitated to say something. Then say uttered, “Sam….”
Two old friends hugged each other. Then Sam asked what Billy was doing. Billy said that he had become a senior manager of Sky Cellular and at that time he was hiring some young executives under him.
Sam asked with a bright hope, “Will you take me as a junior executive?”.
Billy was surprised. He said, “Well you really want the job? I shall be happy to take you in my team since I know from college life that you are quite a diligent guy. This is my card. Come tomorrow at 11 a.m. and meet me.”
Next day Sam went to the city’s Sky Cellular office, he gave fantastic interview and was selected for the job. An offer letter was issued in his name and he was instructed to join from the very next day.

Part 3
Sam was ready to leave home for office. At that time someone pressed his calling bail. Sam felt irritated. He opened door quickly. There were Randy, his brother John and 10 job seeking persons. Sam said, “Okay, Randy thanks for your effort but I have got the job finally. So , I am not at all interested about the business plan I told you earlier.”
Randy told him that the clients (the 10 job seekers) had come for the job and he have taken the money with them. Now they can not go back. Then they would have bad impression on Randy and his brother. Sam thought for a moment and suddenly an idea came to his mind. He talked to Billy over mobile phone and asked Billy whether he was in the position to recruit 10 more people for the job of Sales People whose selection process was relatively easier. Billy replied yes. After full conversation with Billy, Sam immediately sent the 10 candidates for the interview and thankfully all of them were selected for the interview. The ‘consultancy charges’ paid by the 10 candidates were divided onto 3 parts. Randy and John took $1000 each as their total commissions. Rest of the money Sam took and deposited into his bank account without paying to nay consultant agency.
The story could have ended here but it didn’t. A couple of months later he invited Billy and Harry to dinner as a part of his personal thanksgiving process. And after 25 years of working, he formed his own consultant agency which was also a huge success with the help of Billy, Harry and his other job associates randy and his brother.


My Dream Wrestling Matches

Wrestling has been my passion for long years. I am a die hard wrestling fan and like to watch ,my favourite wrestling superstars every week on Ten Sports and on Star Sports. Sometimes I feel very angry because for the transmission of other sports like Wimbledon (tennis), Sunfeast Open (tennis), UEFA Cup (football), I can not see my favourite wrestling matches. Ten Sports management can not understand that wrestling is more exciting game than other games.
I always like to see wrestling matches between great wrestlers. Some hot matches that can be in wrestling are :-

1.Rock vs. John Cena:- We know Rock is the hottest ‘People’s Champ’. And John Cena’s slogan is ‘The Champ is Here’. Both have their huge fan clubs. I like Rock more than I like Cena. But if a fight happens, then advantage will be for Cena. Because, Rock is out of the ring for a ling time. I also think that John Cena is physically powerful than Rock. If the fight ever takes place my mind will support John Cena but my heart will support People’s Champ, The Rock.

2.Randy Orton vs. CM Punk:- Punk is the sensational superstar of ECW. Randy is the ‘Legend Killer’. If the fight happens, then advantage : Randy Orton. Because Randy is much experienced and Punk has many things to learn.

3.Hulk Hogan vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin:- The ‘Rattle Snake’ will try his level best to defeat the legendary Hulk Hogan. Both have huge number of fans worldwide. If the fight happens, anybody can win. And just imagine what a tensed fight it will be.

4.Umaga vs. The Great Khali:- This is not the case of King Kong vs. Godzilla where King Kong will win always. They are two very destructive ‘human’ monsters and it’s quite difficult to predict who will win.

5.Umaga vs. Mark Henry:- This will the fight between the brutal ‘Bulldozer’ versus World’s Strongest Man. Who will win can not be predicted early. Similar match can take place between the Great Khali and Mark Henry.

6.Rey Mysterio vs. Paul London:- It’s time for Paul London to play big matches in his career. And his big match debut can be started with the fight of Rey Mysterio, our very own ‘619’ action superstar. Advantage : Rey Mysterio, for his long experiences.

7.Batista vs. John Cena:- There are only few people left within wrestling industry who can defeat John Cena. Batista is one among them. John Cena can be in trouble due to Batista’s pure aggression. He has the power to defeat John. Although when fighting with John, Batista should be quicker in his moves. He must innovate new wrestling techniques to fight with John Cena. It seems to me that John cena’s flexibility is better than Batista. If the fight ever happens my mind will support John Cena but my heart will support Batista.

8.Shawn Michaels vs. Rock:- They are both legends. Both will be included in WWE ‘Hall of Fame’ someday. It will be interesting to watch how Rock encounters The Showstopper’s Sweet Tune Music.

9.Undertaker vs. Umaga:- It will be the match of The Big Evil trying to conquer deadly Bulldozer. Undertaker has been an amazing wrestler throughout his career. He has defeated many legends and many demon-like wrestlers and I am sure, he will defeat many more. He has fought Kane, Big Show, Batista, Hulk Hogan and has won against them. I am sure he will be able to defeat Umaga although winning against such a monster won’t come easily.

10. Big Show vs. The Great Khali:- They are both tall and have giant like structures. Both use their hands as sledge hammers. So when Big Show meets with The Great Khali, anybody can win.

11.The Great Khali vs. John Cena:- These two wrestlers have fought before and John has defeated The Great Khali many times. Recently The Great Khali has invented a new wrestling move. That is his skull crushing action. He has done that to Batista, Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy but never applied it on John Cena. It will be interesting to watch what will be the effect on Cena’s skull if The Great Khali try to crush it.

12.Kurt Angle and King Booker vs. Triple H and Kane :- This would be one of the hottest wrestling tag-team match. I know wrestling fans don’t like him or his music and shout ‘You suck’ but I like Kurt Angle and respect his wrestling skills. He has defeated big giants like Big Show. He can defeat Kane. King Booker or Booker T has been an amazing wrestler throughout his career. He has defeated many legends. Kane, the Big Red monster fights with power. Triple H is really the Game. It will be interesting to watch how two teams fight against each other. And guess who will be the guest referee for this match? Rick Flair, the ‘Nature Boy’, the ‘Dirtiest Player of the Game’.

These were my dream wrestling matches. Do you think that I missed anybody? Yes, wrestlers like Hardy Boys, RVD, Bobby Lashley, Goldberg etc. remained out of this this. Please let me know about any dream fight you can imagine.
Also, don’t forget to read another article I have written on Wrestling from the old archive section.
Written by Biswajit Ganguly



Everybody is happy now a days. Happy, because we are celebrating our independence of 60 years. Happy, because our life is full of modern gadgets, recreation and leisure. Every commodity we purchase is consumer friendly. Every service we take is more customer oriented. Country’s economic growth is nearly 9%. So apparently, there is a feel good weather in our country as well as all over the world.
But, I personally feel, I’m not ‘Free’. I am giving Ten ( 10 ) reasons / 10 issues / 10 points to prove that.

1. Freedom from Corruption: India is a country where all work (specially several government services ) is full of corruption. Delaying any work is a normal thing here. Simple work is made more complicated such that it takes more time and the service taking people become harassed. You go to do any good work or plan any big project for our society and some top officials will show 10 reasons to you about why your job can not be done.
Power – cut: - It is one of the massive problem that India is facing right now. Power cuts may happen at any moment and anywhere. Xerox machines are stopped, all factories’ productions stop, government / public services remain closed due to huge loadsheddings at irregular timings. Even I have save my writings at frequent intervals for the fear of power-cuts. Important emails can not be sent / received due to sudden power cuts. Cyber Cafes remain virtually closed all day due to massive power cuts. During summer seasons, when average temperature maximum temperature around several metro cities of India becomes around 35 degree Celcius, many people can not sleep well due to long power cuts through the whole night. This is one of the great corruptions I have personally faced.

Transportation :- One can feel it by going from one corner of a city to another corner at office hours. Hours of delay cause to miss important business. Sometimes bus drivers and conductors drive their bus slowly to pick up more passengers which also causes corruption through transport.

2. Freedom from pollution: We are certainly not enemy of environment and we are also aware of global warming, green house gases, non-biodegradable plastics etc. But still our pollution control measures are not up to the mark. We don’t have advanced waste controls measures. We are reluctant about how much poisonous gases emitted from local cars daily and we cut big trees to flourish our wood business. We feel easy to drop plastic bags in narrow canals. We can not put our garbage in the proper garbage spots and we like to throw them on the roads. Can’t we be free from all these menaces?

3. Freedom from sex-starvation: Now is an adult topic. India and many Asiatic countries’ people are not allowed to view adult contents on their TV channels. The channels which are banned for the last 3 years are REN TV, TB6 etc. I have personally surveyed on my male friends and all of them are strictly against this policy of our I & B Ministry. Who cares if some freedom is given to TV channels to show adult scenes after midnight? Many wonderful foreign TV channels are not shown on India with the excuse that they show semi – nude ads once / twice a day! It’s time to think modern and think positive.
4. Freedom from illiteracy:- Lead India Movement can not be successful if the countrymen can not understand it. Go to rural places and you will find out yourself that people are so illiterate to understand what the freedom actually means. For them getting a plate of rice or one piece of bread after whole day’s hard work is freedom. Generally these people are misguided by some crooked leaders for their own betterment. This miserable condition can only be changed by educating these poor people enough such that they can understand who they are, what they want and how to get that.
5. Freedom from reservation:- A man should be known by his deed not by his caste. But in India, a man is known by his caste, not by his efficiency, honesty. Reservation policy is found everywhere – in schools, colleges, universities, in government policies and even in political parties. Political parties campaign according to religions. What a shame it is that now some political parties want that there should be reservations in jobs also.

6. Freedom of internet / information :- I watch TV and I see all the Indian local and national channels. And I see BBC World which I don’t consider as a complete global channel. But I can’t see Fox News, CNN, ABC News even if I wish. My cable operator closes the transmission of any channel whenever he wish without consulting to his subscribers. Fashion loving people can not see the original F TV. Rather they have to watch F TV India. I strongly dislike every TV channel being Indianised which diminishes the channel’s scope and information. I must thank I&B ministry’s corruptive strategy for that! At radio (local FM channels) I have to hear more talks than songs. Local newspapers are worthless and full of partiality and hardly care about their true readers’ sentiments. The only thing that is the global gateway for me is internet. I can get global information through global portals and news agencies. I can view good international TV shows online and play online / download my favourite music. But, unfortunately there is corruption too. Every Indian student like me doesn’t possess a computer with internet connection and so has to go to cyber cafĂ© where there is no privacy of what I am doing. I can not take a backup because every computer doesn’t contain floppy drive, CD writer and pen drive. Internet is the only medium for getting all types of complete information but still India possess very poor infrastructure. I want to see ‘one internet connection for one personal computer’ movement. Then only we can have the freedom of internet. Moreover, internet connection must be cost effective.
7. Freedom of money:- You may not like it but even creativity requires money. Unless and until you are not financially stable, you can not spend free, think free and problems related to finance will haunt you along with your dependents in the family and creditors.
Many people don’t have Personal computer since they lack money. Even I don’t have internet facility since it costs too much to afford it. Only those people can live in luxurious flats and shop fashionable clothing and new gadgets who have no money problem. I want some quick money, I desperately want it but who is going to give it to me?
8. Freedom of privacy:- There are some people who do their own job less and feel curious what the other people are doing. In my locality there are many people who are always curious what my family members are doing? At night they will sit together and discuss what’s the latest buzz on us or any other family of our locality. As a result there is almost no private life of me. Whatever, I am talking to my mother right now and what appointments I have with people today will be out within next few days. These people do that because they are jobless and showing curiosity about others is a great time pass for them. I desperately want the freedom of privacy. If somebody has the Right to Information then I should have the Right to Privacy also.
9. Freedom of true love and care for family:- If you think that everybody is lovable then you are certainly right and wrong. Right, because every new born human baby is lovable. Wrong, because when this baby becomes a full grown man or man or woman, he or she may become bad due to his / her surroundings. Our objective should be to seach for the good men of our country and create the good environment near the bad people such that they also become good.
People are turning into human robots due to heavy work pressure. We can not meet with our relatives because we are always busy and they are busy too. We don’t have time to share time with our lovable near and dear ones. We are becoming selfish giants, families are breaking, divorce cases are increasing and there is a real necessity of true love. Our should be so designed that we shall be allotted some time to spend life with our family and friends. Our employers have give us such freedom.
10. Freedom of expression of thought:- Political partiality and hooliganism exists in every class of our society. Today you express your thoughts against any political party, tomorrow some activists from that party will murder you or give to vocal threats of warning. These things are very common. In many political surveys, educated people fear to give their opinions because of fearing insecurity from local political party goons. I simply want freedom these miscreants.
The day I can get these freedoms, I shall celebrate my freedom of Independence.

Written by Biswajit Ganguly


Cricket : Twenty-Twenty World Cup

While we type SMSes we don’t write full word and don’t care for grammar. We just enjoy writing our expression. Now everything comes with a shorter version. But what method can be done in case of an SMS, can not be applied in case of the game cricket.
At first the cricket was in Test format. Then it was changed to One Day cricket. Till that time it was okay. Now the game is changing towards Tewnty-20 cricket. Is that very good for the game?

Kevin Petersen has commented that Twenty20 cricket is a ‘lottery’ and any team can win on any day. So, winner of Twenty20 can not be termed as world champions. The exit of teams like Australia, New Zealand, England, West Indies and South Africa before final only proves how dull the tournament was.
In Twenty20 where each team gets twenty overs to score, batsmen feel less pressure to loose their wickets. As a result, they play with their free mind. The large number of sixes hit throughout the tournament, was the result of such free-minded, fearless play. When England’s Stuart Broad gave 36 runs in an over, I felt totally sympathetic to him. No, he was not a very poor bowler. It was the game’s poor format for which he had to surrender to such fearless batting attack. I can predict in next Twenty20 world cup at least one among the teams like Bangladesh, Kenya, Sri Lanka may reach in the final and can win the cup as well. Will that mean that they will be future world champions? Definitely not. Performance of teams can be put under test only if they win in Test cricket, One Day cricket but not Twenty20.
With the introduction of Twenty20, cricket is slowly dying down. In future Twenty20 cricket tournaments, batsmen will be termed as Quick Run Machines and bowlers will be called Bowling machines. Gradually this type of cricket will be also vanished. New tournaments will be like Ten10 cricket, then Five5 cricket and then No Cricket. In No Cricket, each cricketer will sit on computer and play a computer game ‘live’ with a ‘electronic batting tool’ to win matches of international importance. Is that future ICC and cricket lovers want? From such tournaments what outcome can you expect? You can not find greats like Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Saurav Ganguly, Adam Gilchrist, Steve Waugh from such tournaments. You will find your great bowlers struggling to get wickets and one idiotic bowler of your team having no talent at all suddenly will get 4 wickets for 20 runs. You call this cricket? Can the result of first match between India and Pakistan in Twenty20 be supported from cricketing point of view?
ICC should think seriously about it and it is time for the global cricket lovers to decide what they want to see, an exciting cricket match or ultimate destruction of talent?

When India Won Twenty20 World Cup:- When the match was over and India won the first Twenty20 world cup, in my locality people burned crackers which sounded above 65 decibel and no police came to catch the offenders red handed. Some people shouted in high scale on the read in front of my apartment. They were using slang words against not only Pakistan but also against India’s former captain Rahul Dravid, Saurav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar who were unable to win any world cup for their country. They shouted even after the midnight and the next day from the seven o’ clock their ‘celebration’ started and that continued for the next 2-3 days. Some of them drank heavily and started behaving abnormally. They also used their obscene languages against those who were less interested about Twenty20 world cup cricket and called them Anti-Indians and enemy of country. (Now watching cricket is not part of our basic duties.).do you think that should be the behaviour of the civilians when your country wins any major title, causing massive disturbance in the locality?

Some Days After:- The Big 3 batsmen of Indian cricket ( Saurav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid) are going through a tough condition. Everybody is interested about M H Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh. I don't think they have any resrect for these 3 seniors. True these 3 batsmen have never given any world cup to India. But think about their overall achievement. BCCI's rotation policy should not be applied on them. And Dhoni and Yuvraj should respect their seniors. Otherwise, cricket will simply DY (die) which as a cricket lover, I can not support.
The urgent need for Indian cricket is to build a team with both seniors and juniors. Seniors like Rahul Dravid, Ganguly and Tendulkar must be treated with equal importance. Under senior's supervision Dhoni would get more time for preparation and get matured. India's cricket control authority should take care to ease the tension among seniors and juniors. That will be helpful for Indian Cricket.

When Kumble became Indian Captain: Kumble has been always a team player and keeps a low profile unlike his other team mates. The speciality in Kumble is he generally does not come into the focus of media, has consistency and secretly do his cricket attack during vital time. Now, BCCI's move to make Anil Kumble captain is a welcome move. Seniors like Saurav, Sachin and Dravid have his support. Juniors also respect him. Kumble's continuation as India's captain will be good for Indian Cricket.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

India's 60 Years of Independence

Imagine All Jobs

Women :- Pictures Drawn By Me

Computer Blogging

I Love SPAMS !

Each time you open your email id , you will find that your mailbox / inbox is flooded with some junk mails, called SPAMS . they are quite problematic to erase because they come in large numbers in your inbox. They come monthly, weekly and daily also. So, every person ( except online marketers) becomes pretty annoyed with SPAMS. But I am an exception. By writing blogs, I have rediscovered SPAMS.
First of all my blog topics are ‘Selective’. I always do some selection from the current available topics. Secondly, I write in such a manner that my topic becomes a good / moderate presentation. So, the blog should be ‘Presentable’. The language chosen should be simple, witty and the design of blog should be ‘Attractive’ to get your readers hooked to your blog. Then, if you have a good blog traffic, you should try to ‘Monetize’or Make Money from your blog. Finally the blog should contain the ‘Summary’ of all the information in the ‘About’ section, such that the visitor will get a fair idea about the blog subject (s).

So, I like SPAMS in case of blogging, do you?

India's Independence

What is Freedom?

Independence. More you think about it, more the meaning of the word gets bigger. Talk without fear, live without fear, walk without fear, live happily in a society / state/ country is what we mean by independence. Racism is not officially allowed in an independent country.

Now, India is celebrating 60 years of its independence. Everybody seems to be happy. But how much happy we should be? Do we really feel happiness? What is our achievement in sports? What is our ranking in football? How many times we obtained gold in Olympics? Indians are cricket crazy. When last we won worldcup cricket contest? After so many years of independence we got one Vishwanathan Anand (chess), one Sania Mirza ( tennis ) and some national heroes who shine in international games of less importance.

In IT ( information technology ) we have good manpower. How many global software Indians have patent? How many Indian IT companies have same standard like their international counterparts? Indian corporate world still lacks good number of CEOs. Still our best talents prefer to study abroad and they try to live in foreign countries. Our great researchers in the field of science and technology don’t get enough monetary aid for their research work. Our major exams’ question papers get out in the market before the exam.
dates. There is no leader like Bapuji or Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose by whose calls the whole nation can be awakened. Politicians are dishonest , media is partial. Is that what our politicians / freedom fighters had dreamt 60 years ago?

Movies like Rang De Basanti and Chak De India inspire us. Gandhigiri from Munnabhai MBBS stimulates us. But where is the ultimate reflection in our activities? Sixty years after, our major cities like Kolkata and most part of the rural India doesn’t have enough infrastructure to reflect the picture of a truly developing country.

We boost off of our freedom. But do we have freedom of safety? Today anybody can be killed anywhere. Where is our financial freedom? How many people are jobless? Those who get their jobs, among them, how many of them get their salaries as per their level of efficiency and skill? Don’t you think that with poverty, ignorance, illiteracy and individual financial crisis, the meaning of the word Freedom remains incomplete? Think about it and then celebrate sixty ‘golden’ years of independence.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The 5th P of Marketing

On last Friday, I went to a stationary shop to purchase some of my necessary goods. A woman came to purchase some consumer durable items. When she asked for a popular branded item, the young salesman said there were three categories of product lines of the same brand present in that store. The lady asked to view all the three items. The three items had three different price setting. The salesman showed her only two items but did not show her the third one. When lady asked where was the third category of that brand, the salesman simply replied that it is not shown to the general consumers. Because, they can’t afford to buy that item which is priced at a high value. So, it would be better for the lady if she could choose any one of the two items priced lower than the third one. Hearing that suggestion, the lady thought that the salesman was mocking at her economic condition and she insisted on viewing the third one. The salesman smiled, showed her the item of highest value and what happened was the lady ended up purchasing two quantities of that item just to show how rich she was.
Actually, the sales person had excellent marketing aptitude. Somehow he knew that the lady came from an aristocratic family and he willingly mocked at her financial condition which resulted in an excellent marketing.
Later that evening, when I went to my uncle’s house, I saw a magazine named 4Ps on his table. What’s the problem of the marketers is that they always like to think from marketers / company’s point of view. They should understand that marketing is evolved by the marketers but it is actually for the consumers. Unless the salespeople can’t read the consumers thought processes, they can’t market the product.
We know, the four Ps of marketing are Product, Price, Place and Promotion. But unless consumer’s thought processes are mapped with the marketer’s guesses the marketing / sales cycle remains incomplete. So, a fifth P must be added with the basic four Ps. That fifth P may be termed as ‘ Psychology ‘ (of consumers) / ‘ Perception ’ (of marketer about consumers).
When marketers would include this P into the goup of other four Ps, effective marketing will take place and both marketers and consumers will get satisfaction or, may I say ‘Pleasure’?

by Biswajit Ganguly (mail id :-

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blog Search

Blog for a blogger is like his / her own magazine or newspaper. Whenever, a person writes a blog, his / her creative sense comes in front of the readers of the world like a popular online newspaper and everybody gets a chance to read / publish the blogs and to appreciate their own or others' contributions. A large number of increase in website numbers is the publishing of new blogs.Today, I shall tell you about two major Blog search engine.
The first one is called

This is the blog search portion of Google. It's where you can find lots of blogs according to yourchoice. Like, if you type the keywords in the searchbox, say, 'imaginealljobs, Biswajit Ganguly' you will find the resultas given in the figure above.The second blog search engine is called

This is one of the powerful blog search engine. You can search any blog's keywords / name from the search box on its Home page.If you still can't find your required site, then go to Advanced Search option. There if you type, for example, Biswajit Gangulyin the search box and 'hello to the world' in the exact phrase box and in the URL box type the url - , then you will find the result given in the abobe figure.So, stay attached to the Bloggers ( people who make blogs ) and never forget to read mine on monthly basis. With love, your friend, Biswajit Ganguly.


Where Lies Argentina’s Attractiveness?

Previously, I have written many posts in ‘ imaginealljobs ’ regarding various subjects. Win and Defeat are part of human life. In plays / games is true also. You can win a game or loose it but after a long phase, your winning and loosing proportions should come to a standard ratio. This is specially true in case of Football / Cricket teams. They loose trophies in one season and in next season they win it. The season may be on monthly / yearly / longer than one one year basis.
What I am see today that world football is monopolized by Brazil which I clearly dislike. There are other teams like Argentina, Germany, England, Netherland, Portugal, France etc. to claim the world title or Copa America title but it is the Brazilian players who get the hype before the match and then they play getting support from the people. I clearly like Ronaldinho among the all the R ‘s of Brazil. But still I think, that there should be at least one team which will be able to defeat Brazil. In the past three World Cups, France has done that by beating Brazil twice. England also has the potential to prevent Brazilian strikers’ attacks. But they are all European teams. Where are the Asian, African and North and South American teams to play tough with Brazil? There lies the significance of Argentina. It is also a Latin American football giant like Brazil. Last time Brazil won Copa America final against Argentina. This time surprisingly, the stage of football was like earlier -- Copa America Final --- Brazil vs. Argentina.

And, unfortunately, the earth of football again became monopolar instead of becoming bi-polar . This time Argentina got all the publicity due the New Maradona, ‘ Messidona ‘ ( Lionel Messi ) factor. Tevez, Riquelme etc. were there to support Messi and to structure Argentinian attack. But Argentinians were totally ruined by the Brazil’s attack and Ayala’s miserable own goal. Also, Messi factor did not click on time. And Brazil, without their full strength, with Ronaldinho and Kaka missing, won the match 3 – 0 with a comfortable margin. Actually, Argentina didn’t loose to Brazil, it was the game, football, that lost to Brazil. The art of football lost to power football -- that is bad for the game. As a football lover may I request the Football God (if there is anybody! ) , to make Argentina win the Copa America next time against a particular team, named Brazil? And, may I request all the players in the Argentina’s team and the supporters of any teams other global team to play and defeat Brazil to keep the international football a Neutral, Balanced game ?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007



Those who don’t understand the meaning of Babu, let me explain the meaning of this specific term. Babus were a specific social category of people under British India, who pretended to be intellectual people but had no quality and inner knowledge to excel in their life. Although their economic conditions were poor, they lead life styles just like kings. Their funny way of living were ridiculed in a humourous manner by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay ( known as ‘Sahityasamrat’ or the Caesar of Bengali Literature ). With passing of decades, Babus’ characters have also changed. Babu community now exists not within the state of Bengal but also in other states of India and around the world. Below I’m giving some examples to make you better understand the definition of modern Babus : -

1 ) Those who work in big offices, earn big bucks, spend bigger bucks and pretend that they are a big saver of money, are called Babus.

2) Those who are great cricket fans, have taken autographs of at least fifty renowned cricketers till now but never touched a bat or ball in their lives, are called Babus.

3) Those who are health conscious, conducts blood donation camps and free health check-up camps in their localities, view yoga classes on television and finally eat lots junk foods and spicy foods with their friends, families on streets, are called Babus.

4) Those who are strict protestors of global warming , read journals and newspaper articles on Global Warming, oppose emission of greenhouse gases in the environment and finally cut off green ‘bushes’ around their houses or localities, are called Babus.

5) Those ban showing adult scenes on TV, slap newspapers and magazines for publishing half – naked pictures and obscene contents, but have no objection for young adults going to central parks ( or lovers’ parks ) or kissing in public, are Babus.

6) Those who speak fluently in English, bag top call centre jobs easily, earn huge money per month and have no written or grammatical knowledge in English, are called Babus.

7 ) Those people of democracy who are believer of individual freedom, who boost off themselves as world’s most civilized, noble and humanist people and finally snatch the freedom Iraq and its countrymen, are called Babus. ( International Babus )

8 ) Those who are part of media, advertise publicly that they are the messenger of truth, courage and impartial attitude and publish only those ‘impartial’ letters of readers such that they get publicity and their sales get higher, are called Babus.

9 ) Those who attend classical songs’ concerts monthly, write at least one poem bi – monthly, try to show intellectualism in their talks daily but never miss going to night clubs on weekends, are called Babus.

10 ) Those supervise work of others, suggest in ‘innovative scientific ways’ how to easily do several works in minimum time, have not followed those ‘innovative scientific ways’ in their own life and their suggestions finally slow down or stop other people’s works, are called Babus.

11 ) Those who don’t have their degree in political science, always criticize government by telling them what to do and what not to do, better understand policies than any other minister and waste their time and political knowledge debating inside tea or coffee shops, are called Babus.

12 ) Those who believe in ‘natural beauty’, claim that they don’t use any cream, body lotion, hair colour, scent, sun glasses etc. and finally cover their bald heads in wearing wigs like cinema superstars’ styles are called Babus.

13) Those who are multiplex movie goers, watch superhit movies on first day first show basis, always go in big groups and after watching movies like Spiderman 3 conclude that Peter Parker’s aunts’ name in the movie was Kirsten Dunst ---- they are called Babus.

14) Those who act bad in movies, act worse in TV serials, act worst in local plays but superb in Page 3 parties in front of photographers are called Babus.

15) Those businessmen whose employees use wireless laptops, have iPods at home but do not know how to check and send email themselves are called Babus.

16) Those who drink mineral water at home, drink alcohol at parties, drink milk in front of children and finally drink special soft drinks to meet with their favourite celebrities on road, are called Babus.

17) Those who are political leaders, have lost control or power in their own states, have no ethics / principle at all and support the same person for country’s highest post for the second time just to stay in the limelight of media, are called Babus.

18) Those who are jobless, eat and live from their father’s money, daily borrow money from their mother and finally spend all the money on their lovers, are called Babus.

19) Those local people who have 8 mobile post – paid connections / landline connections, 10 credit cards, have taken 12 personal loans for various purposes but never pay back bills / interests / amounts of any of these are called Babus.

20 ) Those who in their childhood think text books as bogus substances, call professors' notes as garbage in their youths, has no reading habit and comprehension power and never hesitate to call others' writings or blogs as 'GARBAGE' container are called Babus. ( Actually, they have 'GARBAGE IN'-side their brains, that's why they see 'GARBAGE OUT'-side everywhere. )

21) Last but not the least, those who are lazy persons and like to sleep all the time, think like life is all play and no work, have no positive attitude for hard work and excelling in life and only know how to chat, net – surfing and write web – articles on internet ( i.e. persons like Bishnu Kumar Ganguram ), are called Babus.

Apart from these types, there are plenty of Babus found in our society. You have to ‘imagine all’ other types of Babus. I think, that’s your ‘job’ not mine.

So, get in touch with this Babu. With love, yours ‘Babu’,Bishnu Kumar Ganguram.

If you liked my article, then mail me at


Wrestling - As I’ve Seen It

Wrestling is one of the violent games I have ever known ( other such games being Karate, Judo, Boxing , Kick Boxing etc. ) where sportsmen get physically and brutally hurt by other sportsmen. Unless and until a wrestler becomes semi – conscious or unconscious and his and her shoulders are not down, the fight continues. One may think it is a boyish game but the number of women wrestlers and women audience for it in developed countries are no less than the other gender. However in India, I see very few wrestling audience from women or girls.

My favourite wrestler is Rock. You know, in WWE ( World Wrestling Entertainment ), everything happens in a dramatic way, like a thriller movie. Wrestlers have their own public images, own style and action and costume and dialogues of each wrestler are almost different from other. Rock’s favourite dialogue is, “If you smell…, what the Rock is cooking!”. His body physique, way of wearing stylish sunglasses, his finishing moves ( like, Rock Bottom ), dancing eyebrows --- everything is superb. His costume has a sign of Bull. Apart from Rock I like Batista, HBK, Triple H, Undertaker, Chris Benoit, Kane, Great Khali, John Cena, the Hardy Boys, Bobby Lashley, C M Punk etc. Wrestlers have their different finishing moves, like, batista has Batista has Batista Bomb, Kurt angle has Angle Slam, Rey Mysterio has 619 move, Shawn Michael has Sweet Tune Music etc.

Wrestling corporation organizes world tours. Frequent tours are organized in UK and Canada. In India, I can remember, they once came and the show was shown in Bangalore. That was the promotion part of the game. You can call it worldwide publicity.

A more visual representation of the game can be seen by visiting the site which is the official site of the World Wrestling Entertainment. You can watch videos online or you have the option to purchase those videos.

There are some wrestlers whom I don’t like much or I dislike. Umaga is one among them. I think few have the ability to stop this bulldozer. Two wrestlers who can stop Umaga with dominance are Great Khali and Undertaker. What Randy Orton did to Shawn Michael and RVD, made him a super – villain.

Currently, according to my choice Batista is the most champion wrestler. Though he fights with great zeal and emotion, his moves are just not enough to defeat top class wrestlers like Undertaker. One negative point of Batista is he never uses his feet. I have not seen a kick of his on his competing wrestlers face. If Batista wants to fight and win against his competitors who has large varieties of actions ( like, Rey Mysterio, RVD, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michael, John Cena etc.), then he must invent or adopt new action styles in his fighting. Another good wrestler is Bobby Lashley. Currently, he is the right person to become ECW champion. Then comes John Cena. I don’t like his high scale voice and dialogues but I like music and sometimes action. Although, I think, the Great Khali is abler than him to become WWE RAW champion. Problem in Great Khali is, he is not as quick as John Cena and between his two successive powerful actions, he slows down too much that the opponent gets time to recover from temporary fatigueness. C M Punk doesn’t have big muscles. But his way of actions are pretty attractive. He is one of the young superstars of ECW. But, among all this superstars, Batista is still the boss and the best, I suppose.

In wrestling arena, no two wrestlers are permanent friends. Friendship and trust is built and broken frequently here. We know, Triple H and Shawn Michael were primarily friend, then became enemies and again became friends and formed DX ( a tag team these two wrestlers). Other such examples are relation of Shawn Michael and John Cena; Carlito and Rick Flair etc. Every wrestler has his or her own egoism and when his or her egoism clashes with that of another wrestler, they start fighting and tag team partners break up etc.

In wrestling, every wrestler fights to win a single title. Cricket or Football id not a deadly game as wrestling is. Wrestlers sacrifice their bodies and souls to win a single match. And look at the varieties of wrestling skills and wrestling techniques these wrestlers have. New wrestling moves and techniques are coming day by day. Don’t you get a sense of creativity in these moves? Wrestling is shown on TV like any other popular TV serials where there are heroes, heroines, villains, comedians, cameramen, technicians, creative persons and engineers, managers, excited audiences. But one thing that you will never find in any other popular TV shows, you will find it here. That is the game itself, the Wrestling.

When Government Controls Media

I request the readers who are of less than 18 years of age or are women, to skip ( not to read ) this article. He or she can read any other article but not this one. This article is meant for mentally and physically grown up people only.

We know that some months before BBC channel showed Chinese officials were unofficially banning Google on Chinese computers’ browsers. If government tries to control the media matters then the freedom of media is lost, be it Internet media, Print media, Television or Radio media.

We have seen or heard that during many political campaign, political parties show they achievements by using media vehicles such as local / state wise / national / international newspapers, radio channels, TV channels, magazines etc. Sometimes, news suppliers deform news due to vested interest of political parties.

In every country, it is thoroughly watched by the country’s administration if somebody is giving opinion in any website about the fault of county’s administration system. Immediately that site is blocked.

Some developing and underdeveloped countries’ Information and Broadcasting ministry ban international fashion and art TV channels, accusing them of showing nudity and vulgar scenes. Movie channels are also blocked due to same logic. The cultured administrative persons of many countries’ I&B department think that if they ban vulgar TV channels, then number of rape and women abuse cases will not happen or it will happen less in those countries because youths will not be misdirected any more. And, that’s why they banned all ‘adult’ TV channels. Have rape case and physical harassment of women in the countries stopped or became less after that? No. but the market for blue film business has increased a lot. Is that all the governments want? Also I&B ministry shows a second logic. If adult scenes and atrocities are shown on TV channels, then those will have worst kind of effect on kids’ minds. I completely agree with this statement. But kids have their schools (generally). They do not stay awake late at night. So, if adult programmes, violent scenes are shown after 12 midnight, then kids’ parents will not have any problem I think.

Problem in those I&B ministers is they are of our parents’ age or older than that. They are not bad people and I also don’t have any personal grudge against them. The only problem in them is they are not modern.

Like eating, walking , running, sleeping, laughing , crying and other human processes, violence and sex are also quite natural in human life. You have to accept that. And, if somebody is saying that viewing ‘objectionable’ adult scenes are ‘crime’ then s/he must keep in mind that almost every human being is born due to sexual intercourse which is also a ‘crime’. Then stop giving birth to children.

Stop protesting against any inequality or social justice because this can lead to ‘violence’ and that will not covered and printed / aired / shown by media due to several countries’ I&B ministries’ orders.

So, being the responsible citizens of our individual countries, we are going to support governments’ autocratic leadership style and their take over of ‘free’ media.

Do you agree with this policy?



What we have read in our text books or in our GK books, that can not be changed much. But the change in new inventions, change in people’s perceptions and change in science in science or technology are breaking old conventions or perceptions and are bringing new concepts.

Pluto, we knew, as the ninth planet of our solar system. But recently, the concept has changed in the recent scientific convention. Now, it is not called a planet but a Dwarf planet. After the discovery of Eris, scientists are saying Pluto is not the biggest dwarf planet. It is the second largest Dwarf planet after Eris. What about the old definition of planet? Will it be changed? I don’t know. But, remember, if scientists again change the definition of dwarf planet, and include dwarf planets in planets group then again we have to change our astronomical definitions. This type of sudden changes in scientific conventions is not acceptable to many.

Another problem comes in choosing the ‘new’ seven wonders of world. I don’t know what was the problem with old Seven Wonders of the World. But, somehow this new concept has arrived. Thanks to the website due to which such a abusive concept against world’s greatest sculptures have come and our Taj Mahal’s existence as one of the seven wonders of the world are suddenly at stake! However, whatever trend comes with time, we have to accept it. I have already casted my vote for Taj Mahal. And we have no option left except voting for Taj Mahal because the site has got what it wanted – publicity. What if, Taj does not get a place in the new seven wonders? Tomorrow a new website may be formed on the web, which may be named as or but that won’t mean everybody is mad or any person of any country having any qualification and age can be American president whatever the poll results in those sites may be.

These websites or concepts must be controlled by a worldwide body which must do analysis and research on newly launched concepts. If the social, technological, political, legal impact of new theories are not good then they should be banned or corresponding website should be blocked such that any convention doesn’t get worse than its earlier stage.

Films, Actors, Actresses


If you ask me about my favourite Hollywood actresses, then I can mention many names :- Anjelina Jolie ( or, should I call her as Branjelina now? ) , Catherine Zeta – Jones, Sharon Stone, Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep and Uma Thurman. But in this article I would like to talk about Uma Thurman only. Uma Thurman’s talent got visualized when she played the character ‘Mia’ in 1994 film Pulp Fiction. But I became a fan of her when I saw the movie Kill Bill on television. What attracted me was her simple facial expression matched with the story of the film where a simple woman became an action packed heroine with a sharp sword as her weapon to teach a lesson to her former lover. Uma acted in action scenes so brilliantly and in a natural manner that it seemed to me that there was no difference between the actor Uma Thurman and characters of those films. After Kill Bill, its sequel came – Kill Bill 2. Both the stories were woman centric and Uma stole the show in both the films due to her powerful act and central character. She overcame her womanliness and showed boldness like a man while playing her role.

If somebody wants to find the feminine side of Uma Thurman, then s/he can get it from the character of Poison Ivy played by Uma in the film Batman and Robin. The hot bodily appeal of Uma not only attracted Batmen and Robin in the film but also caught outside audiences’ minds.

Now a days, there is a trend of making films for super - heroines. Like, Anjelina Jolie played the role of Lara Croft in Tomb Rider, Halle Berry acted in Cat Woman’s role. Like these heroines, Uma Thurman was also casted in a super – heroines film, ‘My Super Ex – Girlfriend’ which was not so serious but a comedy film. Uma played the super – heroine character G – Girl in that film. This movie again threw a new light on Uma’s multiple role playing talent. Also, I like to watch Uma’s different looks in different films. The simplicity of her face makes her romantic and of lovable nature and at the same time her eyes points out her determination and challenging role playing capability. The last movie I saw about Uma Thurman was Prime. There Uma Thurman’s character was that she was a divorced woman who fell in love with a younger guy than her. He was also in love with her but their mother did not like their relationship. Since, the young man cared for his mother’s feelings and the divorced woman respected their relationship and did not want the boy to be separated from his mother and his family, she and the boy finally kept themselves away from each other’s life although they were still mentally attracted towards each other. In this era, when love teach us to be blind and selfish, this story tells us about the sacrifice made by two people which is the USP of that film. Although, I generally don’t watch this type of no-so-funny comedies, I still watched it for seeing Uma Thurman and Meryl Streep in a single movie. I would like to watch her in more different but entertaining roles in her upcoming movies.

In this regard, let me tell you, I like ghost movies, very funny movies ( like movies of actor Jim Carrey, Rowan Atkinson and movies like ‘Scary Movie’ series), Thrillers (like Scream and Scream 2), adventure and science - fiction movies ( Jurrasic Park, The Matrix, Star Wars, Harry Patter etc.)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Viewer's / Reader's feedback

Viewer's / Reader's feedback

Many of my friends have visited my site. Those who have good suggestions, I publish their names and suggestions in the site : --

"hey ur idea is good and information in it also good...but u can do onething u try to add more and put them in different pages.... " -- by Rupa Mitra ( Orkut Friend)

" hmmmm!!!!!!!!gaind gud knwldge on cultures n historic charactrz " - by Debanjana Ganguly ( Orkut Friend)

"tor article gulo porechi, khub bhalo legeche" - by Souvik Biswas ( School friend ; mail id :- )

Tuesday, June 5, 2007



There is a new trend in beauty therapy in our city in recent days. Biyanka Bash - Gupta of Calcutta Rhymes, who was 'inspired' by this incident, has written in her recent article about this. Her topic excerpts are given below : -

Case 1 : - Ramesh (name changed on request) had a problem due to his dark skin. Everybody compared him with black coal. He wanted a solution. So, he visited city's new beauty clinic Dyeing Health Clinic. Their doctors (specially Dr. D. Doss) have invented a new therapy with Mango called Mango - Cure. After Mango - Cure on Ramesh, he now has a glowing skin as bright as mango juice itself.

Case 2 : - Abhilash (name changed on request) had a serious problem due to his bald head. He also visited city's Dyeing Health Clinic. There, Dr. G. Doss has successfully applied his Mango - Cure on his bald head which is now changed to a full grown hair. The added natural vitamins of mango juice is very helpful for our Body and Skin, claims Dr. D. Doss.

Thanks must be given to Mr. D. Doss for inventing such a natural, cheap and no-side effects curable process. Biyanka Bash - Gupta has also done a great job by reporting this total incident on Calcutta Rhymes.


The medical treatment based on MANGO does not have that magical effect on our tongues as it could have been in case of eating BINGO potato chips.

BINGO SNACKS. No confusion, only Great Combination.

Thank you. ---- By Bishnu Kumar Ganguram

Friday, May 25, 2007



Kolkata’s kids are always interested in comics and superpowers. That’s why Batman, Superman, He-Man, Harry Potter, Tarzan, Phantom, Mandrek and Spiderman are our comics idol. If you ask Spiderman to fly on the buildings’ roofs or walls of Kolkata, you will find out Spiderman very injured. Because there are so many low buildings with plenty of cable wires, telephone wires and broadband connection wires, that will automatically create an obstacle for Peter Parker to fly free. And, India is famous for identity / personal data theft. That’s why Greg Chappel’s secret letter gets out in the media. Specially Kolkatans are very curious about what their neighbours are doing. So, when Spidey, after a day’s of hard work will return home, somebody will see him to unmask himself. Hence, Peter’s ‘secret identity’ will be revealed. I gave the condition of Spiderman. What will happen to Superman and Batman, you imagine that yourself.

But, unfortunately none of these above mentioned superheroes is our own. Their sources are from foreign countries. Does Kolkata ever had any superhero or comic character? The answer is yes. Kolkata has some popular comics character, like, Handa – Bhonda, Nonte – Fonte, Tenida, Gupi Bagha and a very powerful yet funny superhero called Bantul The Great ( Although I don’t think he is as powerful as the ‘Hulk’ is.). Now a days a renowned publishing house in kolkata, is animating some bookish characters. Examples are - Detective Feluda and Professor Shanku (the genius scientist ).

Serious Comics Characters : - By serious comics, I mean no fun and only action, horror, adventure. Suspense thriller etc. action packed comics characters, internationally, are Superman, Batman, Hulk, Spiderman, He Man, Flash Gordon, Fantom, Mandrek, Flash, X – Men, Fantastic Four, etc. Even in India, Hindi comics and movies have got serious action superheroes. No, I’m not talking about Chacha Choudhury’s Sabu. I am indicating towards Shaktiman comics which are out in the market. Hrithick Rosan acted in the superhero movie Krrish which was a big hit. We got our own Hindi version of Superman in the form of Krrish and Shaktiman. Hanuman and Krishna, two mythical characters of Indian epics, have now become our famous animated characters. But unfortunately, we Bengali comics lovers have still no serious superhero. May be, in near future, we can have somebody. Still, serious action, animation TV series are made now in West Bengal which is shown in one TV channel. This one is the Bengali equivalent ( not equal ) of English characters the Famous Five and it is called Pandav Goenda.

Animated characters on Begali film is yet to come.Director Sandip Ray is making a film on Detective Feluda. But I think, this is just the right time for him to make a general or special effect oriented film on Professor Shanku. Actor Soumitra Chatterjee, who has been acted on previous Feluda films, is an aged person now. I suppose that he will ideally fit to the character of Professor Shanku at this time. Director Sandip Ray should think about this wonderful possibility.

Also, multimedia professionals should work on popular Bengali cartoon or bookish characters to make animation on them. I wish them very best.


Art of Cooking ( From a person who doesn’t know cooking !)

I am a food – aholic person. No, I don’t eat at restaurants and five star hotels. But I like to know about new dishes. Generally I like those dishes which require less ingredients and are easy to cook. On other day, after our post – graduation classes were over, our teacher Shreya ma’am ( Shreya Adhikary ) was telling us that she likes to cook new dishes at her home, she enjoys tasting innovative food items at restaurants, she wants to know about delicious recipes and she is a great foodie by nature.

I asked her, has she ever visited the site on web? She informed me that she has already purchased a cooking book of Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor. So, I promised her that I shall give her some more site links about cooking. Now, I think that this is the right time to give her and my other food loving friends the useful links of some sites.

The first one is :-

This site will help you to learn about basics of Indian recipes starting from Garam Masala, various ‘Chutneys’, Ginger-Garlic Paste’ , etc. For ignorant persons like me who does not know anything about cooking this is the site to start from. The site has various sections like Appetizers,Beverages,Breads, Egg Dishes, Non-Veg Dishes, Raita / Yogurt, Rice Specialities, Soups, Veg Dishes etc. There are also links to several cooking.

My second site is –

This site is a broader site. It contains all the sections that the previous website contains. Check out the Kid's Plate, Snack etc. as extra section. Visit ‘ Recipes by Cuisine ‘ sub – section where recipes are displayed region wise or country wise. Also check out Recipes by Cooking Method. There you will know about Blending, Grilling/BBQ, Roasting, Sauteing, Steaming etc. Don’t forget to read Articles about recipes and know about restaurant information, glossary on cooking and videos about cooking. You can search about any recipe from the search box given on the webpage.

Finally there is another site and that is part of a newspaper where you can get plenty of food making thoughts. The site site is called : -

If you want to learn foreign cooking in a friendly manner like someone telling you about it, then your ideal site to visit will be ---

Enjoy this site along with the above two websites. Now, it’s your decision whether to cook or not these recipes. But, you really cook any of the food preparations learnt from these sites and you think that the cooked food is really good, don’t forget to call me at your lunch or dinner. Enjoy cooking.
And remember Indian cooking is forever. So, visit the site below :

Bye from B.G.