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Friday, September 28, 2007


Story : Consultant Agency

Part 1

Sam is a modern guy who was looking for job. He had his helpful friend Harry. One day Harry brought the news. He said,”Hey, I got the address of a new consultant agency. It has already placed 100 people in top executive positions. Let’s go there.”
The very next day, they went to the address. A smart guy told them,”Yes, we provide good jobs to people and as our consultancy charges, we take the candidate’s first month salary from them. Also, if you want to make your CV a nice one we take separate charges for that. After you sign our terms and conditions bond, you may be placed in Sky Cellular, which is the biggest telecom brand of the country and they are going to hire 599 more executive in next 6 months.”
Sam was surprised hearing that. He was not in a position to spend any money. He said, “Is there any alternative way to get a job and not to pay you any money?”
The consultant thought for a moment and replied, ”Yes, in that case, you have to bring 10 jobseekers to us. In that case we won’t take any money from you.”
Sam agreed with him. Next day he met with Randy, who was a Networking-Business person and he stayed at Sam’s locality. Sam requested him to bring 10 people who would be willing to get job.
“Why should I do that for you if I don’t have any interest? You should pay me something for that, say $10,” Randy said.
Sam thought for a moment and told him to tell the candidates such a amount as total fees that would be greater than the amount charged by the consultant agency and Randy’s $10 interest will be secretly included in that amount. Randy agreed and confirmed to give him 10 jobseekers. Next day, Randy want to his brother John’s house who was also his close business partner. He described to his brother about Sam’s plan. His brother agreed and told that he will bring 10 candidates who wanted job and also informed that they would be able to pay the money. But like a professional he insisted that he wanted to have $10 commission per candidate. Randy advised him that he should mention to his candidates a higher consultancy charge in which his and Randy’s commission of $10 each would be added.
Part 2
Sam was walking down the road two days after he met Randy. Suddenly it seemed to him a familiar face passed by him. He recognized the person. It was Billy, his old college friend. He shouted, “Billy!”
The person looked back and for a moment he became surprised and hesitated to say something. Then say uttered, “Sam….”
Two old friends hugged each other. Then Sam asked what Billy was doing. Billy said that he had become a senior manager of Sky Cellular and at that time he was hiring some young executives under him.
Sam asked with a bright hope, “Will you take me as a junior executive?”.
Billy was surprised. He said, “Well you really want the job? I shall be happy to take you in my team since I know from college life that you are quite a diligent guy. This is my card. Come tomorrow at 11 a.m. and meet me.”
Next day Sam went to the city’s Sky Cellular office, he gave fantastic interview and was selected for the job. An offer letter was issued in his name and he was instructed to join from the very next day.

Part 3
Sam was ready to leave home for office. At that time someone pressed his calling bail. Sam felt irritated. He opened door quickly. There were Randy, his brother John and 10 job seeking persons. Sam said, “Okay, Randy thanks for your effort but I have got the job finally. So , I am not at all interested about the business plan I told you earlier.”
Randy told him that the clients (the 10 job seekers) had come for the job and he have taken the money with them. Now they can not go back. Then they would have bad impression on Randy and his brother. Sam thought for a moment and suddenly an idea came to his mind. He talked to Billy over mobile phone and asked Billy whether he was in the position to recruit 10 more people for the job of Sales People whose selection process was relatively easier. Billy replied yes. After full conversation with Billy, Sam immediately sent the 10 candidates for the interview and thankfully all of them were selected for the interview. The ‘consultancy charges’ paid by the 10 candidates were divided onto 3 parts. Randy and John took $1000 each as their total commissions. Rest of the money Sam took and deposited into his bank account without paying to nay consultant agency.
The story could have ended here but it didn’t. A couple of months later he invited Billy and Harry to dinner as a part of his personal thanksgiving process. And after 25 years of working, he formed his own consultant agency which was also a huge success with the help of Billy, Harry and his other job associates randy and his brother.