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Friday, January 15, 2016

Travelling to Gorchumuk and watching birds, deers

Travelling in winter is a favourite choice for Bengalies. I am not an exception. I love to travel during winter holidays. This year, I went to Gorchumuk, a travel destination in Howrah district and not so much distant from Kolkata. The journey was not smooth. First, I faced nearly 30 minutes jam near College Street because of the irritating traffic jams in Kolkata.

Anyway, finally I reached Howrah Junction and met my friend (my language tutor). From there we caught a local train to go to Uluberia station. There I got an auto-van to go to 58 No. Gate (consisting of 58 gates) Dam and Gorchumuk Porjoton Kendra ( Gorchumuk Travel Centre ).  The road condition was pathetic and I thought I was riding a horse! That journey on road lasted for one hour. And you can imagine my condition.

Anyway, we finally reached Gorchumuk. We entered through Gorchumuk park and first reached near the Deer Zone. The main gate to enter dear zone was locked. But that did not stop the existing crowd to make enough noise to disturb animals. The deers were staying as much away from the visitors’ spot. I and my friend took few photos of deers. There were few kids who wanted to see the deers more closely but they could not. So, I just showed my taken images from camera. The kids smiled and I became happy.

Standing near the deer park, we watched lots of birds in that region. But they were all trying to hide because of the many uncivilized visitors in the park. Lots of scoundrels from rural regions came to do picnic. They were uttering slang words every now and then, their body language was not right and some of picnic groups were playing high pitched sounds of rubbish songs that made the birds scared. So, I and my friends went near the bushes and away from the crowd to watch the birds and take photographs. Here I share some of those photos clicked from my camera.

Next, we moved towards the 58 No. Gate and watched the dam on the river Damodar. My friend told me that there was a meeting spot of river Ganges and Damodar just 1 km away from where we were standing. Anyway, we skipped that journey as it was getting dark and we had to return. I tried to take few snapshots of the river and I found that lots of eating plates there in the river side.

This is the way how uneducated humans (and even educated ones!) destroy the beautiful, natural places. They scare wild animals and birds. They make the parks  and river sides dirty. Homo Sapiens is the most selfish species on this planet. To create our new homes we cut trees of our mother nature. We take the freedom & peace of other animals. We think about our enjoyment at picnic spot but not about the destruction of our environment.

Anyway, we got another ‘happy-jerking’ auto-van that took us back to the station. After 2-3 hours, I was back at home. 

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Friday, January 1, 2016

4 Bengali Love Poems or Bangla Premer Kobita by Biswajit Ganguly

I borrowed white cloud’s notepad to write some Bengali love poems (bangla premer kobita) with my pen of rainbow. However, you have to read them in plain image forms. The love poems are for my existing and new blog readers. Hope you will like these Bengali love poems or Bhalobashar / Premer kobita. Please feel free to comment about these Bengali poems.