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Monday, December 28, 2015

Watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens and spending Christmas

25th December, 2015 is a big festive day and everybody loves to spend this day in a grand way. For me, there was no travelling plan outside of the city. So, I planned enjoying my time in Kolkata only. Star Wars movie was released in Kolkata’s cinema halls and I thought about watching it at PVR multiplex, Jessore Road (minimum ticket price Rs. 225/- including everything). If I forget about Jaya multiplex for a second, PVR was the first one where I had the experience of watching a movie at a multiplex.

About Star Wars: The Force Awakens
The showtime was at 12.15 pm. I had a plan of taking few snapshots of the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens , so I took my camera. When I reached there, they said that no camera was allowed inside the hall for some unknown security reasons and they asked me to submit the battery of my camera. Hence, I was left to enter inside the hall with a non-functioning camera.

For the first time, I was allowed to wear a 3D spectacle. But, as I have a high minus power, the 3D spectacle was useless for me as everything looked hazy after wearing it. I watched the whole movie with the spectacle I wear for all the time. The movie transcript of dialogues seemed hazy anyway.
The movie should be remembered not only for the Good vs. Evil universal battle, but also for the appearance of Han Solo (Harrison Ford) in the Star Wars series. Watching Harrison Ford on silver screen is a beauty that movie fans should agree with me.

In the movie, the way Dark side destroyed the planets of the Resistance government, was absolutely shocking! Destroying 3-4 planets! You are kidding me. That was equivalent to 20 world wars on Earth.

There were some funny dialogues in the movie. There were moments of love & relationship shown in the movie between Han Solo and The Queen. It was really unfortunate that Han Solo was mercilessly killed by his own son (as because he was the main representative of the dark side). I could not withstand the murder of Harrison Ford on screen. He has been one of my favourite heroes since my childhood (remember Indiana Jones!).

From this Star Wars movie, the audience won’t be able to see lots of special effects. The robots in this movie have no change in comparison to the previous Star Wars movies but they look ridiculous at a time when sci-fi movie series like Transformers are making news at the box office. I think the appearances of Star Wars characters have to change with time. Despite these negative things, the movie seemed to be successful because of people’s love for sword fighting (meaning fighting with lightsabers!), nice storyline, amazing landscapes of different planets, aliens, larger-than-life-characters (e.g. Han Solo) and Jedi Knights.

I think in next Star Wars movies, we are going to witness some major changes in terms of new characters, looks or appearances and technology.

So, that was all about my thoughts about watching Star Wars. Below is the inside picture of PVR multiplex. However, after coming out of the movie hall my first thought had nothing to do about Star Wars. All I was thinking at that time was to go to the multiplex front desk and collect the battery for my camera.

After coming out of the multiplex, I went straight to a KFC ( Kentucky Fried Chicken ) outlet, because I was feeling hungry and I ate chicken popcorn (price Rs. 71/- including value added tax). All I can tell you is the food had a heavenly taste. Yes, the finger licking was good!

Spending 25th December Evening at Park Street
Watching Star Wars was how I spent till the afternoon on the day of Christmas. In the evening, I went to our traditional place for Christmas celebrations, Park Street in Kolkata. I think, there were thousands and thousands of people (mainly youths) who were expressing their joys with “hooooooo” and similar sounds. 

I went inside the crowded cake shop Flurys Swiss Confectionary Pvt. Ltd. and ordered a Black Forest Cake (price Rs. 88/- including value added tax). The taste was amazing. I expected to see one live music concert at Park Street but one police constable told me that the function happened on 24th December. That was frustrating.

While returning, the metro was overcrowded at Park Street. So, I had to walk a few miles to catch the returning train from Rabindra Sadan. That was how I ended my day on Christmas 2015.

Let me wish a very happy new year 2016 to you and my other blog readers.