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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Gangu’s day out at Gherao FM

You know that sometimes, peculiar things happen to common people. In my case that thing happened last week. I was invited in a chat show conducted by Gherao FM RJ Fishy-ka ( Her name’s spelling is Fishika ). Gherao FM is a vast region’s first (and let be it the last one also) women’s Radio station. The idea behind their chat show was each week they will invite a listener to they studio who will rightly answer three of their questions. Thankfully, I answered all the questions and got selected. Don’t even think that I am good at G.K., Maths or literature. The three questions were:- 1) How many children do you have? , 2) Did you know before that Sri Lanka’s capital is Colombo?, 3) How much your family love Gherao FM?
I said, “300%,” as the last question’s answer. The person from Gerao FM questioned, “Why 300%? Why not 100%?” I said,” It’s because I have three family members, each having 100% love for your concern”. The next day I got a call to visit their studio.
On a fine Sunday I was finally able to enter their ‘live show’ studio room with my favourite RJ Fishika.
Fishika: Welcome to the Gherao family. Since you have come you our live show as an invitee, we won’t ‘gherao’ you (just for today) for being ‘man’.
Gangu: But what is my guilt if I am a man?
Fishika: See, Gherao FM is specially for women and for those ‘men’ who are like women.
Gangu: What do you mean by ‘who are like women’? Are you supporters of ‘third-sex’?
Fishika: No,no, just a slip of tongue! I just wanted to say, those ‘men’ who like women. That’s all.
Gangu: Are you a feminist?
Fishika: Yes, I am. Me and my concern want to build a womankind where there will be no place for men.
Gangu: Do you know what’s the full form of the word ‘Feminist’?
Fishika: No I don’t. What’s it by the way?
Gangu: The full form of the word Feminist is ‘ FEmales campaigning for wearing MINI skirts FirST (not sarees or Salwar Kameez).
Fishika: Ah, such a great definition of our long time battle!
Gangu: See, this definition is also made by a man.
Fishika: That’s why we hate men! Most of the time we create the show and they ‘steal’ it.
Gangu: Do you think that all the men are thieves?
Fishika: Just go and ask their wives.
Gangu: What if the man is unmarried?
Fishika: Then go and ask his lover?
Gangu: And what if he hasn’t any lover?
Fishika: Then I don’t know………..
Gangu: Okay, let’s change the topic. I have heard that each day you RJs pick an unique topic related to ‘men’s bad habits’ and take women’s [and also from some men ‘who like women’ ] feedback on that. And your listeners enthusiastically criticize those habits citing examples from their personal lives. From where you get such topics?
Fishika: We have a great RJ named Fun-ita who takes ‘Fun ‘ to continuously search new topics on men’s bad habits. She is an MBA (Men Bullying Authority) and for her revolutionary work one day she will get a Nobel.
Gangu: Since, Funita’s quest for ‘man’s bad habits’ is all about ‘Fun’ she will get an IgNoble but not a Nobel. By the way, what’s the topic for Funita’s today’s programme?
Fishika: I don’t know. Unofficially speaking it’s perhaps, why idiotic men loose so much of their hair?
Gangu: Hey, that’s not a bad habit! It can have various medical reasons.
Fishika: Absolutely not. Idiotic men loose hair because they become jealous of women’s beautiful trendy hairs formed properly by half-a-dozen hair creams and shampoos by beautiful hair designers.
Gangu: And it’s also for wasting a lumpsum of money at beauty parlours per week, fortnightly or monthly.
Fishika: Enough is enough! So dear radio friends, hence my beautiful conversation gets completed with this moron who is just one of those persons who should not be called in our studio any more. Thank you Mr. Gangu for coming to the show.
Gangu: I won’t say, ‘Same to you’, but I must say, “Shame on you’.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Comedy, inside view

Gangu, Traffic Police & Terrorism

The other day, I, Sri Bishnu Kumar Ganguram, with my friend Samrat was returning home on a bike. No, mine was not the John Abraham’s position; it was my friend Samrat who was riding the two-wheeler. Suddenly, near Gariahat bridge, one traffic police ‘attacked’ us. He raised his bold Lathi upwards us and commanded us to park our bike at the left side of the road. And we did that. When he came closer, he said to me, “Show me your bag.”
I thought, he is interested about what my bag contains? So, I just opened up my bag’s chains to show him my pens, diaries and my mouth-watering snacks.
Then he said, “It’s not needed; I have metal detector”
He moved his instrument on my bag from top to bottom and from left to right and found nothing. He also verified the license of our bike. It seemed to me that his face was pretty much disappointed.
He exclaimed in frustration, “Oh, half of the day passed and I didn’t find anything! If I don’t get a single terrorist caught red handed by me, then how can I be promoted for higher position?”
Now I understood why he was searching us. I asked him, “Sir, what made you think that we are terrorists?”
He quickly replied, “Your friend has a black T’ shirt and you have a black coloured bag. That’s why you guys are my prime suspect. Our intelligence agencies [Our intelligent agencies are so intelligent that whatever they do in an intelligent, secret manner, common people don’t understand those . So, they think that our intelligent agencies aren’t actually working at all. ] have said that some armed terror groups have recently arrived in Kolkata and they carries some black coloured things…may be shirts, pants, trousers, briefcases, bags……….anything. ”
I added, “Moustache and hair also?”
He said, “Nah, now-a-days, everybody is ‘colouring’ his or her hair or moustache. So we have kept these things out of our list.”
I said, “See, we are common people. Even I look like a common guy; I have ordinary glasses, bald head, cotton shirt and pant and I don’t have long beard or any special hat on my face.”
“That’s why I still think that you guys may be terrorists. Because, terrorists are so common that they are difficult to identify. By the way, why are you carrying a black coloured bag?”
“Because, I purchased this black coloured bag from college street. It is my bag; that’s why. But tell me honestly, are you a black hater? Have you launched your campaigns against all people having ‘black belt’? ”
“Who are these people having ‘black belt’?”
“All top Karate specialists have black belt. This art of Karate originated from China, as I know.”
“Oh, I knew it! So, terrorists actually belong to China!”
“No, no, you misunderstand; Karate is a game of self - defense. And tell me why Men in Black flopped at box office? Was that because of your police actions?”
“What is ‘Men in Black’?”
“‘Men in Black’ are secret agents who deals with aliens.”
“Oh, now terrorists have gone so far that they are making deals with aliens? We are not far behind also. We have landed on Moon. One day, our secret agents will also deal with aliens. However, our next astronomical aim is not dealing with aliens.”
“Then what is it?”
“As one of my police colleague told me yesterday that Indian scientists are planning to land on the Sun very soon! However my business is not with that. Show me your voter ID card.”
I felt trouble. I don’t carry my voter ID card all the time and I think hardly anybody does! I said, “ I don’t have the voter ID at this moment. I have it at home. And it actually has no value for me. My card has expired long before.”
The traffic police suddenly became enthusiastic. He shouted, “Ah-ha, a vital clue. You said your card has expired. That means you have a false voter ID card. You are afraid of showing me that. That’s why you are lying that it has expired. If a third degree is applied on you in a local police station, then I’m sure that you will commit your crime.”
I felt very scared. I said, “No, it’s absolutely true. After my voter ID card expired, I went to Mayukh Bhavan for the card renewal and applied for the issue of a new voter ID card. But the GOVT. official there wes so worthless, he didn’t take care of my problems and did not do anything and I just ‘wasted’ my two consecutive days for that job. Then, I could not take any more leave from my office and I thought if our political leaders do not care for issue of new voter ID cards for voters like us, then why should we be bothered? But after some days, I registered my name in BHAAGORE.COM, which campaigns for voting right of every people. I told them about my problem. They said their campaign is just for ‘show’, and it is only for brand promotion of their tea brand ‘Turmoil Tea’. So I understood that BHAAGORE.COM guys who show on TV screen that drinking their tea will make the ‘awakening’ among people, were actually ‘sleeping’ in case of ,my problem! This is the story of misfortune.”
Meanwhile, a ‘Vendi-ca CS-420’ car passed by us and although the car had no number plate and although our traffic police commanded with his lathi to stop the car, the proud driver of the car plyaing a high sound music, perhaps an idiot son of a rich non-Bengali businessman thought it was a perfect heroism to disobey the traffic rules of Kolkata.
Our angry traffic police talked on the walky-talky telling officials about the description of the car. He was now standing a more distant from us than he was before. Then he slowly came back to us.
My friend Samrat kept mum during all our conversation. Now, he opened his mouth, “Leave us for this time, sir. We have seriously done no crime.”
The traffic police thought for a moment; he took our names, addresses and mobile numbers and gave a formal warning to obey traffic rules and suddenly said, “Get the hell out of here.”
Perhaps, he understood harassing common people is not the task of police. There are greater traffic offenders on the streets of Kolkata. Catching them is a bigger task. That day in the evening I saw in the news that police has searched the whole day for explosives on Howrah station and some selected places of kolkata and unfortunately found nothing. Actually terror lies our mind. We have to eliminate it....

Friday, October 24, 2008

About Future Plans

The other day, I got an SMS on my mobile. It said, “young_Indian: Progress has little to do with speed, but much to do with direction. So always concentrate on your direction not on the speed”. My fellow young Indian wants to teach me a good lesson. There is no doubt about that. But today, when everybody is concentrating on SMS text ‘shortening’ culture, I wonder why the sender has used so many words to describe a simple thing! From school, I have learnt that speed with proper direction is called ‘velocity’. Nowhere in his / her message I found the proper word. Now, let’s come to the substance of his message. Today we are all matured guys and most of us know where to proceed through our career path. But right speed not only requires proper direction but it also needs proper investment at the right time. So a good strategy and budget can fulfill our desire. I had derived my own terminology on the issue before this SMS came to me. I call this ‘fastness with accuracy+money’. That’s the main thing for reaching goals. Sometimes, mindset changes also make impact on our target paths. One of my good friends took marketing as his career. Now with the passing of time his body did not permit to work more on fields. So now, he is learning softwares to become a programmer. Hope, he got a right direction. I’m still searching for my required Velocity. I have to rely on my knowledge, skill, hard work and opportunities (perhaps combination of all these is known as luck) to pass through the bad patches / tough phases of my life. What’s your take on velocity of life? Write back to me at biswajit 20793 @ gmail . com

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Beijing Olympics And Football
Beijing Olympics has put a very tough challenge for London. It was well organized and the Chinese officials leaving no stone unturned to make this event a huge success. If you just look at the opening and the closing ceremony then you will understand how the organizers have perfected the art of big event management.
Two big gain from this Olympic was Abhinav Bindra’s winning Gold in Rifle Shooting and Argentina winning gold for male football. Abhinav’s case was India’s first individual gold medal and Argentina again came to spotlight of football after her gold medal. Although a frustrating outcome was Roger Federer’s loss in Tennis Singles (myself a Federer fan and not a Rafa supporter). Kudos to Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt for getting their ‘Legendary’ athlete status at Olympics.
Argentina has been struggling for a long time for winning a championship. Forget about their last world cup performance, even at Copa America cup, they lost to arch-rival Brazil in the final. Great frustration was built after that. But a true champion’s career graph is NOT all about winning, stupid! An emphatic win will hardly teach you anything. You will be surrounded by your fans and nobody will question about your tactical faults and game strategy. But after a Great loss, you will be brutally criticized and some of the criticisms will be positive criticisms. After their unwanted debacle at some championship finals, Argentineans learnt many things and they tried to apply those at Olympics. Thankfully, they are true champions and they know how to come back in the game and how to take Revenge. After Argentina’s 1-0 triumph over Nigeria, one Bengali newspapers’ journalist has written that Argentina won the title due to luck factor and Messi Magic. Luck can give you one goal. But not three goals. Argentina should not be called ‘lucky’ after crushing Brazil 3-0 at Olympics. Actually most of our media persons are Brazilian football supporters. So they disliked or hated Argentina’s victory over football giant Brazil. That’s why they show bitter ignorance to Argentina’s gold winning football team. When Brazil wins any football title, all the TV channels repeatedly show the replays or clippings of the strikers’ goals. But now, I have not seen any match replay on television after Argentina’s historic win. Also, Beijing’s Bird’s Nest stadium’s fans showed the football enthusiasm breaking all geographical boundaries to prove that we are one-football world.
A clever politics: When Brazil wins you will see the photograph of how a Brazilian striker pushing the ball into net and how frustrated the opponent players are after the match.. When Argentina wins, you will see Messi and Ronaldinho shaking hands at the center line before the match started, showing a false picture or creating an image of how Brazilians have always been supportive to Argentina’s football culture. And like due to sympathy and friendly attitude Brazilians gifted the match results in favour of Argentina! Argentina’s win against Brazil clearly proves that Argentina is simply a better team than Brazil at present. And the match was not gifted to Argentina. I don’t say Brazilian football team ‘get’ victory since I don’t want to show disrespect to Brazilian football fans’ emotions. But I must mention that Argentinean football team knows how to ‘earn’ victory and ‘achieve’ success. Football legend Maradona’s followers get yet another feet to celebrate. Whatever be the opposition from football playing rival countries and ignorance from media persons, Argentina will continue to be world’s one of the greatest superpowers in the game of football. Long live Maradona, long live football!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Action-Bat Flies Again!

I like to imagine fantasy heroes. The hero whom I like most in the comics world is Superman. Batman comes a close second. Like Superman, Batman has the dual identity too. Bruce Wayne really does a good job as Batman! Batman stories always thrill me like ditective stories. Still I find Batman movies less exciting than Superman movies. Because you can always portray Christopher Reeves as Superman. But for batman’s role, there is no single actor. Except George Clooney, I did not like anybody else in the Batman’s role. Rather in the movies of Batman, I support all the villain characters. Among, all the villain characters, I like Riddler (played by Jim Carrey in the movie). Then comes Mr. Freeze. After him the other villains like Poison Ivy ( Uma Thurman) and Two-Face ( Tonny Lee Jones). I saw the news recently that Anjelina Jolie may play Cat Woman in the upcoming Batman movie. Joker is the most famous enemies of Batman. He clearly knows how the Bat flies! Penguin is there to help him. We understand that if these villains would not perfectly characterized then Batman would have been only a Gotham city phenomenon!
So, the Bold Knight of Darkness comes back again in the form of ‘The Dark Knight”. And don’t try to have “fun” like Joker since Batman does not like that.
For Further Information you can go to these links :

Are Search Engines Really Worth?

Advantage of search engines

Now-a-days there is a debate that are search engines making us dull? I believe that those who think like that are stupid themselves. Following are the advantages of search engines:-

Quick findings : - you can find information in a very convenient time. Almost in 2-3 seconds. If there won’t be search engines, it would even take a week to find the same information from library.

Cost effective:- like any other services of computer and internet, these search engines are more cost effective than any other offline search processes.

Category wise search:- be it books, or be it images, videos, softwares, you can the topics as you wish.

Keywords match:- which putting words in the search box, we can see a ‘combo drop down’ menu is coming giving suggestion of likely words that we want to search. Some people argues that stops our thinking process. But then not everybody searches on internet putting one finger on keyboard and the other on a hardcopy of dictionary! For common people the general search options / suggestions should be available. If someone still insists that availability of search options makes our brain dull, then I have to say that the same thing is done by Television, radio etc. Do we throw off our our television set or radio set for that? Or, we keep enjoying these media again and again?

Business promotion: plenty of business promotions of several websites are done through search engines. Nobody can deny that.

All the search engines like,, are “helping” net users to match keywords better. They have no intention to block our imagination. By providing word suggestions, they are actually releasing pressure from our brains.

About :

The very first time, I opened the page of, I had a feeling of going to the ‘unknown zone’. Generally, I have a perception that the sites whose home page’s background colour is ‘black’ generally are suspicious websites. Now, cuil keeps its background colour black which seemed quite irritating to me. Then, I typed keywords for searching. Many highlighted ‘relevant’ keywords immediately came from the search box ( like a combo box). The font in the search box were in ‘bold’ format which also I did not like (Not so ‘Cool’, eh!). When my search results came I saw more search results than I found in Google for the same keywords. But, in case of searching on net, I value ‘qualitative search results’ rather than ‘quantitative search results’. I saw most of the important page links found in Cuil were also available in Google on its first page.
Actually, Google can easily adopt the technology used by Cuil. But Google’s strategy is keeping its page short and simple. It keeps its background white and fonts in the search box is regular and search results are ‘valid’ in most of the cases. This gives Google the Corporate Look. In Cuil search you will get some picture preview of the website which may / may not give you some perception of the search results. Now, I did not get the provision to check Cuil’s filtered search options. Google has no fear from Cuil because, the search engine keeps constantly innovating and adding new features to itself which Cuil still has to adopt.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I don’t know how frustration comes to me or to anybody else. But whenever it come we get negatively motivated and the desire to excel in work gets vanished. The mental state is a thing which I feel still unable to control. It seems to me sometimes that the whole environment surrounding me wants to have less communication with me and the elements of the environment slowly but steadily want to break all my plans and actions. Still I know that I have to fight and have to win. This has become a routine job for me which clearly frustrates me. Frustrated people want to get out of the conventional system and same is the condition for me. I want to rebuild some social processes but have lack of power to do so. I am not the only one who lives in an unplanned city, who does an monotonous job and who is forced to become a stereotype by our social system. Problem is that we stay apart from each other. We are not integrated. We are all alone. Our work is scheduled. Perhaps next few decades will generate some robots of frustration who in their last phase of their life will be converted to psychiatric patients. Even methodical entertainment will frustrate people then that I am feeling now.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

One Lovely Moment

One lovely moment
When rainwater kisses
Thirsty streets of Kolkata,
One lovely moment
When your mail
Results my sudden tears,
One lovely moment
When venom comes
In the form of daily sleep,
One lovely moment
When your smile
Reverberates my smile,
One lovely moment
When I feel heat
Inside a cold chamber,
One lovely moment
When only I can listen to
A bird’s lonely tunes
And nobody else can,
One lovely moment
When somebody holds my hands
To say she cares for me,
One lovely moment
When irregular raindrops
Beat the sound of a piano
And I wait for someone....
[ this poem is about love, romanticism, passion and imagination

Monday, April 21, 2008



It is said about the Bengalis that they love to travel places. Although, I am an Bengali person still I like my city Kolkata rather than going somewhere else. For last 2-3 days I have to come to Bilaspur for the purpose of work. Bilaspur’s temperature is now nearly 40 degree Celsius. It’s too hot over here. There is a hot summer ahead of us. If you go two minutes walking distance, you will find out one stall of fruit juice. Cost of living is higher in Bilaspur compared to Kolkata. The place where I live has no TV, fridge or, FM Radio set. I can get only facility of accessing internet if my boss permits. It seems to me that I shall become mad if I don’t get any of the facilities. I am expecting to travel some rural land in Chhattisgarh state in next couple of weeks.

Bilaspur’s people has taken their personal precautions while riding bikes during afternoon time. They wrap clothes on their mouths and heads such that blow of hot air can not harm them. Bilaspur has less traffic jams and here the number of women bike riders excessively more compared to my city Kolkata. Almost each office in Bilaspur has a cooler. To get rid of scorching heat, people drink lots of ‘Lassi’ ( a drink made with curds ) and other ‘Fal – Sharbats’ (fruit juices ). I have seen many temples in Bilaspur which shows the people here are pious in nature. Lots of Bengali people live at Bilaspur. Even some shops’ names contain the word Kolkata. Roads here becomes dusty at the day time because of hot and dry climate. But Bilaspur has less pollution compared to Kolkata. I have heard from people that during fifties decade, Kolkata was a less polluted city. Now, with the change of time it has become overcrowded and pollution has increased with population. It would be interesting to watch what would be Bilaspur’s condition when the city will be ‘changed’ and overcrowded like our today’s Kolkata.

For more info. on Bilaspur, go to or search Wikipedia.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Bio Diesel

Pollution control and India : Case of Bio - Fuel
Whenever I go for a walk at my locality or anywhere in Kolkata, I see garbage everywhere lying haphazardly on roads or footpathpaths and no one cares to clear them properly. Except this one, Kolkata, like other metro cities of India has several other pollutions. And now we all know that Tata Group has brought for us a motor of first of its kind, called Tata Nano. I personally like Mr. Ratan Tata, his initiative and his contribution to Indian Automobile industry but have we ever imagined the rise in pollution level when Nano will finally run on Indian roads? With more companies coming to automobile industry and small cars increasing like viruses it is time to think about the alternative fuel. Cars run on diesel can use bio – diesel which has less pollution. In India, the campaign for bio – diesel has already started and it requires several trees from which bio – diesel can be produced. These trees are jatropha, castor, caranj etc. Several companies are showing interests in the plantation of these trees and extracting bio – diesel from them. Indian Government and several non – governmental organizations have shown interests for cultivation of such trees. Carbon Credit system is still to come in this country. If several factories are charged money for emitting a large amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, then pollution control may be less. Also the garbage in the streets should be tried to convert as renewable source of energy and further researches should be done whether they can be used as components fuel or any other energy sources. If progress is done as per plans then India will be among those countries who pollute the world less with proper care on automobile pollution control.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008



Love is an illusion
That’s a hard fact
But an woman’s love
Even harder than that.

Man treats you
As a machine of produce
And you hardly protest against that;
Man hardly cares about you
Giving less facilities and freedom
Still you maintain his family.
You hide your tears with a smiling face
And never complain
For being treated as a
Physical object by man.

You nurtured me in my childhood
Still I scold you everyday,
You bless me every time
As your grandson,
Still I remain detached from you,
You love me as brother,
Still I ignore your presence,
And when I love you finally as lover,
You revenge back
By flirting with many men
Just to give me pain.
Woman, I hate you,
But, what surprises me-
More I hate you
More you spread love towards me
Like a source of infinite love;
Your relations are undefined, mysterious,
And you are, indeed,
Mother of all devine mysteries.

Nature and Me

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The World of Young People

A Child’s World on Web
Recently one TV channel showed children’s exposure to net and what responsibilities should be taken by the internet authorities of different organizations such that the kids can get access to only knowledgeable sites. On today’s era, when everybody has heard about the adult content on the web, a simple way to stop kids’ access to unauthorized and porn sites would be ‘to block’ such sites by using suitable software. There are cases of child abuse on the web. To stop that, social networking sites can generate subdivisions of their websites specially for children. For example, can build a new site under it in the name say, or can have a division for kids in their main site with such model url – By taking such measure, children’s world and emotions on the web can be separated from that of adult people atleast in the SNSs.
School teachers can also play a crucial role by telling children only about some websites dedicated to young age groups. For that school teachers should also be Netizens and they should access net who know which site is offering what.
Many parents buy computers and take internet connections without knowing the ‘online requirement’ of their families. As a result they remain indifferent of what their children are accessing or viewing. If a child is gone in a wrong way on the web, his or her parents can not be declared not-guilty. A monitoring system should be built to check what the child is accessing with interests from his or her parents.
Children have the imagination of their own. It is the responsibility of us to help them to continue that.

Love of a manager

A Marketing Person’s Love Letter

Dear XYZ,
You have no idea how much ‘SWOT analysis’ I had to do to get your primary attention. I have no ‘Strength’ only ‘Weaknesses’. My ‘Threat’ was from your Father and your other boyfriends. My only initial ‘Opportunity’ was to mail you. My ‘Mission’ was to marry you. My ‘Vision’ was to get a job such that I could have achieved my objective quickly. When you started loving me, I thought our relationship was like the ‘Star’ position of ‘BCG matrix’. So, I applied ‘Growth strategy’ and started buying gifts for you. I thought our relationship would go on for years but my ‘Marketing Myopia’ was wrong. Very soon I had lack of funds in absence of a good job ( just like ‘buffer level’ in an inventory), even debt to some of my friends ( a very high ‘Debt Equity ratio’) which seemed danger to me. You also became very reluctant and annoyed towards me. You complained to your father ( poor ‘organizational behaviour’ ) and your father showed ‘Autocratic leadership style’ towards me. Instead of calling me a playboy, he should have taken a ‘360 degree feedback’ on me from my friends, parents and locality people. I tried to tell him our relationship was not materialistic ( ‘intangible Product’ ) and it was ‘Price’-less. I just wanted to ‘Promote’ our love going to ‘Places’ like Central Park once in a month but he turned a deaf ear to me.

Finally, you decided to marry somebody else who was handsome, rich. Your marriage (‘Merger’ with your life partner) took place one month before from now. Before marriage, you met me once to tell me about your changed ‘Attitude’ and I gave you only one clear-cut answer: I have no option except to ‘Diversify’ our relationship.

I guess, you are enjoying your new ‘Job’ as a housewife and your ‘Induction’ process in new environment was not affected by anybody.

Enjoy Valentine’s day with your spouse. Your ex-boyfriend, Bishnu Kumar Ganguram

Friday, February 8, 2008

Think Before Love

Valentine’s Day

It’s again February, the month of love. Valentine’s day is very near to us. The newest trend in Indian teenagers is everybody should have ‘friends’ of opposite sex. Today’s teenagers believe that love and physical relations can be only among ‘friends’. One who is not interested in making friends of opposite sex may be termed as gay, lesbian or even simply bookworm.

Okay, forget that let’s talk the very special day. How do you plan to enjoy that special day? Are you going to take your lover to a dinner party or to a lonely park. Watching movie will be a good option.

Is your lover a childhood sweetheart, a college friend or is s/he just another ‘professional’ friend of yours?

Do you change your Valentine on a yearly basis or is s/he permanent? It’s time you ask such questions very cautiously. Making love to one is not bad. But changing lovers frequently or loosing virginity from an unknown date is not a part of wise attitude. So celebrate V’day but always thinking about the after-effects.