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Sunday, June 29, 2008


I don’t know how frustration comes to me or to anybody else. But whenever it come we get negatively motivated and the desire to excel in work gets vanished. The mental state is a thing which I feel still unable to control. It seems to me sometimes that the whole environment surrounding me wants to have less communication with me and the elements of the environment slowly but steadily want to break all my plans and actions. Still I know that I have to fight and have to win. This has become a routine job for me which clearly frustrates me. Frustrated people want to get out of the conventional system and same is the condition for me. I want to rebuild some social processes but have lack of power to do so. I am not the only one who lives in an unplanned city, who does an monotonous job and who is forced to become a stereotype by our social system. Problem is that we stay apart from each other. We are not integrated. We are all alone. Our work is scheduled. Perhaps next few decades will generate some robots of frustration who in their last phase of their life will be converted to psychiatric patients. Even methodical entertainment will frustrate people then that I am feeling now.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

One Lovely Moment

One lovely moment
When rainwater kisses
Thirsty streets of Kolkata,
One lovely moment
When your mail
Results my sudden tears,
One lovely moment
When venom comes
In the form of daily sleep,
One lovely moment
When your smile
Reverberates my smile,
One lovely moment
When I feel heat
Inside a cold chamber,
One lovely moment
When only I can listen to
A bird’s lonely tunes
And nobody else can,
One lovely moment
When somebody holds my hands
To say she cares for me,
One lovely moment
When irregular raindrops
Beat the sound of a piano
And I wait for someone....
[ this poem is about love, romanticism, passion and imagination