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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Computer Blogging

I Love SPAMS !

Each time you open your email id , you will find that your mailbox / inbox is flooded with some junk mails, called SPAMS . they are quite problematic to erase because they come in large numbers in your inbox. They come monthly, weekly and daily also. So, every person ( except online marketers) becomes pretty annoyed with SPAMS. But I am an exception. By writing blogs, I have rediscovered SPAMS.
First of all my blog topics are ‘Selective’. I always do some selection from the current available topics. Secondly, I write in such a manner that my topic becomes a good / moderate presentation. So, the blog should be ‘Presentable’. The language chosen should be simple, witty and the design of blog should be ‘Attractive’ to get your readers hooked to your blog. Then, if you have a good blog traffic, you should try to ‘Monetize’or Make Money from your blog. Finally the blog should contain the ‘Summary’ of all the information in the ‘About’ section, such that the visitor will get a fair idea about the blog subject (s).

So, I like SPAMS in case of blogging, do you?