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Monday, December 12, 2011

Wish list for 2012 : 10 wishes I want to become true

I wish the following things to happen by end of 2012:

Mobile handset with ereader: I wish that all handsets of mobile providers come with default ebook reader that will be able to read .MOBI, .PDF and .EPUB files. If they can read .DOC and .DOCX files that will be an added plus.

Tablet: I want all Android based tablet prices to come within the range of Rs. 5000-7000 from big companies like HP, Amazon, Samsung, Apple etc. I want number apps for Kindle Fire to be doubled, tripled or more by end of 2012.

Windows 8: I want Windows 8 to be released on 2012 with a sleek tablet version. I also want apps developers for tablet gives much importance to develop applications for Windows OS tablet version.

Laptop: I wish all major laptop makers bring down the laptop prices below Rs. 20000.

Touch based smartphones: I wish all touch-based smartphones are built with both keypad and touch based technology. I mean, every smartphone should contain both the options.

Apps compatibility: I want apps built for one OS should smoothly run on another OS. Apps built for iOS should run on Android and Windows 8 also. There won’t be any different version for the same app file irrespective of the OS. .

Free international contests: I want to participate in free international literary contests and want to win any of them with prizes. I want plenty of literary writing competitions to be occurred in India where competition entry free will be nil and submission can be done online.

DSLR cameras: I wish the DSLR camera prices to be dropped under Rs. 15000.

Sweepstakes: I wish lots of tech gadgets are offered as sweepstakes in India.

Job: I wish that I get good job offer from top companies and get a handsome salary of 5 figures.