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Tuesday, June 26, 2007



Those who don’t understand the meaning of Babu, let me explain the meaning of this specific term. Babus were a specific social category of people under British India, who pretended to be intellectual people but had no quality and inner knowledge to excel in their life. Although their economic conditions were poor, they lead life styles just like kings. Their funny way of living were ridiculed in a humourous manner by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay ( known as ‘Sahityasamrat’ or the Caesar of Bengali Literature ). With passing of decades, Babus’ characters have also changed. Babu community now exists not within the state of Bengal but also in other states of India and around the world. Below I’m giving some examples to make you better understand the definition of modern Babus : -

1 ) Those who work in big offices, earn big bucks, spend bigger bucks and pretend that they are a big saver of money, are called Babus.

2) Those who are great cricket fans, have taken autographs of at least fifty renowned cricketers till now but never touched a bat or ball in their lives, are called Babus.

3) Those who are health conscious, conducts blood donation camps and free health check-up camps in their localities, view yoga classes on television and finally eat lots junk foods and spicy foods with their friends, families on streets, are called Babus.

4) Those who are strict protestors of global warming , read journals and newspaper articles on Global Warming, oppose emission of greenhouse gases in the environment and finally cut off green ‘bushes’ around their houses or localities, are called Babus.

5) Those ban showing adult scenes on TV, slap newspapers and magazines for publishing half – naked pictures and obscene contents, but have no objection for young adults going to central parks ( or lovers’ parks ) or kissing in public, are Babus.

6) Those who speak fluently in English, bag top call centre jobs easily, earn huge money per month and have no written or grammatical knowledge in English, are called Babus.

7 ) Those people of democracy who are believer of individual freedom, who boost off themselves as world’s most civilized, noble and humanist people and finally snatch the freedom Iraq and its countrymen, are called Babus. ( International Babus )

8 ) Those who are part of media, advertise publicly that they are the messenger of truth, courage and impartial attitude and publish only those ‘impartial’ letters of readers such that they get publicity and their sales get higher, are called Babus.

9 ) Those who attend classical songs’ concerts monthly, write at least one poem bi – monthly, try to show intellectualism in their talks daily but never miss going to night clubs on weekends, are called Babus.

10 ) Those supervise work of others, suggest in ‘innovative scientific ways’ how to easily do several works in minimum time, have not followed those ‘innovative scientific ways’ in their own life and their suggestions finally slow down or stop other people’s works, are called Babus.

11 ) Those who don’t have their degree in political science, always criticize government by telling them what to do and what not to do, better understand policies than any other minister and waste their time and political knowledge debating inside tea or coffee shops, are called Babus.

12 ) Those who believe in ‘natural beauty’, claim that they don’t use any cream, body lotion, hair colour, scent, sun glasses etc. and finally cover their bald heads in wearing wigs like cinema superstars’ styles are called Babus.

13) Those who are multiplex movie goers, watch superhit movies on first day first show basis, always go in big groups and after watching movies like Spiderman 3 conclude that Peter Parker’s aunts’ name in the movie was Kirsten Dunst ---- they are called Babus.

14) Those who act bad in movies, act worse in TV serials, act worst in local plays but superb in Page 3 parties in front of photographers are called Babus.

15) Those businessmen whose employees use wireless laptops, have iPods at home but do not know how to check and send email themselves are called Babus.

16) Those who drink mineral water at home, drink alcohol at parties, drink milk in front of children and finally drink special soft drinks to meet with their favourite celebrities on road, are called Babus.

17) Those who are political leaders, have lost control or power in their own states, have no ethics / principle at all and support the same person for country’s highest post for the second time just to stay in the limelight of media, are called Babus.

18) Those who are jobless, eat and live from their father’s money, daily borrow money from their mother and finally spend all the money on their lovers, are called Babus.

19) Those local people who have 8 mobile post – paid connections / landline connections, 10 credit cards, have taken 12 personal loans for various purposes but never pay back bills / interests / amounts of any of these are called Babus.

20 ) Those who in their childhood think text books as bogus substances, call professors' notes as garbage in their youths, has no reading habit and comprehension power and never hesitate to call others' writings or blogs as 'GARBAGE' container are called Babus. ( Actually, they have 'GARBAGE IN'-side their brains, that's why they see 'GARBAGE OUT'-side everywhere. )

21) Last but not the least, those who are lazy persons and like to sleep all the time, think like life is all play and no work, have no positive attitude for hard work and excelling in life and only know how to chat, net – surfing and write web – articles on internet ( i.e. persons like Bishnu Kumar Ganguram ), are called Babus.

Apart from these types, there are plenty of Babus found in our society. You have to ‘imagine all’ other types of Babus. I think, that’s your ‘job’ not mine.

So, get in touch with this Babu. With love, yours ‘Babu’,Bishnu Kumar Ganguram.

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Wrestling - As I’ve Seen It

Wrestling is one of the violent games I have ever known ( other such games being Karate, Judo, Boxing , Kick Boxing etc. ) where sportsmen get physically and brutally hurt by other sportsmen. Unless and until a wrestler becomes semi – conscious or unconscious and his and her shoulders are not down, the fight continues. One may think it is a boyish game but the number of women wrestlers and women audience for it in developed countries are no less than the other gender. However in India, I see very few wrestling audience from women or girls.

My favourite wrestler is Rock. You know, in WWE ( World Wrestling Entertainment ), everything happens in a dramatic way, like a thriller movie. Wrestlers have their own public images, own style and action and costume and dialogues of each wrestler are almost different from other. Rock’s favourite dialogue is, “If you smell…, what the Rock is cooking!”. His body physique, way of wearing stylish sunglasses, his finishing moves ( like, Rock Bottom ), dancing eyebrows --- everything is superb. His costume has a sign of Bull. Apart from Rock I like Batista, HBK, Triple H, Undertaker, Chris Benoit, Kane, Great Khali, John Cena, the Hardy Boys, Bobby Lashley, C M Punk etc. Wrestlers have their different finishing moves, like, batista has Batista has Batista Bomb, Kurt angle has Angle Slam, Rey Mysterio has 619 move, Shawn Michael has Sweet Tune Music etc.

Wrestling corporation organizes world tours. Frequent tours are organized in UK and Canada. In India, I can remember, they once came and the show was shown in Bangalore. That was the promotion part of the game. You can call it worldwide publicity.

A more visual representation of the game can be seen by visiting the site which is the official site of the World Wrestling Entertainment. You can watch videos online or you have the option to purchase those videos.

There are some wrestlers whom I don’t like much or I dislike. Umaga is one among them. I think few have the ability to stop this bulldozer. Two wrestlers who can stop Umaga with dominance are Great Khali and Undertaker. What Randy Orton did to Shawn Michael and RVD, made him a super – villain.

Currently, according to my choice Batista is the most champion wrestler. Though he fights with great zeal and emotion, his moves are just not enough to defeat top class wrestlers like Undertaker. One negative point of Batista is he never uses his feet. I have not seen a kick of his on his competing wrestlers face. If Batista wants to fight and win against his competitors who has large varieties of actions ( like, Rey Mysterio, RVD, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michael, John Cena etc.), then he must invent or adopt new action styles in his fighting. Another good wrestler is Bobby Lashley. Currently, he is the right person to become ECW champion. Then comes John Cena. I don’t like his high scale voice and dialogues but I like music and sometimes action. Although, I think, the Great Khali is abler than him to become WWE RAW champion. Problem in Great Khali is, he is not as quick as John Cena and between his two successive powerful actions, he slows down too much that the opponent gets time to recover from temporary fatigueness. C M Punk doesn’t have big muscles. But his way of actions are pretty attractive. He is one of the young superstars of ECW. But, among all this superstars, Batista is still the boss and the best, I suppose.

In wrestling arena, no two wrestlers are permanent friends. Friendship and trust is built and broken frequently here. We know, Triple H and Shawn Michael were primarily friend, then became enemies and again became friends and formed DX ( a tag team these two wrestlers). Other such examples are relation of Shawn Michael and John Cena; Carlito and Rick Flair etc. Every wrestler has his or her own egoism and when his or her egoism clashes with that of another wrestler, they start fighting and tag team partners break up etc.

In wrestling, every wrestler fights to win a single title. Cricket or Football id not a deadly game as wrestling is. Wrestlers sacrifice their bodies and souls to win a single match. And look at the varieties of wrestling skills and wrestling techniques these wrestlers have. New wrestling moves and techniques are coming day by day. Don’t you get a sense of creativity in these moves? Wrestling is shown on TV like any other popular TV serials where there are heroes, heroines, villains, comedians, cameramen, technicians, creative persons and engineers, managers, excited audiences. But one thing that you will never find in any other popular TV shows, you will find it here. That is the game itself, the Wrestling.

When Government Controls Media

I request the readers who are of less than 18 years of age or are women, to skip ( not to read ) this article. He or she can read any other article but not this one. This article is meant for mentally and physically grown up people only.

We know that some months before BBC channel showed Chinese officials were unofficially banning Google on Chinese computers’ browsers. If government tries to control the media matters then the freedom of media is lost, be it Internet media, Print media, Television or Radio media.

We have seen or heard that during many political campaign, political parties show they achievements by using media vehicles such as local / state wise / national / international newspapers, radio channels, TV channels, magazines etc. Sometimes, news suppliers deform news due to vested interest of political parties.

In every country, it is thoroughly watched by the country’s administration if somebody is giving opinion in any website about the fault of county’s administration system. Immediately that site is blocked.

Some developing and underdeveloped countries’ Information and Broadcasting ministry ban international fashion and art TV channels, accusing them of showing nudity and vulgar scenes. Movie channels are also blocked due to same logic. The cultured administrative persons of many countries’ I&B department think that if they ban vulgar TV channels, then number of rape and women abuse cases will not happen or it will happen less in those countries because youths will not be misdirected any more. And, that’s why they banned all ‘adult’ TV channels. Have rape case and physical harassment of women in the countries stopped or became less after that? No. but the market for blue film business has increased a lot. Is that all the governments want? Also I&B ministry shows a second logic. If adult scenes and atrocities are shown on TV channels, then those will have worst kind of effect on kids’ minds. I completely agree with this statement. But kids have their schools (generally). They do not stay awake late at night. So, if adult programmes, violent scenes are shown after 12 midnight, then kids’ parents will not have any problem I think.

Problem in those I&B ministers is they are of our parents’ age or older than that. They are not bad people and I also don’t have any personal grudge against them. The only problem in them is they are not modern.

Like eating, walking , running, sleeping, laughing , crying and other human processes, violence and sex are also quite natural in human life. You have to accept that. And, if somebody is saying that viewing ‘objectionable’ adult scenes are ‘crime’ then s/he must keep in mind that almost every human being is born due to sexual intercourse which is also a ‘crime’. Then stop giving birth to children.

Stop protesting against any inequality or social justice because this can lead to ‘violence’ and that will not covered and printed / aired / shown by media due to several countries’ I&B ministries’ orders.

So, being the responsible citizens of our individual countries, we are going to support governments’ autocratic leadership style and their take over of ‘free’ media.

Do you agree with this policy?



What we have read in our text books or in our GK books, that can not be changed much. But the change in new inventions, change in people’s perceptions and change in science in science or technology are breaking old conventions or perceptions and are bringing new concepts.

Pluto, we knew, as the ninth planet of our solar system. But recently, the concept has changed in the recent scientific convention. Now, it is not called a planet but a Dwarf planet. After the discovery of Eris, scientists are saying Pluto is not the biggest dwarf planet. It is the second largest Dwarf planet after Eris. What about the old definition of planet? Will it be changed? I don’t know. But, remember, if scientists again change the definition of dwarf planet, and include dwarf planets in planets group then again we have to change our astronomical definitions. This type of sudden changes in scientific conventions is not acceptable to many.

Another problem comes in choosing the ‘new’ seven wonders of world. I don’t know what was the problem with old Seven Wonders of the World. But, somehow this new concept has arrived. Thanks to the website due to which such a abusive concept against world’s greatest sculptures have come and our Taj Mahal’s existence as one of the seven wonders of the world are suddenly at stake! However, whatever trend comes with time, we have to accept it. I have already casted my vote for Taj Mahal. And we have no option left except voting for Taj Mahal because the site has got what it wanted – publicity. What if, Taj does not get a place in the new seven wonders? Tomorrow a new website may be formed on the web, which may be named as or but that won’t mean everybody is mad or any person of any country having any qualification and age can be American president whatever the poll results in those sites may be.

These websites or concepts must be controlled by a worldwide body which must do analysis and research on newly launched concepts. If the social, technological, political, legal impact of new theories are not good then they should be banned or corresponding website should be blocked such that any convention doesn’t get worse than its earlier stage.

Films, Actors, Actresses


If you ask me about my favourite Hollywood actresses, then I can mention many names :- Anjelina Jolie ( or, should I call her as Branjelina now? ) , Catherine Zeta – Jones, Sharon Stone, Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep and Uma Thurman. But in this article I would like to talk about Uma Thurman only. Uma Thurman’s talent got visualized when she played the character ‘Mia’ in 1994 film Pulp Fiction. But I became a fan of her when I saw the movie Kill Bill on television. What attracted me was her simple facial expression matched with the story of the film where a simple woman became an action packed heroine with a sharp sword as her weapon to teach a lesson to her former lover. Uma acted in action scenes so brilliantly and in a natural manner that it seemed to me that there was no difference between the actor Uma Thurman and characters of those films. After Kill Bill, its sequel came – Kill Bill 2. Both the stories were woman centric and Uma stole the show in both the films due to her powerful act and central character. She overcame her womanliness and showed boldness like a man while playing her role.

If somebody wants to find the feminine side of Uma Thurman, then s/he can get it from the character of Poison Ivy played by Uma in the film Batman and Robin. The hot bodily appeal of Uma not only attracted Batmen and Robin in the film but also caught outside audiences’ minds.

Now a days, there is a trend of making films for super - heroines. Like, Anjelina Jolie played the role of Lara Croft in Tomb Rider, Halle Berry acted in Cat Woman’s role. Like these heroines, Uma Thurman was also casted in a super – heroines film, ‘My Super Ex – Girlfriend’ which was not so serious but a comedy film. Uma played the super – heroine character G – Girl in that film. This movie again threw a new light on Uma’s multiple role playing talent. Also, I like to watch Uma’s different looks in different films. The simplicity of her face makes her romantic and of lovable nature and at the same time her eyes points out her determination and challenging role playing capability. The last movie I saw about Uma Thurman was Prime. There Uma Thurman’s character was that she was a divorced woman who fell in love with a younger guy than her. He was also in love with her but their mother did not like their relationship. Since, the young man cared for his mother’s feelings and the divorced woman respected their relationship and did not want the boy to be separated from his mother and his family, she and the boy finally kept themselves away from each other’s life although they were still mentally attracted towards each other. In this era, when love teach us to be blind and selfish, this story tells us about the sacrifice made by two people which is the USP of that film. Although, I generally don’t watch this type of no-so-funny comedies, I still watched it for seeing Uma Thurman and Meryl Streep in a single movie. I would like to watch her in more different but entertaining roles in her upcoming movies.

In this regard, let me tell you, I like ghost movies, very funny movies ( like movies of actor Jim Carrey, Rowan Atkinson and movies like ‘Scary Movie’ series), Thrillers (like Scream and Scream 2), adventure and science - fiction movies ( Jurrasic Park, The Matrix, Star Wars, Harry Patter etc.)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Viewer's / Reader's feedback

Viewer's / Reader's feedback

Many of my friends have visited my site. Those who have good suggestions, I publish their names and suggestions in the site : --

"hey ur idea is good and information in it also good...but u can do onething u try to add more and put them in different pages.... " -- by Rupa Mitra ( Orkut Friend)

" hmmmm!!!!!!!!gaind gud knwldge on cultures n historic charactrz " - by Debanjana Ganguly ( Orkut Friend)

"tor article gulo porechi, khub bhalo legeche" - by Souvik Biswas ( School friend ; mail id :- )

Tuesday, June 5, 2007



There is a new trend in beauty therapy in our city in recent days. Biyanka Bash - Gupta of Calcutta Rhymes, who was 'inspired' by this incident, has written in her recent article about this. Her topic excerpts are given below : -

Case 1 : - Ramesh (name changed on request) had a problem due to his dark skin. Everybody compared him with black coal. He wanted a solution. So, he visited city's new beauty clinic Dyeing Health Clinic. Their doctors (specially Dr. D. Doss) have invented a new therapy with Mango called Mango - Cure. After Mango - Cure on Ramesh, he now has a glowing skin as bright as mango juice itself.

Case 2 : - Abhilash (name changed on request) had a serious problem due to his bald head. He also visited city's Dyeing Health Clinic. There, Dr. G. Doss has successfully applied his Mango - Cure on his bald head which is now changed to a full grown hair. The added natural vitamins of mango juice is very helpful for our Body and Skin, claims Dr. D. Doss.

Thanks must be given to Mr. D. Doss for inventing such a natural, cheap and no-side effects curable process. Biyanka Bash - Gupta has also done a great job by reporting this total incident on Calcutta Rhymes.


The medical treatment based on MANGO does not have that magical effect on our tongues as it could have been in case of eating BINGO potato chips.

BINGO SNACKS. No confusion, only Great Combination.

Thank you. ---- By Bishnu Kumar Ganguram