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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Thank you the Readers of the book B3456

B-3456 was my first published paperback book. It was published during end of January 2015 ( during Kolkata book fair). After the book was published, the publisher took no responsibility about selling it further and since then, the book’s only marketing person has been myself. 

I had to go to college street, had to approach my friends and had conversed with few book selling stalls in the Park Street area( Kolkata ). Apparently, I felt very disappointed because all my friends, whom I expected to buy my book, just showed some lame excuses for not buying it. My book’s MRP is Rs. 88/- and I sold it at a discounted price of Rs. 50/- only. Still very few were interested about reading my science fiction. In west Bengal, few people write science fiction and I became one among them with my first book. I also submitted my book for review at Saptahik Bartaman, Ei Samay, Tathyakendra, Dainik Statesman, etc. I have not followed up with Saptahik Bartaman magazine, Dainik Statesman and Ei Samay newspapers, but I am sure that Tathyakendra magazine has not reviewed my book yet as I follow its every edition. May be, my book content did not meet their reviewed books’ standards and I did not mention their names to blame them at all. You see, they have complete right to reject my book ( or, just any book) for review. Anyway, I was feeling completely helpless and frustrated. Still through my references, I managed to sell few books of mine to people I know.

So far, following people have purchased my book:
Mitraa Ghosh (Chatterjee) – authoress of the book ‘Maple Mita’; Raj Kumar Ghosh – editor of the little magazine (Amader Lekha); Ms Minati Pathak - a relative; Amitava Dasgupta – whom I met at Nainital and is a very good human being by heart; Rohan Mukherjee – ex colleague; Salim Mandal (Editor of Tobuo Proyas little magazine); Soumi Roy – ex-colleague; Munmun Ghosh Das – ex-colleague; Dwaipayan Banerjee & Sreyoshi Banerjee  – ex colleague & his wife; Abhinaba Banerjee – employee of Intechnosys; Doctor Kallol  Banerjee; Saradindu Banerjee – editor of Iye Patrika; Swapan Roy – my ex-tutor at Vidyasagar College Computer Centre; Dalia Bose – my ex-tutor at Vidyasagar College Computer Centre

I owe to these people who have bought my book and helped a young budding author to shine. Some of the names I am not mentioning here for they were unknown buyers. They just bought the book without giving me their details. 

I have gifted my book to Anish Deb (eminent author of several science fiction books);  Chandril Bhattacharya ( eminent author and I consider him my guru; Arpan Ghosh ( my ex-colleague at NRL); Arnab Roy – RJ at Oye 104.8 FM – Kolkata; Pavel Chakraborty – Vidyasagar Evening college friend.
Anybody interested to buy the book can visit the link and send me personal Facebook message in Kolkata:

Professor Anish Deb has given the following personal feedback through email:

 Dear Mr Ganguly,
                   Don't be surprised by my laaaaate response. I truly apologize for the delay. I have looked into ur book B-3456 and spent some time on it. I have a few comments to make. Hope u would not mind if my comments are not all praises. The comments are :

1  Writing style should be more linear so that it can communicate with most of the readers. To me, the style seemed a bit complicated.

2   The novel introduces too many technological advances in social life. These may have been limited to less items so that the author could dig deep, indicating their implications in life.

3   Jargons could have been less to make the novel easy reading.

Any way, ur effort is noteworthy, but reading about a dozen SF novels and short stories always helps in the grooming of a writer. At least, it helped me. If u wish u may try it too.
Thanks for introducing me to ur SF novel. Carry on writing. With regards,

urs truly,

Anish Deb, Professor
B.Sc.(Physics Hons.), B. Tech. (University Silver Medal),
M. Tech. (University Gold Medal, Prof. P. N. Ghosh Gold Medal),
Ph. D. (Tech.)

Electrical Engineering Section
Department of Applied Physics
University of Calcutta

Apart from that I expected at least 15-20 people to buy my book but they did not. They can spend Rs. 50 for buying chicken chowmin, can spend Rs. 50 for a bus or metro fair but can’t use the same amount for buying a Bengali science fiction book. Bengali people are that much cultured!!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Why did I choose an ordinary keypad phone over a smartphone?

In the busy metro city life, you will notice that there are lots of smartphone users. Their lives revolve around smartphones. They message, chat, read & send office docs, play games, do social activities like sharing photos & videos through smartphones. Two years before, I also bought an Android based smartphone.
The reason why I bought an Android phone instead of a Microsoft office phone or iPhone was that most of the Android apps were free at that time ( I mean, they are still free). So, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Young Duos S6312. First it was immense joy to download and use new free apps. But anyway, it was not that great experience in the long term for the following reasons:

1) More apps I downloaded, they got loaded in the phone memory and that took a lot of internal space. Gradually the phone performance became slow. So, I had to uninstall few apps.
2) While in the 2G speed, pages like Facebook groups and Facebook Pages did not open. And while in 3G speed, the phone got heated up after half an hour.
3) A few days after installing the Facebook android app, the chat option was not available any more. The makers of the app told me that I have to download a parallel app called Facebook Messenger to use Facebook chat. That was ridiculous. FB app was already running out of phone’s internal memory. Anyway, I installed the second app on Facebook.
4) Another issue happened with app. Updating apps is a monotonous activity in smartphone. From time-to-time you have to update them. When I take a 2G/3G data pack, I do that for net browsing. But these new version download of apps ate up my internet pack data limit soon. That was really aweful. I think, as an user, I should have the right for not uploading an app. I tried that and some of the apps showed me, “The application won’t run until you update it”.
5) A new menace was created due to smartphone. Every time I did a new talk time recharge, a Rs. 5 /- international SMS charge will be deducted from my balance. I complained to my mobile subscriber and even uninstalled some of my favourite Android apps out of suspicion, that did not solve the problem. The problem still exist.

So, because of these reasons, I gave a thought about moving backward and last month, I purchased Samsung C3322i keypad phone. It is an old fashioned phone that people of my generation would be least interested to use. But I am happy with it. Because it is hassle free. The basic calling function, sending SMS and listening to FM music (which I love) is there. The only problem is that I can’t read any PDF or DOC in that. Apart from that, it does a good job. The battery life is also no worry. I like it.