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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blog Search

Blog for a blogger is like his / her own magazine or newspaper. Whenever, a person writes a blog, his / her creative sense comes in front of the readers of the world like a popular online newspaper and everybody gets a chance to read / publish the blogs and to appreciate their own or others' contributions. A large number of increase in website numbers is the publishing of new blogs.Today, I shall tell you about two major Blog search engine.
The first one is called

This is the blog search portion of Google. It's where you can find lots of blogs according to yourchoice. Like, if you type the keywords in the searchbox, say, 'imaginealljobs, Biswajit Ganguly' you will find the resultas given in the figure above.The second blog search engine is called

This is one of the powerful blog search engine. You can search any blog's keywords / name from the search box on its Home page.If you still can't find your required site, then go to Advanced Search option. There if you type, for example, Biswajit Gangulyin the search box and 'hello to the world' in the exact phrase box and in the URL box type the url - , then you will find the result given in the abobe figure.So, stay attached to the Bloggers ( people who make blogs ) and never forget to read mine on monthly basis. With love, your friend, Biswajit Ganguly.