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Friday, May 25, 2007



Kolkata’s kids are always interested in comics and superpowers. That’s why Batman, Superman, He-Man, Harry Potter, Tarzan, Phantom, Mandrek and Spiderman are our comics idol. If you ask Spiderman to fly on the buildings’ roofs or walls of Kolkata, you will find out Spiderman very injured. Because there are so many low buildings with plenty of cable wires, telephone wires and broadband connection wires, that will automatically create an obstacle for Peter Parker to fly free. And, India is famous for identity / personal data theft. That’s why Greg Chappel’s secret letter gets out in the media. Specially Kolkatans are very curious about what their neighbours are doing. So, when Spidey, after a day’s of hard work will return home, somebody will see him to unmask himself. Hence, Peter’s ‘secret identity’ will be revealed. I gave the condition of Spiderman. What will happen to Superman and Batman, you imagine that yourself.

But, unfortunately none of these above mentioned superheroes is our own. Their sources are from foreign countries. Does Kolkata ever had any superhero or comic character? The answer is yes. Kolkata has some popular comics character, like, Handa – Bhonda, Nonte – Fonte, Tenida, Gupi Bagha and a very powerful yet funny superhero called Bantul The Great ( Although I don’t think he is as powerful as the ‘Hulk’ is.). Now a days a renowned publishing house in kolkata, is animating some bookish characters. Examples are - Detective Feluda and Professor Shanku (the genius scientist ).

Serious Comics Characters : - By serious comics, I mean no fun and only action, horror, adventure. Suspense thriller etc. action packed comics characters, internationally, are Superman, Batman, Hulk, Spiderman, He Man, Flash Gordon, Fantom, Mandrek, Flash, X – Men, Fantastic Four, etc. Even in India, Hindi comics and movies have got serious action superheroes. No, I’m not talking about Chacha Choudhury’s Sabu. I am indicating towards Shaktiman comics which are out in the market. Hrithick Rosan acted in the superhero movie Krrish which was a big hit. We got our own Hindi version of Superman in the form of Krrish and Shaktiman. Hanuman and Krishna, two mythical characters of Indian epics, have now become our famous animated characters. But unfortunately, we Bengali comics lovers have still no serious superhero. May be, in near future, we can have somebody. Still, serious action, animation TV series are made now in West Bengal which is shown in one TV channel. This one is the Bengali equivalent ( not equal ) of English characters the Famous Five and it is called Pandav Goenda.

Animated characters on Begali film is yet to come.Director Sandip Ray is making a film on Detective Feluda. But I think, this is just the right time for him to make a general or special effect oriented film on Professor Shanku. Actor Soumitra Chatterjee, who has been acted on previous Feluda films, is an aged person now. I suppose that he will ideally fit to the character of Professor Shanku at this time. Director Sandip Ray should think about this wonderful possibility.

Also, multimedia professionals should work on popular Bengali cartoon or bookish characters to make animation on them. I wish them very best.

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