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Monday, March 8, 2010

What you can give back to internet?

Parents give us the knowledge and inspiration to prosper in life. Their contribution can be compared to the volume of water in a ocean. Nobody can pay back his or her parents’ debts.

Internet is the mother of all media. Be it text or audio or video, you can find everything on internet. The medium of world wide web is our ultimate resource for collecting and sharing information. And who can ignore the enjoyment part of it. Internet is a genuine friend, that can make your mood cheerful at the time of loneliness. People not getting any job can even earn money sitting at home. So internet has become bread earner for them.

Business transaction and communication are totally dependent on Internet. Companies are using corporate blogs to connect with consumers and their clients and employees. Many future notifications and strategies are published via Internet. Distant business meetings are organized by video conferencing and without internet nobody could have imagined it.

Internet has everything to make your virtual life colorful. If you are a newbie writer and want to showcase you work to others, try blogging. You can find friends by social networking sites. Want to know answer of any question? Place your question through appropriate forum. Are you a game freak? Play online games from internet or download them. You can spend hours on internet.

Critics of internet says that spending too much time on internet can be symptoms of cyber addiction. What should a person do if he has no friend in real world or he is not so good at field games. Internet is the place for him to do activities. Yes internet had bad effects. There are cases of cyber crime, internet is the cheapest resource of pornography and hacking is a concern for security experts, but you can’t blame internet for that. As there are good people who have made internet for betterment of human beings, there are bad guys who take advantage of this medium and continue their evil activities. But please don’t blame internet for the bad effects.

Let me come back to the point where I had started. Our parents have unimaginable contribution in our life. When we are established and grown up, we take care of our parents and try to make their life more beautiful. To some people like me internet in the next best friend after parents. From my early adulthood to today’s date, it has caused me to enjoy life more. It is the world of Harry Potter for me. Any idea how we can pay off its debts? At least if we can’t pay it back, can we make our own individual contribution to keep this medium moving forward?