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Friday, September 28, 2007


Cricket : Twenty-Twenty World Cup

While we type SMSes we don’t write full word and don’t care for grammar. We just enjoy writing our expression. Now everything comes with a shorter version. But what method can be done in case of an SMS, can not be applied in case of the game cricket.
At first the cricket was in Test format. Then it was changed to One Day cricket. Till that time it was okay. Now the game is changing towards Tewnty-20 cricket. Is that very good for the game?

Kevin Petersen has commented that Twenty20 cricket is a ‘lottery’ and any team can win on any day. So, winner of Twenty20 can not be termed as world champions. The exit of teams like Australia, New Zealand, England, West Indies and South Africa before final only proves how dull the tournament was.
In Twenty20 where each team gets twenty overs to score, batsmen feel less pressure to loose their wickets. As a result, they play with their free mind. The large number of sixes hit throughout the tournament, was the result of such free-minded, fearless play. When England’s Stuart Broad gave 36 runs in an over, I felt totally sympathetic to him. No, he was not a very poor bowler. It was the game’s poor format for which he had to surrender to such fearless batting attack. I can predict in next Twenty20 world cup at least one among the teams like Bangladesh, Kenya, Sri Lanka may reach in the final and can win the cup as well. Will that mean that they will be future world champions? Definitely not. Performance of teams can be put under test only if they win in Test cricket, One Day cricket but not Twenty20.
With the introduction of Twenty20, cricket is slowly dying down. In future Twenty20 cricket tournaments, batsmen will be termed as Quick Run Machines and bowlers will be called Bowling machines. Gradually this type of cricket will be also vanished. New tournaments will be like Ten10 cricket, then Five5 cricket and then No Cricket. In No Cricket, each cricketer will sit on computer and play a computer game ‘live’ with a ‘electronic batting tool’ to win matches of international importance. Is that future ICC and cricket lovers want? From such tournaments what outcome can you expect? You can not find greats like Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Saurav Ganguly, Adam Gilchrist, Steve Waugh from such tournaments. You will find your great bowlers struggling to get wickets and one idiotic bowler of your team having no talent at all suddenly will get 4 wickets for 20 runs. You call this cricket? Can the result of first match between India and Pakistan in Twenty20 be supported from cricketing point of view?
ICC should think seriously about it and it is time for the global cricket lovers to decide what they want to see, an exciting cricket match or ultimate destruction of talent?

When India Won Twenty20 World Cup:- When the match was over and India won the first Twenty20 world cup, in my locality people burned crackers which sounded above 65 decibel and no police came to catch the offenders red handed. Some people shouted in high scale on the read in front of my apartment. They were using slang words against not only Pakistan but also against India’s former captain Rahul Dravid, Saurav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar who were unable to win any world cup for their country. They shouted even after the midnight and the next day from the seven o’ clock their ‘celebration’ started and that continued for the next 2-3 days. Some of them drank heavily and started behaving abnormally. They also used their obscene languages against those who were less interested about Twenty20 world cup cricket and called them Anti-Indians and enemy of country. (Now watching cricket is not part of our basic duties.).do you think that should be the behaviour of the civilians when your country wins any major title, causing massive disturbance in the locality?

Some Days After:- The Big 3 batsmen of Indian cricket ( Saurav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid) are going through a tough condition. Everybody is interested about M H Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh. I don't think they have any resrect for these 3 seniors. True these 3 batsmen have never given any world cup to India. But think about their overall achievement. BCCI's rotation policy should not be applied on them. And Dhoni and Yuvraj should respect their seniors. Otherwise, cricket will simply DY (die) which as a cricket lover, I can not support.
The urgent need for Indian cricket is to build a team with both seniors and juniors. Seniors like Rahul Dravid, Ganguly and Tendulkar must be treated with equal importance. Under senior's supervision Dhoni would get more time for preparation and get matured. India's cricket control authority should take care to ease the tension among seniors and juniors. That will be helpful for Indian Cricket.

When Kumble became Indian Captain: Kumble has been always a team player and keeps a low profile unlike his other team mates. The speciality in Kumble is he generally does not come into the focus of media, has consistency and secretly do his cricket attack during vital time. Now, BCCI's move to make Anil Kumble captain is a welcome move. Seniors like Saurav, Sachin and Dravid have his support. Juniors also respect him. Kumble's continuation as India's captain will be good for Indian Cricket.