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Friday, October 24, 2008

About Future Plans

The other day, I got an SMS on my mobile. It said, “young_Indian: Progress has little to do with speed, but much to do with direction. So always concentrate on your direction not on the speed”. My fellow young Indian wants to teach me a good lesson. There is no doubt about that. But today, when everybody is concentrating on SMS text ‘shortening’ culture, I wonder why the sender has used so many words to describe a simple thing! From school, I have learnt that speed with proper direction is called ‘velocity’. Nowhere in his / her message I found the proper word. Now, let’s come to the substance of his message. Today we are all matured guys and most of us know where to proceed through our career path. But right speed not only requires proper direction but it also needs proper investment at the right time. So a good strategy and budget can fulfill our desire. I had derived my own terminology on the issue before this SMS came to me. I call this ‘fastness with accuracy+money’. That’s the main thing for reaching goals. Sometimes, mindset changes also make impact on our target paths. One of my good friends took marketing as his career. Now with the passing of time his body did not permit to work more on fields. So now, he is learning softwares to become a programmer. Hope, he got a right direction. I’m still searching for my required Velocity. I have to rely on my knowledge, skill, hard work and opportunities (perhaps combination of all these is known as luck) to pass through the bad patches / tough phases of my life. What’s your take on velocity of life? Write back to me at biswajit 20793 @ gmail . com