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Tuesday, June 5, 2007



There is a new trend in beauty therapy in our city in recent days. Biyanka Bash - Gupta of Calcutta Rhymes, who was 'inspired' by this incident, has written in her recent article about this. Her topic excerpts are given below : -

Case 1 : - Ramesh (name changed on request) had a problem due to his dark skin. Everybody compared him with black coal. He wanted a solution. So, he visited city's new beauty clinic Dyeing Health Clinic. Their doctors (specially Dr. D. Doss) have invented a new therapy with Mango called Mango - Cure. After Mango - Cure on Ramesh, he now has a glowing skin as bright as mango juice itself.

Case 2 : - Abhilash (name changed on request) had a serious problem due to his bald head. He also visited city's Dyeing Health Clinic. There, Dr. G. Doss has successfully applied his Mango - Cure on his bald head which is now changed to a full grown hair. The added natural vitamins of mango juice is very helpful for our Body and Skin, claims Dr. D. Doss.

Thanks must be given to Mr. D. Doss for inventing such a natural, cheap and no-side effects curable process. Biyanka Bash - Gupta has also done a great job by reporting this total incident on Calcutta Rhymes.


The medical treatment based on MANGO does not have that magical effect on our tongues as it could have been in case of eating BINGO potato chips.

BINGO SNACKS. No confusion, only Great Combination.

Thank you. ---- By Bishnu Kumar Ganguram

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