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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Victory of Mamata Banerjee

Along the sea-shore of humankind,
On 20th May she marches on,
Crowd rejoicing her victory,
Crowd feeling her power,
Crowd cherishing the fall of Red fort,
Crowd accepting the change,
It is your change, my change, our change,
Change because losers became winners at last,
Change because winners’ winning streak ended  -
Unimaginable blitzkrieg in Bengal’s political sky -
As it’s called;
And few drops of humanity falling political sky
Compensated for a thirst of 34 years,
Congratulations Mamata
For being the Rainmaker
And bringing monsoon early
Through a historic political change
In a ‘pre-historic’ West Bengal. 

[I have written this from a common man's viewpoint. Views expressed are personal.]