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Friday, May 25, 2007


Art of Cooking ( From a person who doesn’t know cooking !)

I am a food – aholic person. No, I don’t eat at restaurants and five star hotels. But I like to know about new dishes. Generally I like those dishes which require less ingredients and are easy to cook. On other day, after our post – graduation classes were over, our teacher Shreya ma’am ( Shreya Adhikary ) was telling us that she likes to cook new dishes at her home, she enjoys tasting innovative food items at restaurants, she wants to know about delicious recipes and she is a great foodie by nature.

I asked her, has she ever visited the site on web? She informed me that she has already purchased a cooking book of Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor. So, I promised her that I shall give her some more site links about cooking. Now, I think that this is the right time to give her and my other food loving friends the useful links of some sites.

The first one is :-

This site will help you to learn about basics of Indian recipes starting from Garam Masala, various ‘Chutneys’, Ginger-Garlic Paste’ , etc. For ignorant persons like me who does not know anything about cooking this is the site to start from. The site has various sections like Appetizers,Beverages,Breads, Egg Dishes, Non-Veg Dishes, Raita / Yogurt, Rice Specialities, Soups, Veg Dishes etc. There are also links to several cooking.

My second site is –

This site is a broader site. It contains all the sections that the previous website contains. Check out the Kid's Plate, Snack etc. as extra section. Visit ‘ Recipes by Cuisine ‘ sub – section where recipes are displayed region wise or country wise. Also check out Recipes by Cooking Method. There you will know about Blending, Grilling/BBQ, Roasting, Sauteing, Steaming etc. Don’t forget to read Articles about recipes and know about restaurant information, glossary on cooking and videos about cooking. You can search about any recipe from the search box given on the webpage.

Finally there is another site and that is part of a newspaper where you can get plenty of food making thoughts. The site site is called : -

If you want to learn foreign cooking in a friendly manner like someone telling you about it, then your ideal site to visit will be ---

Enjoy this site along with the above two websites. Now, it’s your decision whether to cook or not these recipes. But, you really cook any of the food preparations learnt from these sites and you think that the cooked food is really good, don’t forget to call me at your lunch or dinner. Enjoy cooking.
And remember Indian cooking is forever. So, visit the site below :

Bye from B.G.

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