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Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Ghost Story : An Actor's Last Act

Ramesh Kapoor. The name became very famous in Hindi serials for the past 4-5 years. The man who started his career as a call center employee, got a guest actor role in the most popular serial, ‘When Love Happens…’ on New TV. After that Ramesh had no looking back in his career. He became youth icon and heartthrob of many women. He has also bagged the prize of best TV actor of the year for the past two years.
I was a blind fan of Mr. Ramesh. I tried to copy his hairstyle, dresses, speaking style etc. When he came to Kolkata’s City Centre last December to promote an event, I was among many guys who rushed there to get a glimpse of him. And I was one of those luckiest guys on earth who somehow managed to get autograph from him in that overcrowded place.

Yesterday when I got the news, I could not believe my own ears. It was the most shocking news for RK fans. Ramesh Kapoor did suicide!

No matter how much successful he was in profession, he was never happy in his personal life. His first wife died in cancer. Then he married another woman who divorced him 6 months before from now. Frustrated Ramesh started drinking alcohol. He attended nightclubs and parties. He misbehaved and bit people there after drinking excessive alcohol. He was not getting new offers from the serial makers. A great actor’s career ended so miserably.


Mohan is my elder brother. He is 34, unmarried. He spent last three years in Raigarh for the purpose of job. Recently, he came back to Kolkata. During his stay at Raigarh, he learnt new things. He and one of his colleagues did some researches about supernatural entities and they usually conducted planchette sessions on weekends. Me brother feels very irritated when somebody asks him about his planchette sessions. I got a weird idea in my mind. Can he bring RK’s soul? I want to know how is he? Where is he? Is he still unhappy?

I told my plan to Mohan. Initially he just refused and gave excuses like planchette requires mental toughness and one needs to have dead person’s used things to call the spirit. I showed him RK’s autograph on my diary. And I boldly said him that I am no kid and ready for planchette.


We had taken dinner 3 hours before. Mohan and me were sitting in candle light with a square shaped box on our dining table. Our dining room had almirah, fridge, a TV set apart from this table. Mohan told me to keep my hands on RK’s autograph in my diary and think about his acting memoirs. He started murmuring some peculiar dialogues. Then `suddenly he stopped. There was total silence in the room. I don’t know how much time we passed. Then it started! Our chairs and dining table were shaking like earthquake and the square shaped box broke into pieces. Mohan whispered, ‘He has come.’ Suddenly our television started. Some horrible scenes were waiting for us. I saw RK inside TV screen. Blood and foam were coming out of his mouth. And his eyes seemed like black holes. It was like he was in another serial. He was standing on the edge of the top of a building. He was going to suicide. For one second, I forgot reality. I shouted, ‘Please don’t do this! We love you!’ For once, he looked back and stayed at me. A devilish smile cam out of his mouth and then he jumped! Our TV shuts down just after that.

My brother whispered, ‘That’s how he died.’

We sat still for the next 15 minutes. Then Mohan turned on the lights. I was still sitting like a robot. Suddenly, my eyes fell on the diary. Where was the autograph page gone?

‘The unstable spirit has taken the thing from you that belonged to him,’ my brother lamented.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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