Imagine All Jobs

Imagine All Jobs



Friday, September 28, 2007



The world is not enough to describe our ideas. People imagine because they like to imagine, because imagination comes automatically to their mind. People imagine because they like to integrate past, present and future. Imagination has certain psychological effect on their mind. Or, perhaps psychology of people is the reason for imagination. More you imagine, more ideas you get. And yes, these ideas can change your life. In certain Sony company’s advertisement, the word ‘imagine’ gets focused more than the advertisement itself. Certain human emotions like fun / joy, love, lust / desire, adultery, sorrow, anxiety, pressure etc are source of imagination.

Many people believe in the philosophy : Dream Big . Become Big. Now dreaming is nothing but imagination. However their philosophy is partially correct. If you dream or Imagine big and you don’t Plan big, then you can not Become big. Planning is an important part for becoming big, but without imagination, planning can not take place. Those who believe in ‘DOING’ things, they can not ‘DO’ right things unless and until they Imagine and Plan right things. My theory is -- Imagine Big. Plan Big. Work Big. Become Big. It's as simple as this.

Imagination has great relation with Creativity. Consider the case of a computer game designer; without imagination will s/he be able to create any game with large variety and spectacular special effects for you? The graphical effects on each game is created by human logical decision making but first the programmer has to imagine how the scene in the game would look like. Then s/he will able to try his/her programme codes and logical senses. All nice websites that we see today, all successful web-portals like Yahoo, MSN and all biggest search engines like Google, Askjeeves, Altavista are result of some creative minds’ imaginative power.

In management, imagination is an important part. During several seminars the participating managers are asked to give their feedback on certain topics. Those feedbacks are nothing but guesses for imaginary situations. After taking everybody’s feedback, the coordinator sums up all the viewpoint and set future strategy(s) for the company.

In case of musicians imagination is very important. For creating nice tunes, many musicians imagine some passionate situations from which they form hit music. Heart touching poems or, lyrics for lovely music are formed by imagination also. Any music lover can better understand how music is controlled by imagination.

Sometimes we fear from the unknown and dead people, demons, vampires, ghosts and other scary things come in our dreams because of the imagination. They are not real. Sometimes we see them in our bad dreams. Now, dream is the combination of reality and our own imagination. What we see in our dreams seem to us as real although they are virtual. Although dream has a great value in human life because, great ideas come from sound sleep of people.

Imagination results in some activities or jobs in people or system. We imagine, we plan, we do work, but we never try to identify the jobs hidden under the result of each imagination. The reason for forming this site is to identify these jobs such that the logical reasoning associated with each imagination or subject or topic can be revealed to others. Imagination is the mother of all scientific and other inventions. Even some theories of astrophysics are totally based on scientific imaginations or assumptions. Futurologists also apply their imaginative power in their works. I am a person who likes to imagine and search new topics. So, I imagined to form a website containing various topics and was the ultimate result.

Written by Biswajit Ganguly.