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Friday, September 28, 2007


My Dream Wrestling Matches

Wrestling has been my passion for long years. I am a die hard wrestling fan and like to watch ,my favourite wrestling superstars every week on Ten Sports and on Star Sports. Sometimes I feel very angry because for the transmission of other sports like Wimbledon (tennis), Sunfeast Open (tennis), UEFA Cup (football), I can not see my favourite wrestling matches. Ten Sports management can not understand that wrestling is more exciting game than other games.
I always like to see wrestling matches between great wrestlers. Some hot matches that can be in wrestling are :-

1.Rock vs. John Cena:- We know Rock is the hottest ‘People’s Champ’. And John Cena’s slogan is ‘The Champ is Here’. Both have their huge fan clubs. I like Rock more than I like Cena. But if a fight happens, then advantage will be for Cena. Because, Rock is out of the ring for a ling time. I also think that John Cena is physically powerful than Rock. If the fight ever takes place my mind will support John Cena but my heart will support People’s Champ, The Rock.

2.Randy Orton vs. CM Punk:- Punk is the sensational superstar of ECW. Randy is the ‘Legend Killer’. If the fight happens, then advantage : Randy Orton. Because Randy is much experienced and Punk has many things to learn.

3.Hulk Hogan vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin:- The ‘Rattle Snake’ will try his level best to defeat the legendary Hulk Hogan. Both have huge number of fans worldwide. If the fight happens, anybody can win. And just imagine what a tensed fight it will be.

4.Umaga vs. The Great Khali:- This is not the case of King Kong vs. Godzilla where King Kong will win always. They are two very destructive ‘human’ monsters and it’s quite difficult to predict who will win.

5.Umaga vs. Mark Henry:- This will the fight between the brutal ‘Bulldozer’ versus World’s Strongest Man. Who will win can not be predicted early. Similar match can take place between the Great Khali and Mark Henry.

6.Rey Mysterio vs. Paul London:- It’s time for Paul London to play big matches in his career. And his big match debut can be started with the fight of Rey Mysterio, our very own ‘619’ action superstar. Advantage : Rey Mysterio, for his long experiences.

7.Batista vs. John Cena:- There are only few people left within wrestling industry who can defeat John Cena. Batista is one among them. John Cena can be in trouble due to Batista’s pure aggression. He has the power to defeat John. Although when fighting with John, Batista should be quicker in his moves. He must innovate new wrestling techniques to fight with John Cena. It seems to me that John cena’s flexibility is better than Batista. If the fight ever happens my mind will support John Cena but my heart will support Batista.

8.Shawn Michaels vs. Rock:- They are both legends. Both will be included in WWE ‘Hall of Fame’ someday. It will be interesting to watch how Rock encounters The Showstopper’s Sweet Tune Music.

9.Undertaker vs. Umaga:- It will be the match of The Big Evil trying to conquer deadly Bulldozer. Undertaker has been an amazing wrestler throughout his career. He has defeated many legends and many demon-like wrestlers and I am sure, he will defeat many more. He has fought Kane, Big Show, Batista, Hulk Hogan and has won against them. I am sure he will be able to defeat Umaga although winning against such a monster won’t come easily.

10. Big Show vs. The Great Khali:- They are both tall and have giant like structures. Both use their hands as sledge hammers. So when Big Show meets with The Great Khali, anybody can win.

11.The Great Khali vs. John Cena:- These two wrestlers have fought before and John has defeated The Great Khali many times. Recently The Great Khali has invented a new wrestling move. That is his skull crushing action. He has done that to Batista, Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy but never applied it on John Cena. It will be interesting to watch what will be the effect on Cena’s skull if The Great Khali try to crush it.

12.Kurt Angle and King Booker vs. Triple H and Kane :- This would be one of the hottest wrestling tag-team match. I know wrestling fans don’t like him or his music and shout ‘You suck’ but I like Kurt Angle and respect his wrestling skills. He has defeated big giants like Big Show. He can defeat Kane. King Booker or Booker T has been an amazing wrestler throughout his career. He has defeated many legends. Kane, the Big Red monster fights with power. Triple H is really the Game. It will be interesting to watch how two teams fight against each other. And guess who will be the guest referee for this match? Rick Flair, the ‘Nature Boy’, the ‘Dirtiest Player of the Game’.

These were my dream wrestling matches. Do you think that I missed anybody? Yes, wrestlers like Hardy Boys, RVD, Bobby Lashley, Goldberg etc. remained out of this this. Please let me know about any dream fight you can imagine.
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Written by Biswajit Ganguly