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Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Few words about Tablets

When Tablet was introduced as a new gadget, I was thrilled. I thought that they will take the place of PCs and laptops. In fact, I was sure that tablet was the merger of mobiles and PC / laptop. I was wrong. Despite the Indian market and global market is flooded by tablets from top brands and plenty of apps and features are in-built with every tablet, the tablet’s “hardware” have not really improved. When I bought my personal computer almost 5-6 years before, it had a storage power of 80Gb. How much storage power the tablets have till the mid of 2013?

I was searching on internet about maximum storage power of tablets. I found that the max storage power is only up to 64 Gb. Is that enough?

From a tablet, you can watch high definition movies. What may be size of a really high definition, full length movie? May be more than 1 Gb. What can be size of a full version video game? Is your tablet really capable enough to play every exciting video game (compatible to tablet OS) with 1 Gb RAM and 4 Gb of default memory?

So, the debate lies whether tablets will be positioned as mobiles with better social media features or, the next gen computers? Now a days, a good pen drive can have 32 Gb or 64 Gb storage power. Are these gadgets competing with pen drives in terms of storage?

It seems to me if a Netbook or mini-laptop comes with disposable keyboard and with camera, mobile SIM slot and touch screen, it can really move the technology forward. Are tablet and mini-laptop makers listening? 

Latest addition:
What I expect from a modern day tablet made in 2013?

At least 1GB RAM
At least 16GB internal storage and expandable upto 128GB
Long batterry life and running on alternate green energy
5MP camera
External keyboard & mouse support
Running on 4G technology
Supporting dual SIM
Running on latest version of Android / Windows 8 mobile version with facility for software update

Hope tablets with such specifications will soon be available in the market (say, within the year 2013 )