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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Argentina Should Not Get Media Support

Being a special Argentina’s Football fan, I have seen that during the last Copa America Cup, Argentina team and its key player Messi got media’s attention worldwide. But what happened to footballers in the final with Brazil? Argentina lost the match and that was demoralizing. Now, Argentina has started their World Cup campaign. I think, let the focus move from Argentina. Extra pressure affects their performance. Argentina can be champions if the players can keep a cool head and Messi gets less media attention during the whole World Cup tournament of year 2010. In such condition they will be able deliver their natural game and when Argentina plays natural creative game, they can beat any team of the world.
As far as Brazil’s case is concerned, coach Dunga’s bad comments about Ronaldo ( his number 9 jersey ) does not seem to be very good for the team spirit. Dunga should think about Ronaldo’s overall contribution for the Brazilian football and then he should treat him accordingly. England’s Rooney is getting exclusive media coverage for his play in England’s Euro 2008 qualifying matches. English football media is always over enthusiastic on a ‘new star’ born in the football universe. Wayne Rooney does not have the achievement like late footballer George Best or, Garry Lineker or, even Michael Owen. So he must be given time for further improvement and then media should pay their attention to him. All of the champion footballers of recent times like, Zidane, Kaka, Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi, Thiery Henry, Ronaldo, Figo have earned their respect from media. Rooney and british media should understand that.