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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blog Search

Blog for a blogger is like his / her own magazine or newspaper. Whenever, a person writes a blog, his / her creative sense comes in front of the readers of the world like a popular online newspaper and everybody gets a chance to read / publish the blogs and to appreciate their own or others' contributions. A large number of increase in website numbers is the publishing of new blogs.Today, I shall tell you about two major Blog search engine.
The first one is called

This is the blog search portion of Google. It's where you can find lots of blogs according to yourchoice. Like, if you type the keywords in the searchbox, say, 'imaginealljobs, Biswajit Ganguly' you will find the resultas given in the figure above.The second blog search engine is called

This is one of the powerful blog search engine. You can search any blog's keywords / name from the search box on its Home page.If you still can't find your required site, then go to Advanced Search option. There if you type, for example, Biswajit Gangulyin the search box and 'hello to the world' in the exact phrase box and in the URL box type the url - , then you will find the result given in the abobe figure.So, stay attached to the Bloggers ( people who make blogs ) and never forget to read mine on monthly basis. With love, your friend, Biswajit Ganguly.


Where Lies Argentina’s Attractiveness?

Previously, I have written many posts in ‘ imaginealljobs ’ regarding various subjects. Win and Defeat are part of human life. In plays / games is true also. You can win a game or loose it but after a long phase, your winning and loosing proportions should come to a standard ratio. This is specially true in case of Football / Cricket teams. They loose trophies in one season and in next season they win it. The season may be on monthly / yearly / longer than one one year basis.
What I am see today that world football is monopolized by Brazil which I clearly dislike. There are other teams like Argentina, Germany, England, Netherland, Portugal, France etc. to claim the world title or Copa America title but it is the Brazilian players who get the hype before the match and then they play getting support from the people. I clearly like Ronaldinho among the all the R ‘s of Brazil. But still I think, that there should be at least one team which will be able to defeat Brazil. In the past three World Cups, France has done that by beating Brazil twice. England also has the potential to prevent Brazilian strikers’ attacks. But they are all European teams. Where are the Asian, African and North and South American teams to play tough with Brazil? There lies the significance of Argentina. It is also a Latin American football giant like Brazil. Last time Brazil won Copa America final against Argentina. This time surprisingly, the stage of football was like earlier -- Copa America Final --- Brazil vs. Argentina.

And, unfortunately, the earth of football again became monopolar instead of becoming bi-polar . This time Argentina got all the publicity due the New Maradona, ‘ Messidona ‘ ( Lionel Messi ) factor. Tevez, Riquelme etc. were there to support Messi and to structure Argentinian attack. But Argentinians were totally ruined by the Brazil’s attack and Ayala’s miserable own goal. Also, Messi factor did not click on time. And Brazil, without their full strength, with Ronaldinho and Kaka missing, won the match 3 – 0 with a comfortable margin. Actually, Argentina didn’t loose to Brazil, it was the game, football, that lost to Brazil. The art of football lost to power football -- that is bad for the game. As a football lover may I request the Football God (if there is anybody! ) , to make Argentina win the Copa America next time against a particular team, named Brazil? And, may I request all the players in the Argentina’s team and the supporters of any teams other global team to play and defeat Brazil to keep the international football a Neutral, Balanced game ?