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Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Loving Kids Without Partiality

Many teachers give preferences to some students and give less attention to others. I have seen this from my school life. Also if the first boy does any misdeed in the class, he is punished less compared to other boys of the class. Some teachers favour girl students than boys. I simply can not term them as teachers. A teacher should have impartial attitude towards all boys or girls of the class. He or she should be lovable by everybody and s/he should love everybody equally.

Some teachers give chocolates to students who have performed well in the class apart from giving them prizes in the annual school awards. That creates a mental division among the students. The whole class is virtually divided into two groups :- Strong and Weak performers. Weak performers feel inferiority complex and their performance graph goes down continuously. I think you a teacher loves his students s/he should give chocolates to everybody or nobody. S/he should hope for the average performance of the class to be good. S/he should not encourage individual performances. I, myself give my students chocolates but not for their ‘high performances’ but because I love them equally.