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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Gangu’s day out at Gherao FM

You know that sometimes, peculiar things happen to common people. In my case that thing happened last week. I was invited in a chat show conducted by Gherao FM RJ Fishy-ka ( Her name’s spelling is Fishika ). Gherao FM is a vast region’s first (and let be it the last one also) women’s Radio station. The idea behind their chat show was each week they will invite a listener to they studio who will rightly answer three of their questions. Thankfully, I answered all the questions and got selected. Don’t even think that I am good at G.K., Maths or literature. The three questions were:- 1) How many children do you have? , 2) Did you know before that Sri Lanka’s capital is Colombo?, 3) How much your family love Gherao FM?
I said, “300%,” as the last question’s answer. The person from Gerao FM questioned, “Why 300%? Why not 100%?” I said,” It’s because I have three family members, each having 100% love for your concern”. The next day I got a call to visit their studio.
On a fine Sunday I was finally able to enter their ‘live show’ studio room with my favourite RJ Fishika.
Fishika: Welcome to the Gherao family. Since you have come you our live show as an invitee, we won’t ‘gherao’ you (just for today) for being ‘man’.
Gangu: But what is my guilt if I am a man?
Fishika: See, Gherao FM is specially for women and for those ‘men’ who are like women.
Gangu: What do you mean by ‘who are like women’? Are you supporters of ‘third-sex’?
Fishika: No,no, just a slip of tongue! I just wanted to say, those ‘men’ who like women. That’s all.
Gangu: Are you a feminist?
Fishika: Yes, I am. Me and my concern want to build a womankind where there will be no place for men.
Gangu: Do you know what’s the full form of the word ‘Feminist’?
Fishika: No I don’t. What’s it by the way?
Gangu: The full form of the word Feminist is ‘ FEmales campaigning for wearing MINI skirts FirST (not sarees or Salwar Kameez).
Fishika: Ah, such a great definition of our long time battle!
Gangu: See, this definition is also made by a man.
Fishika: That’s why we hate men! Most of the time we create the show and they ‘steal’ it.
Gangu: Do you think that all the men are thieves?
Fishika: Just go and ask their wives.
Gangu: What if the man is unmarried?
Fishika: Then go and ask his lover?
Gangu: And what if he hasn’t any lover?
Fishika: Then I don’t know………..
Gangu: Okay, let’s change the topic. I have heard that each day you RJs pick an unique topic related to ‘men’s bad habits’ and take women’s [and also from some men ‘who like women’ ] feedback on that. And your listeners enthusiastically criticize those habits citing examples from their personal lives. From where you get such topics?
Fishika: We have a great RJ named Fun-ita who takes ‘Fun ‘ to continuously search new topics on men’s bad habits. She is an MBA (Men Bullying Authority) and for her revolutionary work one day she will get a Nobel.
Gangu: Since, Funita’s quest for ‘man’s bad habits’ is all about ‘Fun’ she will get an IgNoble but not a Nobel. By the way, what’s the topic for Funita’s today’s programme?
Fishika: I don’t know. Unofficially speaking it’s perhaps, why idiotic men loose so much of their hair?
Gangu: Hey, that’s not a bad habit! It can have various medical reasons.
Fishika: Absolutely not. Idiotic men loose hair because they become jealous of women’s beautiful trendy hairs formed properly by half-a-dozen hair creams and shampoos by beautiful hair designers.
Gangu: And it’s also for wasting a lumpsum of money at beauty parlours per week, fortnightly or monthly.
Fishika: Enough is enough! So dear radio friends, hence my beautiful conversation gets completed with this moron who is just one of those persons who should not be called in our studio any more. Thank you Mr. Gangu for coming to the show.
Gangu: I won’t say, ‘Same to you’, but I must say, “Shame on you’.