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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fun :


On the occation of Mother’s Day, May 13, a Bengali TV channel (Ma – hakash Bangla ) is starting a new TV serial – ‘Ma – Go’. For this mega-serial’s title song , our very own Touch Stone Bangla Band has sung a Bengali song ‘Tumi Amar Ma Go’. The cast includes : Ma – yamoyi Devi ( in the mother’s role ), Parajita Dash ( for daughter’s role ), Ankshik Sen, Ashol Chakraborty etc. The director claims that the story is full of passion, suspense, climax and anti – climax. The Actors, producer and director are very ‘passionate’ and ‘excited’ about the whole project. The daily serial watchers are also ‘passionate’ and ‘excited’ about the serial.


The ‘passion’ and ‘excitement’ for ‘MA – GO’ serial is nothing compared to the ‘passion’ and ‘excitement’ of a foodie towards ‘BINGO’ spicy chips.

‘BINGO’ spicy chips. No confusion. Great Combination.

Enjoy Mother’s Day with BINGO’s mouth – watering snacks and Biswajit Ganguly’s spicy writing.
Declaimar :- 1) This is not an ad. It is created solely for the purpose of fun. 2) Mr. BG has no enemity with the market competitors of BINGO products.

If anybody has any comment in favour of / against this article please write to me at The views expressed above are personal.

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