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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Quota System


There was an article published on the Economics Times on 9 May, 2007 on the editorial page with the heading – ‘Social neo-Darwinism as policy’. The writer clearly stated his views in favour of Indian government’s reservation policy.
According to him and another previous writer, if the quota system be implemented in IIMs, the fall in quality will be marginal.Now, none of the writers said that the fall in quality will be ‘zero’. That means there will still be ‘some effect’ of implementing quota system, no matter how small it is and some ineligible students getting admissions at IIMs will draw big salaries after being passed from their institutes which is a matter of great shame for our country’s educational system. All the meritorious students’ merits are ridiculed hence, and disrecpected by our HRD ministry.
This is just not the right way to show “solid community service” (the term used by Mr. B Ashok, the columnist). If social responsibility means today IIMs have to take candidates from backward classes, then tomorrow we have to see they will organize blood donation camps and on day after tomorrow, they will be donating free meals and clothes to underprivileged children --- that’s definitely is not their job. Mr. B. Ashok has accused IIMs, AIITs, IITs as “these institutions have developed a cynical and myopic view of India’s social transformation.” How can he make such foolish comments? Doesn’t he understand that the word ‘reservation’ itself is associated with ‘cynical and mypic view’ of Indian society? His own comments are going against him. Lastly, he has said, papers of CAT exam. Conducted by IIMs “have leaked”. But that doesn’t mean that reservation policy has to be enacted as a natural result. One must remember that reservation policy is the problem. It is not the solution. The only solution is to eliminate quota system from atleast higher education system. “Mr. B Ashok has said “The fresh blood from hitherto inhibited groups will reenergize the IIMs…” He should understand that IIMs, IITs are not like an ordinary torch and fresh blood of SC/STs or OBCs are surely not Duracel batteries which will ‘reenergize’ that toch. IIMs can be reenergized by taking only good quality students and not by implementing quota policy or reservation system.
If IIMs, IITs apply the reservation systems, then their corporate world reputation will be down. They will loose their worldwide good image. We are Indians and we are proud of our IIMs, AIITs, IITs. It’s high time that we must unite and raise a social resistance against the issue. If we don’t, India’s future generation will mock at us.

If anybody has any comment in favour of / against this article please write to me at The views expressed above are personal.

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