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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mayawati Power -- The Rising


As a resident of West Bengal, I don’t have any problem about who wins in Uttar Pradesh. But still I felt some urge to state my personal viewpoint both in favour of and against Mayawati.

Arguments against Mayawati:-

1) Mayawati won against two national parties congress(22 seats) and BJP(50 seats) with a huge seat difference which is no good for our national politics.

2) As Samajwadi Party backed industrialists like Anil Ambani, Subroto Roy Sahara etc., it is not likely that industrialists will get same type of support from Mayawati government.

3) A. P. J. Abdul Kalam may get a second turn if nasty political games are played by BSP favouring Dr. Kalam.

4) That BSP is supporting Brahmins is only a temporary situation, not a permanent one. Politicians like Mayawati can not have permanent good feelings for upper castes.

Arguments in favour of Mayawati : -1) Two Bs together : - In recent years, Congress’ mixed policy towards upper and lower castes has made upper castes to shift towards BSP. This time a new equation is formed ---- 2B = Brahmins + BSP = The New Integrated BSP [ where, condition is, both parties should remain close to power to make this equation stable. ]Note : - The equation could be better if the third B (i.e. BJP) would be present there but unfortunately that’s not possible.

2) Stable government : - Since Mayawati will have stable government now instead of an unstable coalition government, her decision making will be quicker and easier.

3) Bringing Musims, Dalits and upper castes under one umbrella signifies and glorifies India’s secular image and full credit goes to Mayawati.

After winning this big battle of politics, Mayawati has some great responsibilities. She should not misutilize her power. She must raise her cooperative hands towards Mulayam Singh Yadav, Rajnath Singh, Amar Singh, Rahul Gandhi etc. to function better. Sheshould not engage herself deeply in presidential election. She should continue to industrialists green signals to continue investing their money in UP development projects. Lastly, she must keep her secular image with all castes and communities.
I wish her a prosperous political journey.
If anybody has any comment in favour of / against this article please write to me at The views expressed above are personal.

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