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Friday, May 25, 2007



Kolkata’s kids are always interested in comics and superpowers. That’s why Batman, Superman, He-Man, Harry Potter, Tarzan, Phantom, Mandrek and Spiderman are our comics idol. If you ask Spiderman to fly on the buildings’ roofs or walls of Kolkata, you will find out Spiderman very injured. Because there are so many low buildings with plenty of cable wires, telephone wires and broadband connection wires, that will automatically create an obstacle for Peter Parker to fly free. And, India is famous for identity / personal data theft. That’s why Greg Chappel’s secret letter gets out in the media. Specially Kolkatans are very curious about what their neighbours are doing. So, when Spidey, after a day’s of hard work will return home, somebody will see him to unmask himself. Hence, Peter’s ‘secret identity’ will be revealed. I gave the condition of Spiderman. What will happen to Superman and Batman, you imagine that yourself.

But, unfortunately none of these above mentioned superheroes is our own. Their sources are from foreign countries. Does Kolkata ever had any superhero or comic character? The answer is yes. Kolkata has some popular comics character, like, Handa – Bhonda, Nonte – Fonte, Tenida, Gupi Bagha and a very powerful yet funny superhero called Bantul The Great ( Although I don’t think he is as powerful as the ‘Hulk’ is.). Now a days a renowned publishing house in kolkata, is animating some bookish characters. Examples are - Detective Feluda and Professor Shanku (the genius scientist ).

Serious Comics Characters : - By serious comics, I mean no fun and only action, horror, adventure. Suspense thriller etc. action packed comics characters, internationally, are Superman, Batman, Hulk, Spiderman, He Man, Flash Gordon, Fantom, Mandrek, Flash, X – Men, Fantastic Four, etc. Even in India, Hindi comics and movies have got serious action superheroes. No, I’m not talking about Chacha Choudhury’s Sabu. I am indicating towards Shaktiman comics which are out in the market. Hrithick Rosan acted in the superhero movie Krrish which was a big hit. We got our own Hindi version of Superman in the form of Krrish and Shaktiman. Hanuman and Krishna, two mythical characters of Indian epics, have now become our famous animated characters. But unfortunately, we Bengali comics lovers have still no serious superhero. May be, in near future, we can have somebody. Still, serious action, animation TV series are made now in West Bengal which is shown in one TV channel. This one is the Bengali equivalent ( not equal ) of English characters the Famous Five and it is called Pandav Goenda.

Animated characters on Begali film is yet to come.Director Sandip Ray is making a film on Detective Feluda. But I think, this is just the right time for him to make a general or special effect oriented film on Professor Shanku. Actor Soumitra Chatterjee, who has been acted on previous Feluda films, is an aged person now. I suppose that he will ideally fit to the character of Professor Shanku at this time. Director Sandip Ray should think about this wonderful possibility.

Also, multimedia professionals should work on popular Bengali cartoon or bookish characters to make animation on them. I wish them very best.


Art of Cooking ( From a person who doesn’t know cooking !)

I am a food – aholic person. No, I don’t eat at restaurants and five star hotels. But I like to know about new dishes. Generally I like those dishes which require less ingredients and are easy to cook. On other day, after our post – graduation classes were over, our teacher Shreya ma’am ( Shreya Adhikary ) was telling us that she likes to cook new dishes at her home, she enjoys tasting innovative food items at restaurants, she wants to know about delicious recipes and she is a great foodie by nature.

I asked her, has she ever visited the site on web? She informed me that she has already purchased a cooking book of Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor. So, I promised her that I shall give her some more site links about cooking. Now, I think that this is the right time to give her and my other food loving friends the useful links of some sites.

The first one is :-

This site will help you to learn about basics of Indian recipes starting from Garam Masala, various ‘Chutneys’, Ginger-Garlic Paste’ , etc. For ignorant persons like me who does not know anything about cooking this is the site to start from. The site has various sections like Appetizers,Beverages,Breads, Egg Dishes, Non-Veg Dishes, Raita / Yogurt, Rice Specialities, Soups, Veg Dishes etc. There are also links to several cooking.

My second site is –

This site is a broader site. It contains all the sections that the previous website contains. Check out the Kid's Plate, Snack etc. as extra section. Visit ‘ Recipes by Cuisine ‘ sub – section where recipes are displayed region wise or country wise. Also check out Recipes by Cooking Method. There you will know about Blending, Grilling/BBQ, Roasting, Sauteing, Steaming etc. Don’t forget to read Articles about recipes and know about restaurant information, glossary on cooking and videos about cooking. You can search about any recipe from the search box given on the webpage.

Finally there is another site and that is part of a newspaper where you can get plenty of food making thoughts. The site site is called : -

If you want to learn foreign cooking in a friendly manner like someone telling you about it, then your ideal site to visit will be ---

Enjoy this site along with the above two websites. Now, it’s your decision whether to cook or not these recipes. But, you really cook any of the food preparations learnt from these sites and you think that the cooked food is really good, don’t forget to call me at your lunch or dinner. Enjoy cooking.
And remember Indian cooking is forever. So, visit the site below :

Bye from B.G.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fun :


On the occation of Mother’s Day, May 13, a Bengali TV channel (Ma – hakash Bangla ) is starting a new TV serial – ‘Ma – Go’. For this mega-serial’s title song , our very own Touch Stone Bangla Band has sung a Bengali song ‘Tumi Amar Ma Go’. The cast includes : Ma – yamoyi Devi ( in the mother’s role ), Parajita Dash ( for daughter’s role ), Ankshik Sen, Ashol Chakraborty etc. The director claims that the story is full of passion, suspense, climax and anti – climax. The Actors, producer and director are very ‘passionate’ and ‘excited’ about the whole project. The daily serial watchers are also ‘passionate’ and ‘excited’ about the serial.


The ‘passion’ and ‘excitement’ for ‘MA – GO’ serial is nothing compared to the ‘passion’ and ‘excitement’ of a foodie towards ‘BINGO’ spicy chips.

‘BINGO’ spicy chips. No confusion. Great Combination.

Enjoy Mother’s Day with BINGO’s mouth – watering snacks and Biswajit Ganguly’s spicy writing.
Declaimar :- 1) This is not an ad. It is created solely for the purpose of fun. 2) Mr. BG has no enemity with the market competitors of BINGO products.

If anybody has any comment in favour of / against this article please write to me at The views expressed above are personal.

Mayawati Power -- The Rising


As a resident of West Bengal, I don’t have any problem about who wins in Uttar Pradesh. But still I felt some urge to state my personal viewpoint both in favour of and against Mayawati.

Arguments against Mayawati:-

1) Mayawati won against two national parties congress(22 seats) and BJP(50 seats) with a huge seat difference which is no good for our national politics.

2) As Samajwadi Party backed industrialists like Anil Ambani, Subroto Roy Sahara etc., it is not likely that industrialists will get same type of support from Mayawati government.

3) A. P. J. Abdul Kalam may get a second turn if nasty political games are played by BSP favouring Dr. Kalam.

4) That BSP is supporting Brahmins is only a temporary situation, not a permanent one. Politicians like Mayawati can not have permanent good feelings for upper castes.

Arguments in favour of Mayawati : -1) Two Bs together : - In recent years, Congress’ mixed policy towards upper and lower castes has made upper castes to shift towards BSP. This time a new equation is formed ---- 2B = Brahmins + BSP = The New Integrated BSP [ where, condition is, both parties should remain close to power to make this equation stable. ]Note : - The equation could be better if the third B (i.e. BJP) would be present there but unfortunately that’s not possible.

2) Stable government : - Since Mayawati will have stable government now instead of an unstable coalition government, her decision making will be quicker and easier.

3) Bringing Musims, Dalits and upper castes under one umbrella signifies and glorifies India’s secular image and full credit goes to Mayawati.

After winning this big battle of politics, Mayawati has some great responsibilities. She should not misutilize her power. She must raise her cooperative hands towards Mulayam Singh Yadav, Rajnath Singh, Amar Singh, Rahul Gandhi etc. to function better. Sheshould not engage herself deeply in presidential election. She should continue to industrialists green signals to continue investing their money in UP development projects. Lastly, she must keep her secular image with all castes and communities.
I wish her a prosperous political journey.
If anybody has any comment in favour of / against this article please write to me at The views expressed above are personal.

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Quota System


There was an article published on the Economics Times on 9 May, 2007 on the editorial page with the heading – ‘Social neo-Darwinism as policy’. The writer clearly stated his views in favour of Indian government’s reservation policy.
According to him and another previous writer, if the quota system be implemented in IIMs, the fall in quality will be marginal.Now, none of the writers said that the fall in quality will be ‘zero’. That means there will still be ‘some effect’ of implementing quota system, no matter how small it is and some ineligible students getting admissions at IIMs will draw big salaries after being passed from their institutes which is a matter of great shame for our country’s educational system. All the meritorious students’ merits are ridiculed hence, and disrecpected by our HRD ministry.
This is just not the right way to show “solid community service” (the term used by Mr. B Ashok, the columnist). If social responsibility means today IIMs have to take candidates from backward classes, then tomorrow we have to see they will organize blood donation camps and on day after tomorrow, they will be donating free meals and clothes to underprivileged children --- that’s definitely is not their job. Mr. B. Ashok has accused IIMs, AIITs, IITs as “these institutions have developed a cynical and myopic view of India’s social transformation.” How can he make such foolish comments? Doesn’t he understand that the word ‘reservation’ itself is associated with ‘cynical and mypic view’ of Indian society? His own comments are going against him. Lastly, he has said, papers of CAT exam. Conducted by IIMs “have leaked”. But that doesn’t mean that reservation policy has to be enacted as a natural result. One must remember that reservation policy is the problem. It is not the solution. The only solution is to eliminate quota system from atleast higher education system. “Mr. B Ashok has said “The fresh blood from hitherto inhibited groups will reenergize the IIMs…” He should understand that IIMs, IITs are not like an ordinary torch and fresh blood of SC/STs or OBCs are surely not Duracel batteries which will ‘reenergize’ that toch. IIMs can be reenergized by taking only good quality students and not by implementing quota policy or reservation system.
If IIMs, IITs apply the reservation systems, then their corporate world reputation will be down. They will loose their worldwide good image. We are Indians and we are proud of our IIMs, AIITs, IITs. It’s high time that we must unite and raise a social resistance against the issue. If we don’t, India’s future generation will mock at us.

If anybody has any comment in favour of / against this article please write to me at The views expressed above are personal.

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Comparative Advertising


Before writing anything about Comparative advertising I must say that the views expressed are only my personal views. So, in case I make any ‘bad’ / improper comment about any person or Organization, please don’t take it seriously and / or officially. If you see information is wrong, kindly forgive me.

On May 3, 2007 there was an advertisement published in the Times of India newspaper. The ad was given on the page number 16 ( Titled as Business Economy page). The ad was for the promotion of the job site the ad’s caption was - ‘It took us 25 days to move 1,28,370 steps further ahead of our competitor.’ That competitor’s anme I know. But neither the ad nor I would mention its name because, mentioning the name may lead us to some legal problems in case the comparative charts and graphs data given on the ad are false or partially true. This type of ads promoting one promoting one product / service or brand by comparing it to other similar product(s) / service(s) or brand(s) is known as comparative advertising. These types of ads may be both ehical and unethical. You will see plenty of companies fighting legal battles for such unethical comparative ads.

Given below, some arguments both in favour and against of comparative advertising : -

Arguments in favour:-

1) In case of comparative ads, the customer can get the product attributes of one brand compared to another. In case of Hyundai’s Santro and Maruti’s Wagon R, the consumer can get a comparative chart of the advantages and disadvantages of the similar products and from there his / her preference and purchase decision can be made.
2) While launching a new brand, the comparative ads may work in favour of the new brand when it is compared to the other similar brands already existing in the market from other companies. Like, when a television company launches its new brand with advanced technology, it shows comparative ads to generate business.

Arguments against:-

1) For almost similar products like Pepsi and Coca- Cola ‘s coke products,where product composition, packaging are almost same, comparative ads, comaparative charts and graphs are of no use. What they do in those case is mocking at each other’s products and making each other’s information as wrong info. In these types of comparative ad war, companies come up finally with a loose – loose situation for both. Many companies do not show comparative ads mentioning their competitor’s name directlt but they do it in an indirect manner. Like Kotex sanitary napkin used it against Whisper, with their caption -- ‘Don’t Whisper. Say it allowed.’
2) loyal customers of a brand is generally aware of that brand. When they see that any other similar brand is showing comparative ads not with correct facts they take it seriously and as result a negative impression is created in the market for that brand showing comparative ads.

If anybody has any comment in favour of / against this article please write to me at

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Before writing anything about India’s president Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam I must say that the views expressed are only my personal views. So, in case I make any ‘bad’ comment about any person or Organization, please don’t take it seriously and / or officially. If you see information is wrong, kindly forgive me.

In the recent years whichever TV channel or newspaper you open, you will find that ‘everybody’ is exited about who will be India’s president. Whether Prez. Kalam be given a second term? The group of ‘everybody’ can be subdivided into three categories, namely, friends of Prez. Kalam, opponents of Prez. Kalam and Favour - seekers of Prez. Kalam.

What is the major good work of Prez. Kalam? Visit schools and converse with children and give them some gyan.

What are the causes for the popularity of our respected president? Very simple. The causes are mainly two : -

1) Support and love from those children whose natural thought processes were brain-washed by Kalam himself.
2) Shameless support from some favour – seeker media persons.

It is a great irony that in India, where many people are daily – earners and many people remain starved, crores of rupees are allocated in defence system, plenty of defence researches and missile development programmes go on and a person is chosen as the president who is called the ‘Missile Man’ of India.

A personal who is a good scientist, it is very unlikely that he can be a good manager / leader / motivator also. So, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam may be a good scientist, it is very much foolish to treat him as the greatest mentor for our country.

India has a vast talented people. So. Prez. Kalam is elected for a second time, foreigners will think that India has less eligible, qualified people who can be considered for country’s top ranked post.

Love for children is always very good. But a president must take care of his countrymen when they are in distress. Ask anybody what is Mr. Kalam’s role in the Singur or Nandigram incident? What a modern scientist like Mr. Kalam thinks about Reservation Policy of HRD ministry at IIMs and IITs of our country? No answer. That makes his job incomplete. Big dialogues can not make a man big. His work does.

My dear countrymen should analyse Mr. Kalam’s work properly. Then, they can take decisions about whether the president should be elected for a second time or not.

Latest Addition on Presidential Election : - What is the significance of employing Pratibha Patil as UPA candidate for presidential poll of India? There are some positive and negative impact for this.

Points favouring Pratibha Patil : -

Since, Pratibha Patil has already acted as the governor of Rajasthan, it would go in her favour, because she has already an experience of handling a state.

Female candidates for any administrative post in India are as eligible as their male counterparts. Pratibha Patil is the right choice for the proof of this fact.

For the stability of UPA government, choice of a female candidate like Pratibha Patil would be better option because Leftists have no opposition against Pratibha Patil as they have against Shivraj Patil.

Unlike Bhairon Singh Shekhawat and Dr. Kalam, Pratibha Patil has the background of an educationist which purely matches with former Indian presidents K R Narayanan and S Radhakrishnan.

Bhairon Singh Shekhawat has recently said, if Dr. Kalam contests for presidentship, then he retrieve his name from the candidates’ list. He did not even consult his party BJP before this comment. This shows how much weak personality he has. Pratibha Patil, on the other hand, has not made this type of loose comments which shows her stronger personality for presidential race.

During voting, Pratibha Patil may get votes from Shiv Sena which may be considered as a threat for NDA and Third Front’s voting strength.

Points against Pratibha Patil : -

Bhairon Singh Shekhawat who is the BJP candidate, has already the experience of working as a vice president which has certainly more effect than Pratibha Patel’s working as a governor.

Shivsena chief Bal Thackeray has support for Pratibha Patil because of her Maharashtrian origin. So, we can ask why not we, the people of Bengal shouldn’t support Pranab Mukherjee, Somnath Chatterjee or even Jyoti Basu as presidential candidate as because they are of Bengali origin? I personally believe that when Jyoti Basu missed the chance of becoming prime minister of India, that was a historic blunder. This time again he and other two Bengalies have missed the chance of becoming president of India. So, history has repeated itself.

So, regionalism issue may portray Pratibha Patil in a wrong way in the people’ s mind.

Below I am giving a small synopsis of the other two candidates although I'm not sure whether Dr. Kalam will campaign this time or not. ----

Bhairon Singh Shekhawat : He is the weakest among all the three candidates. (the other two being Pratibha Patil and Dr. Kalam). Although the competition for presidential election has become a nasty game, Mr. Shekhawat has indirectly strengthened this nasty game by deciding to withdraw his name from the healthy contest. That does not prove his good or bad attitude but it clearly proves that he has a weak personality and his mind can bend down to the interest of some regional political parties who have lost their grounds in their own states.

Now, both UPA and NDA is saying that their candidate's past activities are not transparent, that is quite saddening.

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam : The person who is called the ‘Missile Man’ of India, is trying to act like a missile on his competitor(s). But there is a sharp contrast in his activities. Missiles signify the devastating weaponry system of War. At least, I don’t know about any missile that can carry flowers, chocolates or cakes from one place to another. They carry weapons of mass destruction. Now, interaction with children symbolizes a picture of Peace and harmony. War and Peace can not go side by side for the same person. That is the most contrasting phenomena I’ve found in Dr. Kalam’s characteristics. But apart from this, I think he is an honest man. I personally like interacting with children. So, anybody, who likes that I can not have hatred against him / her. Besides that, Kalam should be given credit for staying such long years as an effective president if not a successful president. Although he can not be put in the same league of India’s eternal heroes like Bapuji, Netaji, Swami Vivekananda, etc. , but he must be admired as one of the respectable president India has ever obtained.

Whatever the situation may be, I would like to see a change for the presidential post. Perhaps, India is on her way of getting the first female president – our Madam President, if not nasty political games are not played.

If anybody finds this article offensive, please let me know by mailing me at

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Before writing anything about FM channels I must say that the views expressed are only my personal views. So, in case I make any ‘bad’ comment about any person or Organization, please don’t take it seriously. If you see information is wrong, kindly forgive me.

Everybody call FM as Frequency Modulations but I personally call it as Frequently Music. When I tune on to my radio, I listen to channels like Red FM (93.5), Radio Mirchi (98.3) ,Amar 106.2 FM and Power 107.8 FM --- these four channels. Before these four channels there was only one FM channel aired by GOVT. which is now divided into FM Rainbow and FM Gold. After these four channels, Big FM and 91.9 Friends FM came.

Red FM focuses on Hindi songs mainly, Redio Mirchi (98.3) focuses on Bengali and Hindi songs mainly , Amar 106.2 FM generally plays Bengali songs and Power 107.8 FM plays Hindi and English songs. Big and Friends FM play all there laguages songs but no so much hit songs I suppose. I love to listen the English music programme at FM Rainbow channel.

RJs :- RJ means Radio Jockey. I like Mousumi, Rehan , Praveen, Vineet of Red FM; Mir, Arnabi, Shri, Neel and Rupsa of Radio Mirchi; Samik, Biswajit, Brooklyn (Don't be scared of her; she has no relation with the storyline of the film ' Vampire of Brooklyn ') of Amar FM; Sanjiv/b Tiwari, Sonia, Arvind, Shekhar, Rai, Ishrat of Power FM; Rakesh, Pragya, Nilanjana of Friends. Rest all Rj’s are very god and are doing a fine job.

Celebrity RJ’s : - Friends are the only channel which is hosting many popular actors and singers as RJs like Soumitra Chatterjee, Srikanta Acharya, Raghab/v Chattopadhyay, Lopamudra Mitra, No/achiketa (Gazal songs ), Anjan Dutta (Jibonmukhi songs) and Rupam Islam ( Rock songs/ bands). Mir of Radio ‘Mir’-chi is another RJ sensation who can be regarded as a RJ celebrity.

Importance of RJ’s : - I think RJs are very important because they deal with people’s minds or their psychological problems, give them important suggestions/ solutions, shares knowledge like City-life, City based events and Current national and international affairs. Their speaking style is very smart and attractive and listeners just love to speak to them over phone.

Websites and Emails: - I don’t know what are other FM’s websites but I know Power FM’s URL :---
Log on to this site and enjoy touch of music.

If you want to email to any RJ of radio mirchi, then the syntax is --RJ+ Examples are : -, etc.

Catchy Captions : - Many FM channels have various catchy caption for the consumer awareness and promotion of their brands. Like, Power FM has – ‘All Hits All Day’; Red FM has – ‘Bajate Raho’; Radio Mirchi has – ‘It’s Hot’ and ‘Your Khushi Ka Partner’ ; Big FM has – ‘Shono Shonao, Life Jomao’; Friends FM has – ‘Bondhu Tomar Jonno’

Programmes for Party Animals : - For those guys who like to spend their nights at city’s night clubs, some FM channels conduct programmes like ‘Saturday Nights Live’ on every weekends where songs like played in the same manner as that is done in night clubs.

Contests : - Lots of contests are played by each channel to reward and attract the listeners. Like Lucky Eighth Caller, Ami Ke, Phone Uthake Power FM bolo contest, Mirchi block buster Budhbar contest, Bardhan Market’s jewellery Gift contest (Red FM) etc. By these contests listeners are changed to ‘loyal’ listeners.

Whose songs I like personally : -

Bengali : - Rupankar, Srikanta Acharya, Anjan Dutta, Lopamudra Mitra, Manomoy Bhattacharya, Hoimonti Shukla, Indrani Sen, Shampa Kundu, Raghab/v, Nachiketa, Kabir Suman, Saikat Mitra,other general singers, and all Bangla bands mainly Chandrabindu, Bhumi, Fossils, Dohar, Cactus, Lakkhichara etc.

Hindi : - Lucky Ali, Abhijit, Shaan, Kunal Ganjawala, Sonu Nigam, Adnan Swami and all others and some Indian and Pakistani bands.

English : - Not specifically anybody.

All the above singers songs are frequently played on the FM channels.

Songs played on request : - The listeners are given the opportunity to send their request for songs by SMSes and emails. Based on their request, the particular songs are played.
Some FM channels also give their listeners to vote for their favourite songs to play them.

Jokes : - Although all FM channels are not sources of funny hilarious comedy shows, but the RJs conducting the programmes continuously share funny talks with listeners to make the programmes thoroughly enjoyable.

Messages and Dedications : - the RJs allow the listeners come up with their viewpoint on any debatable issue with their SMS text messages. In certain other programmes, lovers and well wishers are given option to dedicate songs or personal quotes to their beloved ones.

Sexiest FM Channel :- It's certainly Big FM. In the programme of 'Kelenkari', RJ Mou gives adult topics and what is more interesting is women participants / callers tell their own sex life in a very casual manner!
Best RJ(s) :- Among male RJs my favourites are RJ Mir, Rehan, Rakesh etc. Among females, the top choices would be Pragya, Arnabi, Sonya etc. Best pair of RJs conducting programmes will be Mir & Arnabi, Rakesh & Pragya and Rakesh & Rehan ( Dr. Razi and Dr. Kazi ).

Future of FM Channels : - Perhaps by the year 2050, there will be 500 local FM channels aired on Radio. And if we suppose that number of RJs working at that time will be 15 per FM channel, then there will be nearly 500 * 15 = 75000 RJs working in local FM channels! People will be totally confused about which programme to listen and which one to neglect. As for now, I can say, Jadavpur University, in association with Webel Mediatronics, is launching a new FM channel. According to them, it will be an educational air channel. Its aim will be to try to form a social community on air.

My message towards all the RJs : -



Those ( i.e. the RJs) who are playing beautiful songs day by day, nurturing our minds by their intellectual talks, please pay them a handsome salary such that they get more motivated to do their job.

If anybody has any comment in favour of / against this article please write to me at

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