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Monday, August 3, 2009

The Story of Another Subhas

[This post is exclusively for people of West Bengal]
“Subhas Ghore Phere Nai.” Was a book on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Its title meant Netaji still did not return to his home. Another Subhas went away from his ‘Ghar’(Home). And this home was a structure made by love of the masses.
The second Subhash was our West Bengal transport minister, late Subhas Chakraborty who has just passed away. I never shared any political views with him. And I a 100%, politically neutral person. I’ve met him twice face-to-face in my life. He didn’t reflect image of a comrade but a true human being and a great leader.
His opponent in the state always believed in to defeat him in the next Bidhansava Election. They can’t do so now. Subhas Chakraborty continued his life as an undefeated leader. He would continue to do so even after his death.
Why Mr. Chakraborty was different from other Marxists? Subhas Chakraborty was seen in the temple of Hindu Goddess which his other colleagues have not done. He supported state’s opponent party in many issues. Most importantly, he repeatedly criticized some of his own party’s activities, which very few CPM leaders or Marxists have ever done! He had the gut to do that again and again and he still got away with it. Because, his name was Subhas Chakraborty.
He was a CPM leader. His death has made him a leader of the masses. No political color I want here!
That's my tribute to an exceptional leader...