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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Number 7 and Biswajit Ganguly

Number Game

My date of birth dies not contain the number 7. and I am not going to talk about seven days of week or seven secrets to become successful in life. All I want is to tell you how seven is related in my life.
In my first technical technical training, I was given an identification number. That number was 52. Add 5 and 2. you get seven. I went my technical training place by a bus. Its number was 223. Add these digits, again you get 7.
I got thrilled by this number when I saw popular movies of James Bond, with license to kill. I only had self-perceived license to thrill people. However number 7 always had a special meaning to me.
Number seven relates to my competitive mentality. I have faced some good competitors, bad competitors and mediocre competitors. Against all three of these categories of competitors I wanted to come out as a clear winner: ‘number 1’. If you convert number 7 to binary number, the number becomes ‘111’. This number better describes my attitude.

If I write my name as Bishwajit Ganguly, you will find that total number of characters in my name become 16. Add 1 and 6 to get 7.

One seven number was with me from my date of birth. I belong to Ganguly fanily. Count the number of characters in the word ‘Ganguly’. You can write it as Gangoly, Ganguli etc. In all the cases the characters in the surname sum up to give 7 as output.