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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Role of graphics in web designing

Web design: Is that all for visual pleasure?

An art has its own connoisseurs. If web design is taken as an art, then we are here on the web to admire it. But how many websites are on the web for the sake of art? Very few.

The very purpose of making websites is to do business online and to share information with the target audience. The unbelievable popularity of mini-sites clearly indicates that people are seriously taking online business as part of their job.

Even social networking sites, earns a lot by static and animated banner advertising through their pages. We users get curious after viewing such ads and sometimes click on the ad links. Here the graphics and creativity within the ad actually brings the advertiser some business.

Blending professionalism with creative art for website designing is in the hands of limited expert designers. In many cases, designers put too much graphics on the web pages as part of their brilliant graphic display and their sites yet get low search engine rankings. The reason is simple. They ignore text content.

No matter what stunning graphics, flash animations or videos are put on the site, they should match with the content and theme of the site. If you have a site of nutrition and somebody designs a gaming-site-like-template for your site, then you can feel how awkward it would be to view the site. Nightmare, right?

Designer should not overdo the site’s design work. Rather, his work should support the website’s business and salability of its product(s) or service(s).

For art related and design related sites the case may be different. Even if converting a viewer to a business may be their objective, still, they focus on great imageries, too.
In non-profitable organizations’ sites, some experiments can be done with graphic designing.

At the end of the day, most people want something in return from their site, because, they have made it with a purpose!