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Friday, February 8, 2008

Think Before Love

Valentine’s Day

It’s again February, the month of love. Valentine’s day is very near to us. The newest trend in Indian teenagers is everybody should have ‘friends’ of opposite sex. Today’s teenagers believe that love and physical relations can be only among ‘friends’. One who is not interested in making friends of opposite sex may be termed as gay, lesbian or even simply bookworm.

Okay, forget that let’s talk the very special day. How do you plan to enjoy that special day? Are you going to take your lover to a dinner party or to a lonely park. Watching movie will be a good option.

Is your lover a childhood sweetheart, a college friend or is s/he just another ‘professional’ friend of yours?

Do you change your Valentine on a yearly basis or is s/he permanent? It’s time you ask such questions very cautiously. Making love to one is not bad. But changing lovers frequently or loosing virginity from an unknown date is not a part of wise attitude. So celebrate V’day but always thinking about the after-effects.