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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Action-Bat Flies Again!

I like to imagine fantasy heroes. The hero whom I like most in the comics world is Superman. Batman comes a close second. Like Superman, Batman has the dual identity too. Bruce Wayne really does a good job as Batman! Batman stories always thrill me like ditective stories. Still I find Batman movies less exciting than Superman movies. Because you can always portray Christopher Reeves as Superman. But for batman’s role, there is no single actor. Except George Clooney, I did not like anybody else in the Batman’s role. Rather in the movies of Batman, I support all the villain characters. Among, all the villain characters, I like Riddler (played by Jim Carrey in the movie). Then comes Mr. Freeze. After him the other villains like Poison Ivy ( Uma Thurman) and Two-Face ( Tonny Lee Jones). I saw the news recently that Anjelina Jolie may play Cat Woman in the upcoming Batman movie. Joker is the most famous enemies of Batman. He clearly knows how the Bat flies! Penguin is there to help him. We understand that if these villains would not perfectly characterized then Batman would have been only a Gotham city phenomenon!
So, the Bold Knight of Darkness comes back again in the form of ‘The Dark Knight”. And don’t try to have “fun” like Joker since Batman does not like that.
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