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Monday, March 31, 2008

Bio Diesel

Pollution control and India : Case of Bio - Fuel
Whenever I go for a walk at my locality or anywhere in Kolkata, I see garbage everywhere lying haphazardly on roads or footpathpaths and no one cares to clear them properly. Except this one, Kolkata, like other metro cities of India has several other pollutions. And now we all know that Tata Group has brought for us a motor of first of its kind, called Tata Nano. I personally like Mr. Ratan Tata, his initiative and his contribution to Indian Automobile industry but have we ever imagined the rise in pollution level when Nano will finally run on Indian roads? With more companies coming to automobile industry and small cars increasing like viruses it is time to think about the alternative fuel. Cars run on diesel can use bio – diesel which has less pollution. In India, the campaign for bio – diesel has already started and it requires several trees from which bio – diesel can be produced. These trees are jatropha, castor, caranj etc. Several companies are showing interests in the plantation of these trees and extracting bio – diesel from them. Indian Government and several non – governmental organizations have shown interests for cultivation of such trees. Carbon Credit system is still to come in this country. If several factories are charged money for emitting a large amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, then pollution control may be less. Also the garbage in the streets should be tried to convert as renewable source of energy and further researches should be done whether they can be used as components fuel or any other energy sources. If progress is done as per plans then India will be among those countries who pollute the world less with proper care on automobile pollution control.