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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

PK movie review : A fantastic performance by Aamir Khan and Anuska Sharma

Thumbs down to the director of PK movie for releasing this movie ‘pk’ in 2014. I mean, don’t you understand that this movie is ahead of its times? Many religious people have not grown up to enjoy a movie as a ‘movie’ and they can’t withstand someone questioning their culture (that’s also from an alien!).
The movie tries hard to view our cultural belief from a scientific & philosophical viewpoint. Aamir Khan is at his usual best. Anuska Sharma has done a mind blowing performance. Sushant Singh Rajput did justice to his character. And a special last scene appearance by Ranvir Kapoor gives full marks to the star cast. But what about the plot? The film’s first half was good with partly comedy, partly questioning against religion. But the second half became monotonous.
My question to the story writer would be are all hindu priests bad and dishonest? Were  all ‘muni-rishis’ from ancient times fake in imagining God? Did they all take bribe from people? That can’t be true. Also, only hindu babas are frauds? Or the fraudulent practices exist in other religion’s religious gurus also? Also, I find it of a bad taste to utter a particular religion’s name (not hindu) in negative manner for several times. Also, I beg to differ about worshipping a Shiva Linga ( As in the film, it was shown a stone is put under a tree and people started worshipping it immediately perceiving it as Shiva Linga). It is said that God is there in every living and dead thing. I just take it in this way: God exists in every Good object. If people worship a black stone or a tree or a mountain as God, where is the harm in that? They are all part of a nature and everything that is beautiful & natural belongs to God.
I still liked the film because of its brilliant & funny ways of relating different cultures and religions. I also like it for Aamir Khan’s large-than-life role as an alien, ‘as God’s messenger’, as Jaggu’s lover and of course as ‘pk’. After watching the movie, the same question from a song’s line came in my mind, ‘hey bhagoyan, hai kaha re tu?’. If you are really there in every Good object, why can’t good things happen to good human being?  Why there are atrocities in this world?
Some more questions:
When Jaggu and Sarfraz just broke up due to misunderstanding why did not any of them try to contact the other one? We live in an era of mobile phones, Facebook, What’s App, Yahoo! and Gmail. Also, Jaggu and Sarpharosh could have known their temporary residence address. So, why?
Pk learnt the language of Bhojpuri. But he tried to propose to Jaggu by writing “I love you”. Where did he learn to write English? That is not clear to me.
Pk came from a planet that was advanced enough to make spaceship. But it was NOT advanced enough to make a tape-recorder’s battery?
But anyway, when you have gone to enjoy a movie, you may not be bothered about all these logic and all religious debates.
Love & the pk movie:
Aamir Khan ( or say, pk) is the ultimate guru who has taught us what a true love should be. Pk fell in love with Jaggu. Sarfraz was deeply in love with Jaggu. When pk found out about Jaggu’s past relationship, he did not try to suppress the truth. Because there is a greater joy of giving in love than snatching other’s love interest. And pk just did that. He spoke out about the truth. Because of his selfless attitude, Jaggu and Sarfraz finally met. In the end of the story, Sarfraz became the usual earthly lover who just got the girl. And pk became the UNIVERSAL lover who taught us the actual meaning of love. Yes, this is the  divine love. Aamir, thank you once again for an exceptionally brilliant role in movie pk.
The fact that I did not get tickets of Bomkesh Bakshi or Badshahi Aanti (Feluda) and then bought pk’s movie ticket, was not a wrong decision at all. I am, in pk’s term, I did not dial a ‘wrong number’ at all. Thank you God and pk, for helping me about the right choice.
May the religious harmony in India last long and the reel-life magic of Aamir Khan as well!

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