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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Poems on Rain or Monsoon by Biswajit

A relief

My school education
Snatched my childhood,
Media took away
Mind’s stability,
My lady-love took
The trust of love,
Workplace demanded
My long cherished skills,
Politics took away
The art of protest,
Money changed
My concept of value,
Finally, one day,
Rain came,
And took away
All the pain & sufferings I ever had.


Again it rains

Again it rains,
Again I feel so alone;
I believe,
One day you’ll come,
You’ll appear from the
Moistness of pregnant clouds,
Freeing the cage of  my
Emotional jewel box,
And I’ll welcome
Your random kiss of water drops –
Hot, sharp kisses from
Cold water drops,
Tasting my body at will,
Am I not tasting their freshness?
Ask rain for answer…

Song of Varsha

Let the song of your voice
Be the song of rain,
Varsha, I know,
How your heart feels for monsoon,
And how the monsoon feels for you,
Melt the robust heat of heart
With the soothing tunes of rain,
Let your sweet melody touch
The passion of rain,
Let the natural music accompany
Your God gifted voice,
Let my voice
Make love with yours,
Together we’ll sing all night long
When nature relaxes
And become our audience.


It is raining outside

It is raining outside
And in the room
We are lying on the bed
And scanning our bodies
Like reading an ancient poem,
Your resting head is on my chest,
And you are thinking about
Drops of water,
Falling on a dried pond,
Filling it up again,
I am lost in the
Drizzle of darkness,
Only lightning sparkles sometimes,
To make me see clearly,
It is raining outside.

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