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Sunday, July 11, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010

Football lovers love Maradona as much as they hate him. When he was a player, football critiques spent thousand of printed lines describing his football playing genius, coaches tried to find his weaknesses and strengths. Opponent teams cursed him for his amazing goal scoring ability. Now that he has become national coach of Argentina, he is again in the spotlight! He was never away from fame, though. Maradona did not play this world cup as a player. So what? He drew attention than any of the present Argentine footballer. His admirers said that the God had come back to take the charge of his dynasty, the world of football. His enemies said (before that Argentina Germany match) that he has grown a ‘devilish beard’ with his age (they found no other fault in him!). After that shocking match, his critiques and enemies have found at least 10,000 errors of coach Maradona. Maradona was partly responsible for Argentina’s miserable loss. But main reason was Argentine defenders who failed to defend their goalpost from German blitzkrieg. Just like old days, coach Maradona is hiding his footballers from media attacks that he once did as captain of his national football team.
Germany started their world cup journey with a 0-1 loss to Serbia. They failed to reach the world cup final with the same 0-1 loss to Spain. In the middle of playing these two games, they knocked out two big teams, namely, England and Argentina. In the previous world cup also, they made Argentina’s exit. Neither they can win the world cup, nor they will let Argentina to win it. That’s a bad game approach. 

What will happen in the final?  Netherlands and Spain are facing each other in FIFA World Cup 2010. Both the teams have consistently played well in the whole tournament. The way Netherlands defeated Brazil was exceptional. The way Spain dominated Germany was extraordinary. Both the teams deserve to win in the final. 

Spain defeated that Germany who swept away Argentina in this world cup. Naturally, Argentine fans will support Spain. Also, Messi’s playing at Barcelona may be another cause for supporting Germany. On the other hand Netherlands beat Brazil to reach in the final. So Brazilian fans may not support Holland. They may indirectly support Spain. But football is an 11 versus 11 game. More support does not mean the game is going to be in Spain’s favour. I am waiting to watch an interesting battle between Spain and Netherlands which may be unpredictable till the last whistle.  
Who will star in the final? From Netherlands’ point of view, it will be superstar Arjen Robben. Along with him Holland boasts off Wesley Sneijder, Robin van Persie. In Spanish side, excellent footballer David Villa, Fernando Torres may steal the show. But I don’t understand why Fabregas was not given much opportunity to play in this tournament.  

Despite the exit of big teams like Portugal, Germany, Argentina, Italy and Brazil, this world cup is special because it has given us new finalist teams. Also, I am happy with the performance of Asian team Japan and African team Ghana. New powers are emerging in this world cup. FIFA World Cup Final between Dutch and Spain is a proof of that.

My only condolence is for coach Maradona and that psychic Octopus named Paul. In this world cup, whatever the psychic Octopus predicted became true. Germans are planning to fry it up in a frying pan. If that happens that will be a bad news for football astrologers! But think about that creature’s unbelievable predictions. Doctor Octopus should hire Paul as his assistant and should check his own fate in his next tussle against that amazing Spiderman!  But that’s another story and has nothing to do with football.

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