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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The World of Young People

A Child’s World on Web
Recently one TV channel showed children’s exposure to net and what responsibilities should be taken by the internet authorities of different organizations such that the kids can get access to only knowledgeable sites. On today’s era, when everybody has heard about the adult content on the web, a simple way to stop kids’ access to unauthorized and porn sites would be ‘to block’ such sites by using suitable software. There are cases of child abuse on the web. To stop that, social networking sites can generate subdivisions of their websites specially for children. For example, can build a new site under it in the name say, or can have a division for kids in their main site with such model url – By taking such measure, children’s world and emotions on the web can be separated from that of adult people atleast in the SNSs.
School teachers can also play a crucial role by telling children only about some websites dedicated to young age groups. For that school teachers should also be Netizens and they should access net who know which site is offering what.
Many parents buy computers and take internet connections without knowing the ‘online requirement’ of their families. As a result they remain indifferent of what their children are accessing or viewing. If a child is gone in a wrong way on the web, his or her parents can not be declared not-guilty. A monitoring system should be built to check what the child is accessing with interests from his or her parents.
Children have the imagination of their own. It is the responsibility of us to help them to continue that.

Love of a manager

A Marketing Person’s Love Letter

Dear XYZ,
You have no idea how much ‘SWOT analysis’ I had to do to get your primary attention. I have no ‘Strength’ only ‘Weaknesses’. My ‘Threat’ was from your Father and your other boyfriends. My only initial ‘Opportunity’ was to mail you. My ‘Mission’ was to marry you. My ‘Vision’ was to get a job such that I could have achieved my objective quickly. When you started loving me, I thought our relationship was like the ‘Star’ position of ‘BCG matrix’. So, I applied ‘Growth strategy’ and started buying gifts for you. I thought our relationship would go on for years but my ‘Marketing Myopia’ was wrong. Very soon I had lack of funds in absence of a good job ( just like ‘buffer level’ in an inventory), even debt to some of my friends ( a very high ‘Debt Equity ratio’) which seemed danger to me. You also became very reluctant and annoyed towards me. You complained to your father ( poor ‘organizational behaviour’ ) and your father showed ‘Autocratic leadership style’ towards me. Instead of calling me a playboy, he should have taken a ‘360 degree feedback’ on me from my friends, parents and locality people. I tried to tell him our relationship was not materialistic ( ‘intangible Product’ ) and it was ‘Price’-less. I just wanted to ‘Promote’ our love going to ‘Places’ like Central Park once in a month but he turned a deaf ear to me.

Finally, you decided to marry somebody else who was handsome, rich. Your marriage (‘Merger’ with your life partner) took place one month before from now. Before marriage, you met me once to tell me about your changed ‘Attitude’ and I gave you only one clear-cut answer: I have no option except to ‘Diversify’ our relationship.

I guess, you are enjoying your new ‘Job’ as a housewife and your ‘Induction’ process in new environment was not affected by anybody.

Enjoy Valentine’s day with your spouse. Your ex-boyfriend, Bishnu Kumar Ganguram

Friday, February 8, 2008

Think Before Love

Valentine’s Day

It’s again February, the month of love. Valentine’s day is very near to us. The newest trend in Indian teenagers is everybody should have ‘friends’ of opposite sex. Today’s teenagers believe that love and physical relations can be only among ‘friends’. One who is not interested in making friends of opposite sex may be termed as gay, lesbian or even simply bookworm.

Okay, forget that let’s talk the very special day. How do you plan to enjoy that special day? Are you going to take your lover to a dinner party or to a lonely park. Watching movie will be a good option.

Is your lover a childhood sweetheart, a college friend or is s/he just another ‘professional’ friend of yours?

Do you change your Valentine on a yearly basis or is s/he permanent? It’s time you ask such questions very cautiously. Making love to one is not bad. But changing lovers frequently or loosing virginity from an unknown date is not a part of wise attitude. So celebrate V’day but always thinking about the after-effects.