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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Voldemort vs. Goddess Durga!

No, the heading was not accurate. Actually the fight is between J. K. Rowling’s Indian Agents and some people of Kolkata. Before discussing what the fight is all about, let me tell you who is Goddess Durga. Durga is one of the ancient Goddess of Hindus. She has ten hands and she successful defeated a very clever, evil and brutal Demon, named Mahishasura. She is Goddess of power, honesty and truth. Hindus organize a ceremony to worship her during the month of September or October or, November. If you are a foreigner and planning to visit Kolkata, a eastern city of India, then visit the city at this time of the year to be part of the celebration. Now, in each small locality of the city, a temporary artificial building is built inside which the total four day ceremony occurs. These artificial buildings called ‘Pandals’ are built artistically in the shape of Iadia’s and rest of the world’s greatest sculptures. You can find out Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal, great European Castles, Eiffel Tower, Pyramid as the outer form of these ‘Pandals’. And they look almost real!
[ If you want to more about Durga Puja, then go to . This site a very useful info. site about Durga Puja. ]
Now, this year(2007), keeping in mind about the fans of Harry Potter residing at Kolkata, some ceremony of Durga organizers of Salt Lake ( a locality in Kolkata ), tried to make their Pandal in the form of ‘Hogwarts Castle’. Somehow, J K Rowling’s Indian agents got the news and the accused the decorator of copyright violation and charged from the organizers Rs. 20,00,000 ( Indian currency). Now let me give you another data. All these pandals that are made are broken into pieces after the ceremony is over. The organizers wanted to make such pandal not to gain cheap publicity or income money from the whole project but only to please the local children who are simply Pottermaniacs, who wanted to celebrate their Puja ( meaning ceremony) holiday inside the funny Hogwarts Castle. I have heard that J. K. Rowling is not only an eminent writer but also a very good and open person by heart. She should not hire heartless people like these ‘Agent robots’ who don’t understand significance of making Pandals, ambience of cemeony of Duga and desires of children to these exclusive four days with their fatasy heroes. For the innocent children of Salt Lake and rest of Kolkata, J. K. Rowling’s Indian agents, who have raised the copyright case to court, have obtained the image of ‘Voldemort’. Will the Pandal be broken down to pieces or the combined magical power of Harry Potter and Goddess Durga will save the festive days? Only time can tell the answer. [Source:- Times of India, ]
Latest Addition:- Finally Delhi High Court gave the verdict that since the organizers of Durga Puja are a non profit organization, their building Pandal can not be broken till 26 October, 2007. So, the children of Salt Lake will celebrate the Puja with their fantasy friend Harry Potter. That was win of magic over reality. [ Source:- Ananda Bazar Patrika, ]


Argentina Should Not Get Media Support

Being a special Argentina’s Football fan, I have seen that during the last Copa America Cup, Argentina team and its key player Messi got media’s attention worldwide. But what happened to footballers in the final with Brazil? Argentina lost the match and that was demoralizing. Now, Argentina has started their World Cup campaign. I think, let the focus move from Argentina. Extra pressure affects their performance. Argentina can be champions if the players can keep a cool head and Messi gets less media attention during the whole World Cup tournament of year 2010. In such condition they will be able deliver their natural game and when Argentina plays natural creative game, they can beat any team of the world.
As far as Brazil’s case is concerned, coach Dunga’s bad comments about Ronaldo ( his number 9 jersey ) does not seem to be very good for the team spirit. Dunga should think about Ronaldo’s overall contribution for the Brazilian football and then he should treat him accordingly. England’s Rooney is getting exclusive media coverage for his play in England’s Euro 2008 qualifying matches. English football media is always over enthusiastic on a ‘new star’ born in the football universe. Wayne Rooney does not have the achievement like late footballer George Best or, Garry Lineker or, even Michael Owen. So he must be given time for further improvement and then media should pay their attention to him. All of the champion footballers of recent times like, Zidane, Kaka, Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi, Thiery Henry, Ronaldo, Figo have earned their respect from media. Rooney and british media should understand that.


Indian Politics : Significance of Bandhs

‘Bandh’ (meaning strike) is not an English word. Indian politicians and common men use this Hindi word. Bandh is called off by general political parties and some social organizations to protest or support against something. There are reasons for why should we support the bandh and why should we not.

Why Shouldn’t we support the Bandh:-
1.First of all, our life is becoming faster. Every day is full of actions and work for us, our families and our companies. When a strike is held throughout the regions of a city, the people stay at their homes. They can not go out of their houses due to fear of political harassments. I can remember, when West Bengal’s Chief Minister’s wife’s car was stopped by bandh supporters who was going somewhere that day. Many ill people can not be taken to hospitals due to unwanted bandhs / strikes and unavailability of doctors.

2.Transportation becomes a main issue during the strikes. There are less number of buses, trains, autos , taxis and personal cars during bandhs. So, the dynamic city life becomes a standstill. Many people who do ‘field jobs’ can not travel much due to occurrence of bandhs. Examinees and examiners can not reach to the examination hall due their individual fear factor and lack of transportation.

3.There are huge loss of monetary dealings during the bandh days. Many companies works stop completely and they loose lakhs of Rupees in one days. Some major managerial meetings get postponed due to bandh.

Why Shouldn’t we support the Bandh:-
1.If bandhs are carried on a peaceful way by some honest leaders then bandhs can be successful without damaging the city life. In that case only bandhs supporters won’t go to work and rest all people will go to work. So, the ordinary lives of people won’t be affected due to bandh. If bandhs are called off with a great national or social reason, then people will automatically support it. There will be no need to force them by bandh supporters.

2.In Indian politics bandhs or strikes have a great importance. Bandh is a way to assess the presence of a political party in any country. Ask Indian political leaders like, L K Advani, Arun Jetley, Prakash Karat, Somnath Chatterjee, Sonia Gandhi, Pranab Mukherjee, Mamata Banerjee, Jyoti Basu, Biman Basu, etc. and they will all give their opinions in favour of the bandhs. Actually bandhs are nothing but a political tool to organize party members for an important issue to claim the right of something. Not affecting the public life and not increasing the miseries of people, bandhs can be effectively conducted.