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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

KaliPuja 2009: celebration of sound

Kolkata experienced Noise pollution at its level best as daily dose of Objectionable crackers bursted and made enough inconvenience for city's peace loving citizens. This year I took personal initiative by informing police about use of illegal
crackers. But during nights of Diwali and Kalipuja, demons of sound came back. They started their usual fireworks with earsplitting sounds.

Is that Kalipuja and Diwali all about? We wanted peaceful festival of light. During night I didn't see any cops stopping miscreants. Goddess Kali is regarded as the angry form of all Hindu goddesses. But it seems to me even her anger was not enough to stop miscreants.

Police is targeting wrong people. They are taking action against illegal fireworks sellers. But what about the buyers of the crackers? Many dare to burn crackers on open roads and ground floors of their house. They can be easily caught and arrested.
Transparency and coordination among cops are very important to catch miscreants.
I wish politicians and environmentalists will join hands to eliminate excessive sounds during our annual festival named Diwali.

P.S.: 1) Visit the following link to get more information about this festival.
2) The picture given above is Kalipuja of Path family, one of the biggest Kali Puja's in Kolkata