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Monday, April 21, 2008



It is said about the Bengalis that they love to travel places. Although, I am an Bengali person still I like my city Kolkata rather than going somewhere else. For last 2-3 days I have to come to Bilaspur for the purpose of work. Bilaspur’s temperature is now nearly 40 degree Celsius. It’s too hot over here. There is a hot summer ahead of us. If you go two minutes walking distance, you will find out one stall of fruit juice. Cost of living is higher in Bilaspur compared to Kolkata. The place where I live has no TV, fridge or, FM Radio set. I can get only facility of accessing internet if my boss permits. It seems to me that I shall become mad if I don’t get any of the facilities. I am expecting to travel some rural land in Chhattisgarh state in next couple of weeks.

Bilaspur’s people has taken their personal precautions while riding bikes during afternoon time. They wrap clothes on their mouths and heads such that blow of hot air can not harm them. Bilaspur has less traffic jams and here the number of women bike riders excessively more compared to my city Kolkata. Almost each office in Bilaspur has a cooler. To get rid of scorching heat, people drink lots of ‘Lassi’ ( a drink made with curds ) and other ‘Fal – Sharbats’ (fruit juices ). I have seen many temples in Bilaspur which shows the people here are pious in nature. Lots of Bengali people live at Bilaspur. Even some shops’ names contain the word Kolkata. Roads here becomes dusty at the day time because of hot and dry climate. But Bilaspur has less pollution compared to Kolkata. I have heard from people that during fifties decade, Kolkata was a less polluted city. Now, with the change of time it has become overcrowded and pollution has increased with population. It would be interesting to watch what would be Bilaspur’s condition when the city will be ‘changed’ and overcrowded like our today’s Kolkata.

For more info. on Bilaspur, go to or search Wikipedia.