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Saturday, December 22, 2007

About My Personality Characteristics

What makes me special?

You have perhaps watched the ad of IBM many a times where their slogan is ‘What makes you special?’ in today’s world, where competition is the last word for every growing market, everybody tries to be unique. Although every human body is distinct from one another ( not talking about clones ), people try to be modern, more fashion oriented and technology savvy. Everybody’s dress code, culture, way of expression, behaviour, sense of humour and personality characteristics tend to make them unique. But if you look at them, they are folloing the ‘same trend’. Even I follow the latest technological trends to make me updated. But I am not a very fashionable person. I am not a good follower of latest fashion hypes. Simple living and high thinking is my motto. I like to say others ‘All eyes on you’. But I dislike anybody saying me the same thing. Because, it decrease my inner efficiency level and my performance goes downward.

A champion should have a good consistency i.e. a balanced ratio between winning and loosing games of life. But I have found that I have no consistency. So I am not a champion.

When everybody take part in the fashion of looking cute and trendy, I try to look simple and ugly. When everybody tries to be ‘special’ in some ways I try to remain simple and general. So, I live in a world where everybody is ‘special’ in some way except me. In my eyes, that makes me ‘special’.

If you think, you are special in some unnatural ways, write to me at