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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How ‘ethical’ is ethical hacking?

Some people consider stealing as an art. But can art bring miseries to one’s life? Specially, when somebody is stealing your personal data online, then you call it art by no means. In fact, you will think that person who is responsible for stealing your personal data, should be tracked down and punished.

Hacking as the term suggests stealing someone’s or any organization’s private data by breaking into firewall. Hackers who work for security agencies are treated as ‘superheroes’. Specially, when someone is hacking in favour of his country’s government, nobody calls him a villain. 

 The whole activity of hacking has got a new viewpoint. In the name of terrorism, common people’s websites, computers and email ids will be hacked by the security agencies for the cause of baseless ‘suspicion’. You may not be aware that your cyber cafĂ©’s activities will be recorded and your personal information will be secretly read by somebody else.

 Is that ethical? You call hacking an ‘ethical’ activity? I think the term ‘ethical hacking’ is rubbish. Hacking is stealing. And no stealing can be ethical even if someone’s doing it for national or patriotic cause. 

 Many ethical hacking courses are coming in the market now a days. But the ‘ethics’ of the students are hardly judged before admission of the courses. What if bad guys as students know the tricks of hacking in this way? And some hacking software are available on internet which can be easily downloaded and used. Moreover, there are forums on hacking on internet. Cyber law of every country should be made tough on hacking and not everybody should be made eligible for an ethical hacking course. 

 Hacking is not a course like hardware, software or networking. It is very risky and only ‘good guys’ should learn about this subject for their own system’s security purpose.